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New Antipsychotic Drugs Increase Other Health Risks

Reuters reports the “second-generation” antipsychotic drugs including Zyprexa, Risperdal, and Abilify are known to significantly increase the risk for diabetes and heart disease by increasing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. These drugs were developed because the older drugs had significant side effects, yet these newer drugs are known to cause health risks as well, the article reports.

Patients taking these newer antipsychotic drugs are supposed to have their blood sugar and cholesterol levels checked on a regular basis, but studies show that less than one-third of all patients have these tests done. Government warnings and recommendations did not increase the screening rates.

While the patients may not be heeding the warnings, new prescriptions for these drugs have declined as physicians proactively work to curb drug-associated diabetes and heart-related risk. Doctors are prescribing drugs which carry a lower risk of side effects, the article stated.

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