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What Happens If My Lyft is in an Accident in Philadelphia?

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If your Lyft is involved in an accident in Philadelphia, several necessary steps must be taken to ensure your safety and handle the situation correctly. These steps include assessing injuries, contacting emergency services if required, exchanging information with the other parties involved, notifying Lyft, and contacting a Philadelphia Lyft accident attorney.

Understanding the process for protecting yourself and receiving assistance following a rideshare accident in Philadelphia is vital.

What Steps Should I Take if I’m Injured in an Accident Involving My Lyft Ride?

Lyft is in an Accident in PhiladelphiaBeing injured in a Lyft accident can be shocking and painful. You may feel disoriented and anxious, but try to keep in mind the following helpful steps:

Get Medical Help

Your health comes first. If you’re injured, get medical help right away. Call 911 or go to the nearest hospital or clinic. Even if you don’t think your injuries are serious, seeing a doctor is important. For instance, whiplash or internal trauma might not show symptoms right away but can worsen over time if left untreated. A doctor can conduct a thorough examination to detect these hidden injuries early, allowing timely treatment and preventing potential complications.

Take Pictures of Your Injuries

Use your phone to take pictures of any cuts, bruises, or other injuries you have. These pictures can be important later if you need to prove what happened.

Tell Lyft About the Accident

Use the Lyft app or call them to let Lyft know what happened. Provide a detailed account of the accident and your injuries. Lyft may offer assistance regarding insurance matters.

Get Information from the Driver

Get the Lyft driver’s name and contact information. Also, write down the car’s license plate number. If there were other cars involved, get their information, too.

Keep Track of Any Medical Attention You Receive

Write down any doctor visits and keep any papers the doctor gives you. This information will be important later.

Talk to a Lawyer

If you’re confused or worried about what happened, you might want to talk to a Philadelphia Lyft accident lawyer. They can help you figure out what to do next.

Can I Sue Lyft for the Accident?

Whether you can sue Lyft for an accident in Philadelphia depends on a few factors, including the circumstances of the accident, applicable laws, and the extent of your injuries.

In some cases, if the Lyft driver was at fault or if Lyft’s negligence contributed to the accident, you may certainly have grounds for a lawsuit. However, rideshare companies like Lyft often have complex legal structures and insurance policies, affecting your ability to sue them directly. For this reason, it’s advisable to consult with a Philadelphia personal injury attorney with Lyft vehicle accident experience, who can evaluate your case and advise you on the best course of action.

A Philadelphia Lyft accident attorney can help determine if suing Lyft is viable and guide you through the legal process if you decide to pursue a lawsuit.

How Do You Determine Whose Negligence Caused the Lyft Accident?

Examining various factors involves determining who’s to blame in a Lyft accident. This includes checking the driver’s action or inaction, determining if any traffic laws were broken, finding out what witnesses saw, gathering what the evidence at the scene tells us, taking into account Lyft’s rules, assessing the driver’s driving history, and sometimes looking to experts for help.

By examining all these factors, we can decide who might be responsible for the accident. This is important for any legal action or insurance claims that might follow.

In a Lyft accident, several parties could be at fault:

  • Lyft Driver: The Lyft driver may be at fault if their actions, such as reckless driving or violating traffic laws, contributed to the accident.
  • Other Drivers: If another driver caused the accident through negligent actions like speeding or running a red light, they could be at fault.
  • Lyft: In some cases, Lyft might be considered partially responsible, especially if there were issues with driver training, vehicle maintenance, or safety procedures.
  • Pedestrians or Cyclists: If a pedestrian or cyclist’s actions contributed to the accident, such as crossing the road unlawfully, they could also be considered at fault.

Determining fault often involves investigating the circumstances of the accident, including reviewing witness statements, assessing physical evidence, and analyzing applicable laws and regulations.

What Does Lyft’s Insurance Cover?

In a Philadelphia Lyft accident, it’s important to understand insurance coverage to seek compensation for injuries and damages. Typically, Lyft offers contingent liability coverage, which comes into play if the driver’s insurance doesn’t cover the accident. This coverage typically includes up to $50,000 per person for bodily injury, $100,000 per accident for bodily injury, and $25,000 for property damage when the driver is logged into the Lyft app and waiting for a ride request.

Once a ride is accepted, Lyft’s primary liability coverage of up to $1 million kicks in, covering injuries and damages to passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, and property. Lyft’s uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage may provide additional protection if another driver is at fault and lacks sufficient insurance.

Talking to a skilled Philadelphia Lyft accident lawyer is important because understanding these insurance policies can be tricky. A personal injury attorney with Lyft accident experience will protect your rights and help you get the money you deserve.

What Kind of Compensation Might I Be Entitled To?

As a Lyft passenger involved in an accident, you may be entitled to various forms of compensation depending on the circumstances of the accident and the extent of your injuries. Compensation typically includes:

Medical Expenses

Coverage for medical bills related to injuries sustained in the accident, including hospital stays, surgeries, medication, therapy, and future medical care.

Lost Income

Lost income compensation covers the wages you couldn’t earn because you missed work due to accident-related injuries. It includes the money you’ve already lost and what you would have earned in the future if the accident hadn’t happened. This compensation aims to help ease the financial strain caused by your inability to work because of your injuries.

Pain and Suffering

“Pain and suffering” refers to the physical and emotional distress experienced due to an accident and resulting injuries. It includes physical pain, emotional distress (like anxiety or depression), and mental anguish (such as trauma or grief). These damages compensate for intangible losses beyond financial expenses in personal injury cases.

Property Damage

Reimbursement for damage to personal property, such as clothing, electronic devices, or other belongings damaged in the accident.

Loss of Consortium

Compensation for the loss of companionship, support, and services from a spouse or family member due to injuries sustained in the accident.

Wrongful Death

If a Lyft accident results in the death of a passenger, surviving family members may be entitled to recover compensation for funeral expenses, loss of financial support, and emotional trauma.

The compensation you receive depends on the severity of your injuries, how they affect your everyday life, and how much money you’ve lost because of them. Talking to Lyft accident attorneys can help you know what you deserve and get the right amount of money to compensate for what happened to you.

Deadline for Submitting a Claim for a Lyft Accident

Like all other states, Pennsylvania has a legal time limit called the statute of limitations you need to know about if you’re in a Lyft accident. This time limit determines how long you must take legal action after the accident.

Generally, the statute of limitations for a car accident injury in Philadelphia is two years. This means you have a window of two years from the date of your Lyft accident to file a claim. If you file a claim within this time frame, you might be able to get compensation for any injuries or damages you suffered.

Remember that the specific time limit can vary depending on factors like the type of claim and where the accident happened. Still, these are best discussed with a personal injury lawyer handling Lyft-related accidents. That’s why it’s important to act quickly and seek legal advice if you’re involved in a Lyft accident in Philadelphia so you don’t miss the deadline for filing your claim.

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