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Your daily life may not involve a dangerous job such as mining as it did for many citizens here in Throop, PA, one hundred years ago. Yet, accidents and injuries that are equally devastating to a person’s life can still happen. A car accident, a slip-and-fall, or another type of injury may take place due to someone else’s negligence.

After a serious injury caused by an accident, you may feel defeated and devastated. When you work with our personal injury attorneys at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, however, there are grounds for hope. We can help you reach the light at the end of the tunnel to recover financially after your accident.

Our lawyers can provide you the assistance needed to overcome the perplexing legal burdens that can complicate your receiving compensation after an injury. Contact us at 844-385-9601 for a free consultation with a Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer. You can also reach us through email or live chat online. 

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Can Help You With

Our Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys personal injury lawyers have the experience necessary to provide you with a helping hand. We have aided our clients with a wide scope of personal injury cases. Below are the most common examples of personal injury cases to which we can give our assistance.

Car accidents

Collisions varying from fender-benders to devastating rollovers remain a leading reason for personal injury cases. Negotiating with uncooperative insurance companies and obtaining the compensation you require is not easy. Nevertheless, we have the skills and experience to bring negotiations to a beneficial conclusion.

Truck accidents

I-81 and nearby I-80 never seem to be free of tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks. With so many large trucks on these highways, accidents connected to them are not uncommon. 

Frequently, the reason for a large truck accident is human error. Distracted driving, speeding, a lack of sleep, or improperly loaded cargo are all common reasons for truck accidents. 

If you have been hurt in a truck accident, you know the severe damage and injury that can result. Why not let us help you recover?

Birth injury

A new life entering the world should be an occasion of unsurpassed joy. Unfortunately, because of negligence and incompetence, this wonderful event can turn tragic. 

If you or your child has been hurt because of negligence on the part of medical personnel during pregnancy or delivery, we can help. Please let us assist you with the necessary legal steps to ensure justice.

Motorcycle accidents

Our area around Lackawanna County is beautiful and ideal for trips on a motorcycle. Even still, accidents with motorcycles can happen. Other drivers who are distracted or not sufficiently attentive can cause serious injury to a motorcycle rider. We can help you obtain the restitution your accident demands.

Nursing home abuse

Many of our beloved residents of Throop have lived here for a long time. Their contribution to our community is a treasure. It is infuriating to learn that they have been treated with incompetence or abuse. Our attorneys want to help the victims of nursing home abuse and their families obtain justice.

Workers’ compensation

Often, the victim of a work-related injury cannot continue to work and earn money while recovering. This can create tremendous stress. Additional frustration can be caused by an unreasonable employer and uncooperative insurance companies. The team at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, however, can help our clients meet these challenges.

Wrongful death

Losing a loved one in death is always terrible. It is even worse when the death is caused by negligence. We feel deeply for our clients who have suffered such a horrible event, and we want to help.

More practice areas

Other injuries common to our area of Northeast PA with which we can help the residents of Throop attain justice include:

  • Brain injury
  • Insurance disputes
  • Medical malpractice
  • Premises liability (and slip and fall)

 Although these are the most common types of personal injury cases that can be experienced here in Northeast PA, it is not a complete list. If you are uncertain about what type of case your injury is, please contact us for a free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys. We can provide the legal counsel and assistance you need after your injury. 

The Personal Injury Lawyers at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You Receive Justice

Our personal injury attorneys know that the stresses and challenges you face after an accident can cause an enormous amount of anxiety. We want to help you surmount the formidable challenges of your case and to do so with the least amount of stress possible. And we can do so as we handle your claim and help you get the maximum compensation attainable.

We have more than 60 years of experience, and our law firm, Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, has won our clients millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. With our knowledge and wisdom, we can help our clients in Northeast, PA get the justice they deserve. Let us do the same for you.

Contact us for a free consultation with a Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys personal injury lawyer about your accident in Throop, PA. Call us at 844-385-9601, or you can fill out our simple online form to get your questions answered.

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