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Determining Fault in an Auto Accident

After a car or truck accident, hold the driver at fault accountable

The nation’s #1 personal injury lawyers explain how to determine who caused an auto collision

A crash can unquestionably change everything. Most people think that it won’t happen to them. However, 6 million drivers and passengers collide every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 3 million of those accident victims suffer serious injuries. Each year, 38,000 die in fatal car, SUV, and truck crashes. In addition to these tragic injuries and deaths, auto collisions are tremendously costly. In fact, the CDC reports that “medical care costs and productivity losses associated with injuries and deaths from motor vehicle crashes exceed $75 billion.” In most causes, determining fault in an auto accident is also the first step towards figuring out who must pay a crash victim’s expenses. […]

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What Are Premises Liability Claims?

America’s #1 accident lawyers explain how you can win your premises liability lawsuit

Accidents often happen when we least expect them. They often occur in the places that feel the most comfortable and mundane. People suffer injuries at the grocery store or a close friend’s home. As the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) reports, the leading cause of emergency room visits in the United States is slip and fall accidents. In fact, 8 million Americans (21.3%) seek emergency treatment for a fall each year. As such, the most common accidents are slip and fall accidents. However, they are not the only accidents that occur outside of the home. Accident victims who suffer injuries at a business or property may be able to file premises liability claims to recover their losses.

Premises liability law can be tricky. As such, the nation’s best personal injury lawyers from Munley Law are here to help. […]

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Nursing Home Abuse

“Staggering” reports reveal COVID-19’s horrific impact on nursing home abuse

When we trust a team of experts to care for our loved ones, we expect kindness and competency. However, nursing home abuse–a form of elder abuse that occurs in long-term healthcare facilities–is on the rise. Nursing home abuse may take many forms ranging from physical to financial abuse. Many families already know what it is like to spot signs of neglect while visiting a loved one in a nursing home. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic makes these problems worse. Visitors cannot visit. Problems slip through the cracks. In many instances, the seniors we love died as a result. Thus, in the past few months, the number of  class action and individual wrongful death lawsuits based on negligent elder care increased dramatically. To understand the risks and what it takes to keep your loved one safe, you need to understand the impact of COVID-19 on nursing home abuse. […]

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How to File a Truck Crash Lawsuit

After a collision with a truck, you need maximum compensation for your injuries

The nation’s #1 semi-truck accident lawyers explain how to file your truck crash lawsuit

As the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports, 499,000 trucks crash each year. Correspondingly, those collisions cause 107,000 serious injuries. In addition, 4,415 semi-truck accidents are fatal. Truck crashes cause tremendous pain and suffering for accident victims and their families. Because filing, fighting, and winning a truck accident lawsuit is incredibly difficult, these collisions also cause a lot of confusion. To answer some of the most frequently asked questions, the nation’s #1 tractor-trailer accident lawyers explain how to file a truck crash lawsuit.

For the best chances for winning your truck accident case and maximizing your compensation payout, you need to hire an experienced semi-truck collision lawyer. Who you choose matters. […]

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What is Discovery?

Understanding your lawsuit’s discovery phase

If you recently filed a lawsuit, then you likely have questions about how your case will progress. Clients often ask our attorneys about discovery. In fact, most civil plaintiffs and defendants have never heard of the discovery phase of a trial. They have no idea what discovery is. As such, our award-winning personal injury team is here to explain discovery and what you can expect during this phase of litigation.

According to the American Bar Association, discovery is “the formal process of exchanging information between the parties about the witnesses and evidence they’ll present at trial.” In other words, it is a mechanism for obtaining the info and evidence that you need to win your case.

The phases of a civil trial

In order to fully understand the discovery phase, […]

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