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Property owners in Easton have a duty to keep their premises free from hazards. If a visitor or customer becomes injured due to unsafe conditions or negligence, the property owner may be legally responsible. Each year, people in the Lehigh Valley suffer from falls, burns, dog bites, and other injuries on other people’s property or place of business. These injuries result in time missed from work, costly medical bills, and more.

If you sustained injuries at an Easton business, apartment building, or someone else’s property, you need a premises liability lawyer who will fight to get you the compensation you need. If you’re ready to maximize your payout and get the justice you deserve, then we’re ready to help. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and see what a Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys premises liability lawyer can do for you.

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For more than 60 years, Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys premises liabilities lawyers have taken on big companies and their powerful defense lawyers, and won. In doing so, they recovered millions for injured accident victims. While many law firms claim to be the best, we let our personal injury lawyers‘ results speak for themselves.  At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, we won’t just see you as another case. In contrast, when you become our client, you become a part of the Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys family and you’ll be treated as such. To see the difference a Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys premises liability lawyer can make, schedule your free consultation right away.

Easton Premises Liability FAQ

Q: What is premises liability?

Property owners and business owners must take special care to maintain a safe environment for visitors. If a customer or patron is injured because of a problem with the property, they may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit for damages. While you may not hear the phrase “premises liability” very often, you are likely familiar with many common premises liability cases. For example, lawsuits based on injuries from the following:

  • Dog bites
  • Faulty wiring or structures
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Poor lighting
  • Inadequate warnings
  • Lack of security
  • Swimming pools
  • Dangers to children on property

Additionally, a patron who sustains an injury at one of the following locations may have a premises liability case:

  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Retail shops
  • Commercial businesses
  • Others’ homes

Q: What measures should Easton land and business owners take to avoid being sued for premises liability?

Under Pennsylvania law, the steps a landowner must take depend on the kind of property and the type of guests who will enter. Pennsylvania recognizes 3 different categories of guests: invitees, licensees, and trespassers


Overall, business and home-owners owe invitees the highest duty of care. Invitees are property guests who enter for a business purpose. For example, a patron eating at a restaurant, an overnight guest of a hotel, or a customer shopping at a retail store. Landowners have a duty to keep their property reasonably safe condition for invitees to use. Unlike the other two guest categories, business-owners must also fix or warn about dangerous property conditions that are known or “reasonably knowable.”


Secondly, a licensee comes onto another’s property not for commercial purposes, but for social reasons. For example, Pennsylvania law would consider dinner party guests and visiting relatives to be licensees. In contrast to the duty of care for invitees, landowners only have a duty to warn licensees about known dangers on the property. As such, property owners have no duty to inspect for or repair any hazards they don’t know about.


Finally, trespassers make up the last category of guests. If a person enters onto property without permission, then Pennsylvania law classifies them as a “trespasser.” Because land and business owners owe basically NO duty of care to trespassers, trespassers almost never win their premises liability lawsuits.

Q: What will I need to prove to win my premises liability case in an Easton court?

In order to win your case in Pennsylvania, you will need to show that the defendant business and/or landowner’s negligence. To do so, you will have to prove the four elements of negligence: duty, breach, causation, and damages. Consequently, you’ll need to prove each of these elements “by a preponderance of the evidence.” This means, you’ll need to convince a jury that it is more than 50% likely that:

  • The defendant owed you a duty. To show duty, you prove that you and the defendant had the kind of relationship that obligated the defendant to do something to make the premises safe for you.
  • The defendant breached the duty. To prove breach, you must show that the property or business owner failed to keep the premises safe for you as required.
  • The defendant’s breach caused your injuries. For causation, you must show that the defendant’s breach is the reason you got hurt.
  • You suffered legal damages. To establish damages, you must show you suffered an injury and/or other harm.

An experienced Easton premises liability lawyer, like our personal injury lawyers, will know the best strategies for meeting your burden of proof for each of these for elements. To discuss you case with an award-winning attorney from Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, call us today.

Q: Why should I choose Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys to represent me in my Pennsylvania premises liability case?

Accident victims need legal representation who won’t back down against big businesses, major insurance companies, and powerful industry players. They need Pennsylvania lawyers with experience, knowledge, and the ability to get results. While there are many law firms out there, there is only one that can call itself the nation’s leading personal injury firm. There is only one Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys. Over and over, our clients choose us because:

  • We promise we won’t get paid unless you do. At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, we will never send you a bill while we are fighting your case. Additionally, we will only get paid if we win big for you. If we don’t get you any compensation, you will walk away without ever paying us a dime.
  • We let our major client victories do the talking for us. If you want to learn more about the millions we win for our clients, then schedule your free consultation today.
  • We treat our clients like family. At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, you’ll always get our family treatment. We will fight your case the way we would fight for our own.

If you want maximum compensation, you need the best legal representation. Get results with Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys.

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