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Hotel Accident Lawyer

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When you visit a hotel, one of the expectations that you have is that it’s a safe place to spend the night. It’s your temporary home, where you can relax and plan for the next day’s activities. But sometimes, a hotel does not offer the safety that you deserve. Sometimes there are dangers present in the hotel that can cause you injury. Or even worse, a negligent member of the staff could have caused your injuries. Soon your home away from home is not as comfortable and as safe as it once was.

If you were involved in an accident while visiting a hotel or motel, you’re going to need an experienced hotel accident lawyer to help get the compensation you need. For more than 55 years, the Scranton hotel accident lawyers at Munley Law have been helping hotel accident victims across the tri-state area. Our team of award-winning lawyers will not rest until you receive proper compensation for your injuries.

Holding the Hotel Accountable

When you are injured as a guest in a hotel, either by unsafe conditions or because of the negligence of the hotel employees, the owners may be held responsible for your injuries. However, you will need to prove that the hotel was negligent, and this can be tricky. In order to prove negligence, you need to show:

  • The hotel breached its duty of keeping you safe from harm
  • Your injury is direct cause of the hotel’s negligence
  • You experienced some type of injury or loss because of the hotel’s negligence

According to premises liability law, the hotel has a duty to exercise reasonable care when in operation and has a legal responsibility to protect its guests. This means the hotel must be a safe environment and any hazardous conditions should be taken care of in a reasonable amount of time. For instance, the shower in a room’s bathroom is leaking water and causing a puddle to form on the title floor. Before anyone can occupy that room, the hotel has the responsibility to clean up the puddle and fix the shower.

Some of the hotel duties to its guests include:

  • Control an insect infestation, such as bed bugs
  • Maintain proper security to avoid theft
  • Maintain the hallways, stairs, and elevators from obstructions or other types of hazards
  • Maintain the locks on hotel rooms
  • Properly train hotel staff

How Employee Conduct Can Cause Your Injury

According to vicarious liability law, a hotel may be held labile for the actions of its employees, as long as it was during the course of his/her employment. For instance, if an employee was not properly trained as a lifeguard and you get into an accident at the hotel’s pool, the hotel can be help responsible for the employee.

Our Hotel Accident Lawyer is Ready to Help

Like any premises liability claim, it’s difficult to prove fault. Yet, if you have an experienced hotel accident lawyer by your side, then those responsible for your injuries will be held responsible.

For more than five decades, Munley Law has been helping thousands across Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey, with their personal injury claim. Contact our Scranton hotel accident attorneys now for a free consultation.

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