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“Make Seat Belts Mandatory on School Buses”

The Scranton Times-Tribune, Caroline Munley

Interconnectedness and Manufacturer Responsibility in Automated Vehicles

The Legal Intelligencer, Marion Munley


Irish 100

Three Munley Law partners named to 2016 Irish Legal 100, reception with Irish Ambassador

Robert Munley, Christopher Munley, and Daniel Munley were named to the 2016 Irish Legal 100.

Robert W. Munley

“GEE, I HELPED THIS GUY TODAY” An oral history of five Pennsylvania attorneys who graduated from law school in the 1950s

Munley Law founder Robert W. Munley interviewed in Super Lawyers Magazine feature story on Pennsylvania lawyers who began practicing in the 1950s. During his 55+ year career, Munley served his country in the Korean War, and later built the family business that continues to thrive today.


“Texting a Distracted Driver Could Now Bring Liability”

The Legal Intelligencer, Daniel Munley quoted

Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer

“Tax sale of deceased woman’s home voided”

The Scranton Times-Tribune

“Corporate Settlement Mills and Victim Compensation”

The Legal Intelligencer, Marion Munley

Attorney Marion Munley discusses the trend toward corporate-funded settlement programs and victim compensation funds, such as the facility set up by GM following the GM ignition switch recall. Munley looks at the pros and cons of these systems, how they affect justice for the victims, and how they might be improved.

tractor trailer

“Fatal Two-Truck Accident Case Results in $3.97M Settlement”

The Legal Intelligencer

Attorney Dan Munley quoted in this article detailing a case Munley Law settled on behalf of the family of a man killed in a tractor trailer crash.

cell phone

“How Extracting a Text Message Could Change Your Case”

The Legal Intelligencer, Daniel Mitsakos

Attorney Daniel Mitsakos explains how lawyers can extract text messages and other electronic data from smartphones in an investigation, and why this is a valuable source of information.

teen driver

“Help Kids Avoid Danger with Facts in Proportion”

The Scranton Times-Tribune, Christopher Munley

Attorney Christopher Munley discusses why kids and teenagers engage in risky behaviors  and driving habits, and how to help change their perception of risk.

munley law news

“Trial Judge Rules Sentinel Event Report Not Confidential,”

The Legal Intelligencer, Marion Munley quoted.


“The Malpractice Risk of Electronic Health Records,”

The Legal Intelligencer, Marion Munley.

Attorney Marion Munley discusses the potential risks associated with the misuse and malfunction of electronic health record systems.


“Drugged Driving Poses Greater Highway Danger,”

The Scranton Times-Tribune, Caroline Munley.

Attorney Caorline Munley discusses the growing number of people driving while under the influence of marijuana and prescription drugs.

Munley Law US World News Publication

Munley Law featured in Best Law Firms Edition of U.S. News and World Report.

sports injury lawyers

“Facing the Concussion Scourge”

The Scranton Times-Tribune, Robert W. Munley, III.

Attorney Robert W. Munley, III weighs in on the epidemic of concussions and traumatic brain injuries among young athletes.

personal injury lawyers

“Why A-Rod Made Me Love the Constitution More”

The Scranton Times-Tribune, Marion Munley.

Attorney Marion Munley addresses the ways that many citizens give up their rights to trial by jury and agree to an arbitration when signing a contract. Attorney Munley uses Alex Rodriguez as an example.

Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer

“It’s your Money and They Want it Now”

Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal, Christopher Munley

Attorney Christopher Munley warns consumers against deceptive marketing techniques used by factoring companies looking to purchase structured settlements.

car accident lawyer pa

“Walking the Tightrope of Motherhood and Career”

Northeast Pennsylvania Family, Caroline Munley

Attorney Caroline Munley discusses the challenges and rewards of balancing her personal and professional lives. Attorney Munley reflects on her own experiences and offers advice to other professional women and mothers.


“Vanishing Civil Jury Trials Blow to Justice”

Scranton Times Tribune, Marion Munley

Attorney Marion Munley discusses the ways in which justice is undermined when citizens unwittingly give up their rights to a jury trial.

Letters to the Editor

Attorney Dan Munley

“Truck Safety Issues”

Scranton Times-Tribune, Daniel Munley

Robert W Munley III

“Concussion Torment”

Scranton Times-Tribune, Robert W. Munley, III

Marion Munley

“Victim Blamed”

Scranton Times-Tribune, Marion Munley

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My car accident last year kept me out of work for over a month. I was afraid of losing my job, the medical bills were piling up and the insurance company would not return my calls. I made the right decision after calling Caroline Munley. She fought the insurance company and helped me get back on my feet. I wholeheartedly endorse her. Personal Injury Client

Julia Munley is not only experienced, educated, knowledgeable, and persistent, she is also warm, compassionate, and understanding. I cannot stress the comfort we felt knowing she was on our side fighting for us. She is HUGE HEARTED in the office and a SHARK in the courtroom. She has gone above and beyond to fight for our rights and compensation. She doesn’t take no for an answer until she reaches her goal. She has gone out of her way in so many ways to comfort us thru this fight. Julia is not only a TOP NOTCH attorney, she is an amazing woman as well. She also has the most professional efficient assistants working with her fighting for u and your rights. She will always be my one and only choice for legal advice. True to her word “In your corner and ready to fight” … Thank you Julia for everything you’ve done for us. I cannot thank you enough. You’ve left a mark on our hearts. Karen, a personal injury client

I had a complex medical malpractice case and I wasn’t sure if there was an liability there. I felt there was some negligent behavior on the part of some nursing home staff. This firm, through Marion Munley, took me through all the steps necessary to prove negligent behavior that might have caused death of my loved one. She was very compassionate and very detailed and patience. I think they are a terrific firm. There wasn’t anything I disliked… I would highly recommend them as a Personal Injury Law Firm. They also handle all types of car and truck accidents, workers compensation and social security disability. I think they are the best in town. Guest of Bing

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