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Bicycle accidents and auto insurance in Pennsylvania

Posted August 4th, 2021 by Munley Law.

Munley Law personal injury lawyers explain: bicycle accidents and auto insurance

What if you were involved in a bicycle accident in Pennsylvania and suffered a serious injury? If your bicycle was hit by a motorized vehicle, whose insurance company is responsible – yours or the motor vehicle drivers? What if no one was at fault? Can you file an insurance claim or a lawsuit requesting reimbursement for pain and suffering resulting from a bicycle accident? Auto insurance in Pennsylvania offers both full tort and limited tort policy choices. What does that mean? How does it apply to bicycle accident coverage?

Accidents involving bicycles happen all too frequently. It pays to be aware of the details of how insurance coverage works. But the issue can become complex in many cases. Hiring a Pennsylvania bicycle accident lawyer can help you receive the benefits you deserve if you are a victim of an injury caused by an accident that happened while riding your bicycle. […]

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What to do if a truck leaves the scene of a crash?

Posted August 4th, 2021 by Munley Law.

What Can You Do if a Truck Driver Leaves the Scene of an Accident?

Becoming a victim of a hit and run crash with a truck is a traumatic experience. Truck crashes are increasing in frequency and truck drivers who are “at fault” are more often guilty of leaving the scene of an accident than in the past.

Leaving the scene of an accident isn’t a wise decision. It is a crime that normally results in a more serious penalty than those normally imposed for causing an accident. A driver who flees an accident scene may lose his or her license and/or receive a prison sentence. 

Yet many drivers, in the heat of the moment, flee for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they may leave an accident site unintentionally, unaware they caused damage or injury. 

Victims of hit-and-run truck accidents often suffer serious, […]

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Can I work while receiving workers’ compensation?

Posted July 26th, 2021 by Munley Law.

Can I Work While Receiving Workers’ Compensation in Pennsylvania?

Workers’ compensation, or workers’ comp, is the most common way for injured or disabled workers to receive compensation for workplace injuries. The program is a state-mandated insurance program that provides medical benefits and wage replacement for workers injured or disabled due to their employment. However, there are strict rules and regulations that you must follow if you plan to claim and receive workers’ compensation benefits. One of the most common questions workers have is: “Can I still work while receiving workers’ compensation?”

Typically, after a work-related injury, the injured employee has many questions concerning workers’ comp, the benefits they are eligible for, and the rules surrounding those benefits. A common question that workers who have filed or are collecting workers’ comp benefits have is if they will be able to work, or at least be offered light-duty work, […]

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Is workers’ comp taxable?

Posted July 24th, 2021 by Munley Law.

Ask a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer: Are Workers’ Comp Payments Taxable in Pennsylvania?

If you are receiving workers’ comp benefits, or if benefits are pending for you or a family member, you may be wondering, “Is workers’ comp taxable?” You are wise to be concerned about the taxable status of workers’ compensation payments that replace earned income while you are unable to work due to job-related illness or injury.

Is income taxable no matter what the source? What procedures must be followed when you file your tax return while receiving workers’ comp? Here, we will address these basic concerns.

If you have further questions, a Munley Law Pennsylvania workers’ comp lawyer can address your queries concerning the taxable status of unemployment benefits.

Our skilled, knowledgeable attorneys can also assist you if you are experiencing difficulty in obtaining workers’ compensation initially, or in continuing to receive payments until you are fully recovered and capable of re-assuming your job duties. […]

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How to Report Unsafe Working Conditions in PA

Posted July 22nd, 2021 by Munley Law.

Munley Law’s Guide to Identifying and Reporting Dangerous Working Conditions 

When most people hear the phrase “unsafe working conditions,” factories and operating large machinery come to mind. While it’s true that some industries are more high-risk than others, the reality is any workplace can be unsafe. For your own safety, you should know how to identify unsafe working conditions and how to report them to the appropriate authorities. 

What is considered an ‘unsafe working condition’?

An unsafe working environment is an environment with hazards present that make it dangerous for you to carry out any of your job duties. The environment poses a threat to your health and safety and may interfere with you being able to do your job correctly.  While some jobs are dangerous by nature, “unsafe working conditions” refer to circumstances outside of what is reasonable, normal, or acceptable by regulatory standards.  […]

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