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A crash involving a large 18-wheeler truck is nothing like a regular car accident. Injuries are often severe, and the case may involve multiple individual and commercial defendants. You need a specific kind of lawyer to represent you and ensure you receive the help you need – you need an experienced Pittsburgh 18 wheeler accident attorney.

At Munley Law, a team of highly qualified Pittsburgh truck accident lawyers with decades of experience is ready to get to work for you today. Our attorneys have led the American Association for Justice Trucking Litigation Group and were among the first lawyers in Pennsylvania to become board certified in truck accident law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

While many injury law firms claim to handle truck cases, we devote a significant portion of our law practice to commercial truck and 18-wheeler cases specifically. If you or your family member were hurt in a crash with an 18 wheeler in Pittsburgh, contact Munley Law today for a free consultation. We do not charge for our services unless we win your case.

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Pittsburgh Truck Accident Injuries

One of the reasons truck accident cases can be so complex is that the injuries sustained in a truck accident can be catastrophic. An 18-wheeler can weigh up to 80,000 lbs fully loaded. When an 18 wheeler truck collides with a passenger car or any other vehicle, the resulting injuries can change your life. Some common injuries that truck accident victims experience include:

Traumatic brain injury – A serious brain injury can result from a severe blow to the head or even the force of the rapid forward-and-back motion of the head caused by an impact. Traumatic brain injuries can change your life forever; they can cause temporary or permanent disability or loss of cognitive function. Victims of TBI can face months or years of recovery, or even require in-home care

Broken bones – The force of a truck crash can result in fractured ribs, broken arms, broken legs, and more. Broken bones can cause internal damage, and require multiple surgeries to heal. In the meantime, they can place you out of work for weeks at a time.

Neck, back, and spinal injuries – Neck and back injuries can range from painful soft tissue injuries like whiplash to major spinal fractures, herniated discs, and even paralysis. You may require multiple surgeries and long-term physical therapy to regain independence.

Truck accident injuries frequently require expensive treatment and hospital stays. To recover from your injuries and rebuild your life, you will need proper financial compensation. A truck accident lawsuit will help you recover the resources you deserve.

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How to Choose a Truck Accident Attorney in Pittsburgh

In Pittsburgh, there are many law firms to choose from. How do you know who to trust with this extremely important part of your life? Consider the following factors:

Truck-specific expertise – When you have a truck case, not just any personal injury lawyer is up to the task. Truck accidents involve multiple commercial and individual defendants, federal trucking regulations, severe medical injuries, and highly technical investigations. The attorneys at Munley Law have spent decades developing a special focus on truck accident cases. In addition to the American Association for Justice Trucking Litigation Group, our lawyers belong to the American Interstate Trucking Lawyers Association and serve on the Board of Regents for the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys. We have won hundreds of millions of dollars for truck accident victims in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Client service – We are a family of lawyers, and we treat each of our truck accident clients the way we would want our own family members to be treated in a time of need. Our team will be accessible to you throughout the process until your case is fully resolved. While we have the resources of a much bigger firm, we pride ourselves on offering the kind of client service only found at a small business.

Extensive resources – Our trial lawyers have access to the kinds of financial and professional resources typically found only in big law firms. We have been in business since 1959; in that time, we have developed a strong network of partnerships with experts from all over the United States. We have the financial resources to spare no expense in building a successful case for you.

Pittsburgh 18 Wheeler Accident FAQs

Can You Sue For an 18 Wheeler Accident?

If you suffered injuries in a truck accident that was not your fault, you may be able to sue for damages. Damages can include economic losses like medical bills, ambulance bills, lost wages, reduced earning power, and more. Non-economic damages include mental anguish, emotional distress, loss of companionship, pain and suffering, and more. Who you can sue for your injuries will depend on the unique circumstances of your accident. Potential defendants include the truck driver, the trucking company, the maintenance or mechanical team responsible for inspecting and maintaining the truck, a third-party broker, and others. Your attorney will identify all appropriate parties who bear liability in your case.

When Should I Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

After a truck accident that was not your fault and has left you or a loved one injured, your best bet is to call a lawyer to understand your options. In crashes involving a large commercial truck where injuries are serious and the defendant will have their own legal representation, a personal injury lawsuit is often the only way to recover the full amount of compensation you need.

If you are not sure whether you have a case, or you’re uncertain about what actions to take, a free conversation with an attorney can help you sort it all out.

If you are a truck driver who was injured in an accident while on the job, a truck accident lawyer can help you, too. With decades of experience handling truck crash cases, we know that not all truck wrecks are the trucker’s fault. Often, the driving public does not give 18 wheelers the space and respect they deserve.

A Pittsburgh 18 wheeler accident lawyer points out something to a client

What Do Lawyers Look For in a Truck Accident Case?

An experienced truck accident lawyer will know what to look for in order to win your truck accident case. Munley Law’s truck accident team knows how to mobilize quickly to preserve physical and electronic data that is critical to your case.  It is also important to find a truck injury attorney who is deeply familiar with federal trucking regulations and who can determine whether a violation may have contributed to your accident. For example, the truck accident attorneys at Munley Law know that hours of service violations can lead to drowsy driving accidents. Or, companies with lax hiring and training practices or substandard safety policies can put truckers and the driving public at risk. For violations like these, transportation companies and drivers can be held accountable. We also know to look for long-term effects and complications from your injuries that may not be immediately apparent.

How Can a Pittsburgh Truck Accident Lawyer Help Your Case?

There are many ways a Pittsburgh truck accident lawyer can help you pursue and win a lawsuit.

Investigation – One of the most critical aspects of a truck accident case is the investigation and discovery phase. An experienced Pittsburgh truck accident lawyer will know how to quickly collect evidence from the scene including witness statements, photographs, and surveillance video footage. We will also issue any necessary court orders to preserve trucking company evidence from spoliation. The truck accident team at Munley Law will also work with private investigators and accident reconstructionists to build a complete picture of the events that led to your accident.

Calculating Damages – In order to obtain maximum compensation for you, we will work with medical and economic experts to calculate the full cost of your medical treatment and the extent to which your injuries will affect your income.

Federal Trucking Regulations – The truck accident lawyers at Munley Law know the federal transportation regulations that may be relevant to your case.

Negotiate with the Insurance Company and Fight for you at Trial – The Pittsburgh 18 wheeler accident lawyers have achieved groundbreaking multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients. We won’t settle for a lowball offer, and we will never accept an offer of settlement without your consent. While some lawyers will settle rather than go to court, we thrive in front of a jury and will be prepared to argue your case at trial if necessary.

Inform and Advise – All throughout the process of preparing and trying your case, your attorney and your paralegal will be available to you. We will answer your questions, help you get the treatment you need, and keep you informed of your rights and your case’s progress.

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The next step toward making a full recovery is to contact a lawyer at Munley Law for a free consultation. During this consult, we will answer any questions you or your family may have, explain your legal rights, and discuss possible next steps. If you choose to hire us after this initial consult, we will get to work right away.

There is no fee for our services unless we win your case. This contingent fee agreement protects you from financial risk; we invest all of the time and resources necessary to build your case, and if we don’t get you the compensation you need, you owe us nothing.

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