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When You Are Injured in an Accident, You Can Count On Our Personal Injury Team

After an accident, you may be physically injured. But recovery from your physical injuries is not the only problem you face. You may be facing significant medical bills and other costs. The insurance company may not be cooperating and the bills have begun to pile up. You may be missing time from work and unable to participate in activities you enjoy.

All of this can make you feel anxious and frustrated. Your life has been sidetracked because of someone else’s careless behavior. What you need is someone to help you during this time. You need someone to deal with the insurance company. You want a Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer to make sure you get the compensation you need to pay for all the bills and costs due to the accident.

$32 Million Wrongful Death

$26 Million Truck Accident

$17.5 Million Car Accident

$12 Million Product Liability

$9 Million Truck Accident

$8 Million Truck Accident

$8 Million Truck Accident

$7.5 Million Auto Accident

$6.9 Million Garbage Truck Accident

$6.5 Million Traumatic Brain Injury

$5 Million Medical Malpractice

$5 Million Bus Accidents

Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

For more than 60 years, our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers have been helping people throughout the Pittsburgh region get the compensation they deserve after an accident. Our team has helped clients who’ve been injured in car accidents and in accidents with a tractor-trailer. Our Pittsburgh workers’ compensation lawyers have served clients who were hurt while on the job. Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys can fight on your behalf to make sure you and your family get the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. So you can focus on getting well and getting back to your life.

Call us for a free, confidential consultation. You can also chat live with us or reach us using our online contact form. There is no fee for our services unless we win your case.

What Is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

personal injury lawyer marion munleyA personal injury lawsuit is a claim filed in court against people or companies who negligently caused someone else’s injuries. The lawsuit is based on a personal injury, which is a serious harmful act to another person or persons.

Personal injury law can involve many types of accidents including truck accidents, car accidents, bus accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, premises liability, workplace injuries and accidents, spinal cord and brain injuries, nursing home abuse, wrongful death, failure to diagnose cancer, birth and neonatal injuries, and toxic torts.

In order for injury victims to win their claims under personal injury law, the act by the responsible party that caused the injury must be negligent. When an individual fails to exercise the degree of care expected of someone in that situation, and it results in an injury to another person, it is called negligence. The law of negligence is used to determine if a person acted reasonably, compared to how others would have acted in a similar situation.

Different standards of care are used in different personal injury cases. For example, doctors and other medical professionals are held to a higher standard of care than the general public.

What Are the Common Types of Personal Injury Claims Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys Handles?

Attorneys walking down the streetThere are many different types of personal injury cases. Some of the most common claims filed under Pittsburgh personal injury law include:

The Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys have experience successfully handling each of these types of personal injury claims. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Types of Compensation that May Be Available to Personal Injury Victims

Each case is unique, but there are categories of compensation that are commonly paid to victims who have suffered personal injuries. The types of compensation can include money paid for:

  • Medical expenses and bills
  • Medical rehabilitation costs
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Future lost wages
  • Repairs for property damage
  • Replacement of damaged property
  • Court costs
  • Other expenses and costs

How a Lawyer Can Help If You’ve Received a Personal Injury

attorney caroline munleyA personal injury attorney with experience handling personal injury cases will have the legal knowledge to act in your best interest. This means your attorney will:

Discover Who is at Fault for Your Injury.
Sometimes fault is clear. For example, if you are in a car crash with another driver, it may be clear that the other driver caused the crash and is the at-fault party. Other situations may be more complex. In a tractor-trailer truck crash, for example, there may be multiple parties who could be responsible, such as the driver, the trucking company, the maintenance company, or the company that loaded the truck. The more parties involved, the more complex a claim can be.

No matter how complex the scenario, the best personal injury lawyers investigate your crash and claim so they can determine who is responsible for your injuries. They will also know how to make sure the responsible party pays the compensation you deserve.

Estimate How Much Your Claim is Worth.
Experienced Pittsburgh injury lawyers will work with experts and investigators to calculate how much your claim is worth. This will include information about

  • the extent of your injuries
  • the amount of property damage
  • your current and estimated future medical expenses
  • your current and future lost wages
  • any potential negative change to your ability to work, now and in the future
  • the cost of rehabilitation
  • and more.

Considering all this information is important because the initial settlement you receive from the insurance companies generally will not cover all your expenses following an accident. Unfortunately, many injury victims don’t know how much their claim is worth and will take the first settlement offer they receive. An experienced personal injury lawyer can ensure you get all the compensation you deserve.

Negotiate With the Insurance Company.
The insurance company will do whatever it can to not pay the full amount and will try to settle your personal injury claim for the least amount of money possible. Its adjusters may try to bully you or persuade you to take the first amount offered. You’ll need a personal injury law firm with strong negotiating skills to help you with a settlement.

In most personal injury claims, lawyers have settlement discussions with the parties’ insurance companies to try to reach an agreement that compensates the victim. Many cases are settled successfully during these negotiations when the victim is represented by an experienced personal injury lawyer.

The issues the personal injury lawyers discuss in settlement discussions include

  • liability;
  • the victims’ injuries and pain and suffering, both physical and mental;
  • compensation needed for present and future medical bills, lost income, and other damages; and
  • any other issues that may require compensation for reimbursement.

Sometimes, settlement talks fail when the personal injury lawyers and the insurance company cannot reach an agreement. When that happens, your Pittsburgh injury lawyers will file a personal injury case in court. Settlement talks can still continue even after a lawsuit is filed, and the at-fault party’s insurance company may offer an increased settlement amount after litigation begins.

An experienced personal injury law firm can guide you through this process, advising if the compensation offered by the insurance company is sufficient and reasonable based on your medical expenses, injuries, and other factors. If no settlement is agreed on, then your Pittsburgh injury lawyer will go to trial for you.

Represent You in Court.
If a settlement cannot be reached, clients need an aggressive trial team to represent them in the courtroom to help overcome the responsible party’s defense. All the personal injury attorneys at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys have experience in the courtroom and will fight for your rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Attorney Robert Munley speaking with employeeQ: What Should I Do After an Accident?
A: If you were injured in an accident, it is important to seek medical attention right away. You should also:

  • report the collision to the appropriate party, which could be the property owner or your employer, depending on the location of the crash
  • complete a report, which might be a police report in a car crash or workers’ compensation report if you were injured at work
  • inform your insurance company about the collision
  • keep track of your medical bills and expenses associated with the collision

Then, as soon as possible, you need to speak with a Pittsburgh injury lawyer who can assess you claim and discuss your legal rights.

Q: How Do I Know If I Need a Personal Injury Law Firm to Handle My Personal Injury Case?
A: As the injured victim, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against the negligent party to obtain compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately, you will likely face legal hurdles that will be hard to overcome without a personal injury lawyer on your side. Many victims in personal injury cases never get the compensation they rightfully deserve when handling the claim on their own.

The legal process can be confusing, and the insurance companies profit by settling for as little as possible. As a serious injury victim, you may be concerned about paying your current medical bills, especially if you’re missing a lot of time from work. So a quick settlement could solve that problem instantly. But what about any future expenses? Will that settlement cover lost earning potential or property damage?

At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, we have the legal experience to ensure you receive compensation for both present and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers protect the rights of our clients to get them the compensation they deserve.

Q: How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Case?
A: The statute of limitations to file a personal injury case in Pennsylvania is two years from the date of injury. This means you have only two years from the time of the accident to file a lawsuit.

If you do not start your lawsuit in court within two years, you will not be able to seek compensation from the at-fault parties. Because of this short timeframe, it is important for you to contact a Pittsburgh injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Q: Why Do I Need a Lawyer?
munley law staff discussing a caseA: Any time you are injured because of someone else’s negligent behavior, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer. That’s why the Pittsburgh injury lawyers of Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys always offer a free initial consultation. You can use this consultation to learn about your legal options and to find out what your next steps should be after an accident.

After a car crash, you will need to pursue a claim with your insurance company. That can be a challenge. If you’ve suffered catastrophic injuries, the last thing you want to worry about is whether the claim is being handled properly. When you hire personal injury lawyers, they can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to make sure you get the maximum compensation for your personal injury claim.

In most cases, the first settlement offer you receive will not cover all your expenses. But if you do not have significant experience estimating the value of a personal injury claim, you may not know the settlement offer is too low. Our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers can also help you get a better understanding of how much your claim is really worth.

In addition to handling the insurance claim and process, your personal injury lawyer will collect evidence, investigate the crash, interview witnesses, work with experts, and fight for your rights.

Q: How Much is a Case like mine Worth?
A: It is impossible to know what kind of settlement to expect before investigating the extent of any injuries sustained, medical costs, lost income, future expenses, and pain and suffering. This is why it is important to hire a personal injury law firm who will complete a thorough investigation and who will never advise you to accept a settlement for less than you truly deserve.

There are many factors that go into how much a personal injury claim is worth. Your injury lawyer will want to know the answers to many questions. Some of the common questions include:

  • What or who caused the accident?
  • How did the accident happen?
  • How severe and long-lasting are your injuries? Have you suffered a serious injury? Have you suffered catastrophic injuries?
  • Will you be able to return to work? Can you perform the same type of work as before the accident?
  • How much insurance coverage is available?

If your crash results in catastrophic injuries, you may be entitled to more financial compensation than if you do not suffer serious injuries. The amount of compensation is different for every incedent. Our Pittsburgh injury lawyers can provide you with an estimate of the compensation you deserve after a financial analysis and investigation.

Q: Do I Need Lawyer?
A: Yes, almost always, especially if you suffered a serious injury or your medical costs are high. Because you must file your claim within two years from the date the car crash occurred, it is very important to discuss the situation with a Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

In order to receive compensation, you must prove the negligence of the at-fault party. Our experienced and skilled attorneys can help you do that so you get the compensation you deserve.

You must also show that the at-fault party or the insurance company is required to pay for your losses. The experienced lawyers at our law firm can help, starting with their free consultation. Our legal team will guide you through the legal process. We collect evidence and handle discussions with witnesses, other attorneys, and insurers, so you can focus on getting well. Most importantly, we fight for your rights so you receive fair compensation.

Q: What Happens if My Loved One Died in an Accident?
munley law attorneys walking down the streetA: When a family member or someone you love dies in an accident, you may be too preoccupied with the arrangements and the loss to deal with what happens next. If the accident was caused by negligence of another party, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit.

A wrongful death claim allows you to seek compensation from someone whose wrongful and negligent actions cause your loved one to die. A wrongful death lawsuit can pay for medical expenses, lost wages, funeral costs, estate administration, and more.

Q: How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Lawyer through Munley Law?
A: The attorneys at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys work on a contingent fee basis. This means that we do not collect a fee unless we win your case. This way, anyone can afford to hire the best legal representation, regardless of wealth or income. You pay nothing up front or out of pocket, and our fee will never be greater than the amount paid to you.  If for some reason we cannot achieve a settlement or verdict for you, you owe us nothing.

Q: Why Choose Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys?
A: The Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys are recognized as leaders in personal injury law not just in Pennsylvania but nationwide. Each of our partners has decades of experience handling complex injury cases and bringing cases to trial. We have won numerous groundbreaking settlements and verdicts for our clients.

Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys was founded in 1959 by Robert W. Munley. As the practice has grown over the last 60+ years, it has remained a family business true to its original mission: to be a voice for the voiceless, to give all people equal access to the justice system, and to fight for the vulnerable, even against the most powerful entities.

Over the last six decades, we have helped thousands of people across Pennsylvania and the U.S. recover from serious injuries and win cases against large companies and powerful organizations. Because we are a family business, we often work closely together on our cases, so you have the full power of our team on your side.

Our lawyers have been consistently listed in Best Lawyers in America, Best Law Firms, Pennsylvania Super Lawyers, LawDragon 500, and the Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forum.

Our attorneys are board-certified in civil practice and civil trial by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. The Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys have earned AV-Preeminent ratings from Martindale Hubbell, and Daniel Munley has been designated a Platinum-level Client Champion.

No Settlement, No Fee – That’s Our Promise to You

At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, we believe that all people should have equal access to the justice system, regardless of income. That’s why our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not charge a fee for our services unless we win your case.

We cover all the upfront costs so you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket. Our contingency fee (a percentage of the settlement or verdict we obtain for you) will never exceed the total amount paid to you. If we are unable to produce results for you, you owe us nothing. That’s our no-fee promise.

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The injury you or your loved one suffered could impact your life forever. We will work hard to recover the maximum amount of money for the injuries caused by the accident. At the office of Munley Law, our slip and fall lawyers have extensive experience with a wide range of personal injury cases.

You should not have to face financial expenses on your own if someone else caused your crash. If you’ve been injured in a car crash, our lawyers can assess your case and discuss your legal options. Contact Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation.

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