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Health Concerns Surround Oral Contraceptive Drugs Yaz and Yasmine

The New York Times reports that Bayer HealthCare’s two top selling oral contraceptives, Yaz and Yasmine, have been surrounded by health concerns from both the health and legal community.

Yaz is the top selling birth control pill in the United States with less estrogen than its sister drug, Yasmine. This success is due in part to Bayer’s multimillion dollar as campaigns promoting the drug as a treatment for acne and severe premenstrual depression.

Some researchers say the drugs put women at higher risk for blood clots, strokes and other health problems than some other birth control pills the article states, while a Bayer-financed European study found the risks were comparable to those of older birth control pills. However, two studies on Danish and Dutch women, found a higher risk of blood clots for women taking the newer form of birth control pill.

The FDA has already asked Bayer to correct its television ads and has cited the company for not following proper quality control procedures at one of its plants.

According to Bayer, 74 lawsuits have been filed by women claiming they developed health problems after taking Yaz or Yasmine.

A study to identify blood clot incidents, stroke, and death among those using Yasmin and other oral contraceptives is being done by the FDA while Bayer is conducting its own post-market study.

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