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Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation: Specific Loss Benefits

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What Are Specific Loss Injuries?

Workers’ compensation coverage is PA state-mandated insurance for employees created by the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act. This insurance is a safety net for workers who become injured or sick as a result of job-related duties. Workers’ compensation benefits cover medical expenses due to the injury or illness and lost wages from work missed due to the injury and recovery.

While workers comp covers lost wages due to missed work, if you have suffered an injury that results in the loss of a body part or loss of function of that body part or permanent disfigurement, you may be entitled to collect a special kind of Pennsylvania workers compensation insurance known as Specific Loss insurance and this compensation is available to injured workers even if you are able to return immediately to work.

If you are a worker in Philadelphia and you have suffered serious and permanent disfigurement, Pennsylvania law mandates you be compensated. Disfigurement benefits may be available to you for your workplace-related injury.

Munley Law has been representing Philadelphia workers for more than 60 years. If you have lost a limb or suffered permanent vision or hearing loss or disfigurement, our Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer will fight for you to receive your maximum allowed benefits.

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What Are the Most Common Accidents Leading to Specific Loss Injuries in Philadelphia?

No matter what industry you work in or what your job duties entail, Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys are ready to help injured Pennsylvania workers. We have decades of experience fighting for workers from warehouses to construction to healthcare and office work.

Here are a few common Philadelphia workplace accidents that Munley Law workers’ compensation attorneys handle daily:

Warehouse Accidents

Whether from defective machinery, lack of oversight or proper safety training, or lock-out procedures, specific loss injuries can occur from accidents involving conveyer belts, trash compactors, forklifts, and more.

Construction Accidents

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). construction work is one of the most hazardous industries in the US.

Among the most common construction worker accidents are falls (i.e. from scaffolding, rooftops, ladders), getting caught or crushed between objects, and having objects fall on a worker. Specific loss injuries among Philadelphia construction workers include:

  • Permanent hearing loss
  • Loss of vision
  • Loss of limbs or amputation

Other workplace accidents can involve:

  • Hand tools
  • Food slicers
  • Forklifts
  • and many more

How Much Will I Be Paid for Specific Loss?

When claiming a specific loss in your Pennsylvania workers comp injury, there are guidelines for compensation in these cases. For example:

  • Loss of a hand: 335 weeks of payments
  • Loss of a thumb: 100 weeks
  • Loss of an eye: 275 weeks
  • Loss of a foot: 250 weeks
  • Loss of a leg: 410 weeks
  • Permanent loss of hearing in both ears: 260 weeks

Payments will vary depending on whether the loss was partial or total. The complete list of specific loss payment amounts is listed in the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. A Philadelphia workers’ comp lawyer at Munley Law can tell you exactly what you are entitled to as a result of your injuries.

Experienced Representation from a Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Specific loss benefits cases can be complex, and your compensation may depend on many variables. If you are an injured worker in Philadelphia and you think you may be eligible for compensation for your work injury let us help. Your specific loss payments can depend on making sure your accident claim is filed correctly and on time.

Munley lawyers have the experience and the determination to help you win your maximum benefits. Call us today for a free case evaluation with a Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorney.

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