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The American Society of Civil Engineers tells us our 45,000 square miles of land is “the first city plan in our country to provide for long-term urban growth.” The gridiron street plan, green space squares, wide roadways, and narrow alleys became a model for long-range planning across America. The plan worked well until the automobile became a part of the picture. Traffic is a major cause of bike accidents. Anyone traveling through the streets of Philadelphia, either by car or bicycle, can attest to the number of bicycle accidents and close calls on our congested city streets.  

“An unidentified man riding a bicycle died after being struck by a SEPTA bus Wednesday night in Northeast Philadelphia, officials said.” (February 24, 2021,  The Philadelphia Inquirer)

The Philadelphia bicycle accident attorneys at Munley Law understand not all drivers of motor vehicles are willing to share the road. We are here to help those injured in bicycle accidents by negligent drivers. We have decades of experience defending and protecting the rights of accident victims and their families and are proudly recognized for our expertise and achievements. Our lawyers have been selected among the Best Law Firms, made the Pennsylvania Super Lawyers List, and the list of Best Lawyers in America. We never charge a fee unless we win your case. Our initial consultation is free, so fill out our email form or call  today.


A Philadelphia Bike Accident Attorney Explains How And Why Accidents Happen

Philadelphia is a tourist magnet. In 2019 a record number(46 million) visitors flooded our city streets, Great news for the economy and worrisome for our cyclists. Tourists are inherently distracted, and distracted drivers are a definite liability to bicycle riders. In addition to distracted drivers, some of the most common reasons for bicycle accidents involving a motor vehicle are speeding, unsafe lane changes, and weaving in and out of traffic. Some additional causes for a bike vs, auto accident include:

  • Violation of traffic ordinances
  • Failure to allow sufficient space between the car and the biker
  • Failure to yield
  • Drivers exiting parking lots or driveways who fail to see a cyclist 
  • Running a red light
  • Impaired drivers
  • Road rage and aggressive driving
  • Motor vehicle drivers failing to signal
  • Big trucks on the roadway

Bicyclist dies after being struck by a car near Philadelphia Art Museum, police say April 24, 2021, Fox 29

Environmental issues and equipment defects can also play a role in biking accidents. A bicycle is a complex piece of machinery. Broken or defective handlebars, brakes, pedals, seats, or wheels are all plausible reasons for a cycling accident Municipalities are required to ensure the city’s public areas like parks and roadways are safe. An article published in March 2021 reports anywhere from 30,000 – 70,000 potholes are filled by the Streets Department in Philadelphia every year. If it can be substantiated negligence caused a bicycle accident, compensation is entirely possible.


The bicycle accident lawyers at Munley Law have spent decades representing victims of serious bicycle crashes. Our board-certified civil trial advocates have been named among the Best Lawyers in America, and have earned the top peer and client ratings from Martindale-Hubbell. Ultimately, our results speak for themselves. We fight for vulnerable victims of biking accidents and their right to fair and just compensation. We won’t settle for less than you deserve.


Philadelphia Bike Injury Law Firm Handles Various Types Of Bicycle Accidents

philadelphia bicycle accident lawyer

Bicycle accidents can happen for a number of reasons. Often, driver inattention or negligence causes collisions between motor vehicles and bicyclists.

A common cause of bike crashes is when drivers or vehicle occupants open a car door in the path of a bike rider. As stated in Motor Vehicle Code 3705 — no person shall open any door on a motor vehicle unless and until it is reasonably safe to do so and can be done without interfering with the movement in other traffic This is known as the “door law.” 

Other common types of cycling accidents are:

  • Being rear-ended by a motor vehicle
  • Being sideswiped
  • A right hook accident happens when a vehicle turns right, directly into the path of a cyclist

 When a car, truck or bus collides with a bicycle, the cyclist is vulnerable to serious, even life-threatening injury. The personal injury lawyers at Munley Law handle all types of collision cases. We will work with investigators and experts to prove the cause of your crash, and fight for your right to compensation for the suffering you have endured. 

A Philadelphia Bicycle Accident Attorney Discusses Common Injuries Possible in a Bike Accident

The childhood joys of riding a bicycle can easily morph into fear when a cyclist rides through dangerous roadways and intersections. A bike rider has no physical bodily protection, and accidents, more often than not, lead to serious injury. Some injuries from bicycle accidents we have seen in our practice include:

  • Traumatic brain injury 
  • Neurological damage 
  • Facial injuries and dental damage
  • Spinal cord damage 
  • Road rash
  • Fractures 
  • Sprains, strains, and lacerations 
  • Amputation
  • Paralysis
  • Wrongful death 

Psychological Injuries should not be discounted. Anxiety, depression, PTSD, and panic attacks are debilitating and can have a profound effect on both the victim and his or her entire family.

Since the inception of Munley Law 60 years ago, our mission statement resonates throughout the communities we serve. We believe all people should have equal access to the civil justice system. Our initial consultations are free, and we are here to answer any questions you may have about personal injury law. Our Philadelphia office number is 215-515-7747..


Philadelphia Bicycle Accident Lawyer Speaks Out About Bicycle Safety 

bicycle accident lawyers in philadelphiaProtected bike lanes seem to have become a point of contention between those who feel separated lanes will slow down traffic on the city streets and those who lobby for safer spaces for bikers. Politics and opinions aside, the bottom line is, whether it is a designated lane, a protected lane, or a contraflow lane, they are a measure of safety for both drivers and riders, and no one is disputing the importance of safe streets, or that bike safety matters.

No matter where you ride, ride safe:

  • Stay visible 
  • Unless using a contraflow lane, ride in the same direction as the traffic
  • Be predictable
  • Maintain a safe speed
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles
  • Always signal when turning or maneuvering around cars


If you or someone you love has suffered a serious biking accident injury your choice of legal representation matters. At Munley Law, you can be sure that your case is in the best possible hands. We have achieved record-breaking results in personal injury cases of all kinds. Contact us, we are here to help.


Talk To A Philadelphia Bike Accident Lawyer Before You Speak With an Insurance Company

Insurance will undoubtedly come into play in a bike accident. We urge you to protect your rights. Insurance companies will never be on your side – even the company you may have been paying hefty premiums to for years. It is in their nature to limit the payout in any claim. Because Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, medical expense costs are, first and foremost, are covered by your automobile policy, regardless of who was at fault. In the event the costs exceed the coverage, personal health insurance is probably next in line. This can likely become a complicated issue in itself. Do not attempt to resolve it without legal representation.


Dealing with an insurance company on your own can be an uphill battle. You need an experienced bicycle wreck lawyer to advocate on your behalf for the compensation you and your family deserve.


“This law firm handled my case with great professionalism. I got an outstanding recovery. The service was fast and friendly. They really are the best. I would recommend them to anyone.” Mary J., Personal Injury Client.


A Philadelphia Bike Accident Law Firm Can Help Determine Liability

A bicycle is considered a vehicle and therefore almost all the regulations that apply to drivers also apply to riders. Motorists often deny liability and insurance adjusters will be quick to place blame on the cyclist. Recklessness is negligence, and when a driver’s negligent behavior results in a biker’s injury the cyclist can pursue a compensation claim. The plaintiff’s legal representative must show:

  • The driver of a car, (the defendant) owed a duty of care to the cyclist
  • The driver failed in that duty
  • As a result, the plaintiff was injured


Having legal representation can ensure that you receive the compensation you are owed, and your choice of legal representation matters. Don’t hesitate. The investigation of your case is crucial, and it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain vital information as time goes on.


A bicycle crash lawyer will thoroughly investigate a case, including:

  • Reviewing police reports
  • Speaking with any witnesses
  • Analyzing photographs and videos from the scene 
  • Using reconstruction experts to aid in determining liability
  • Investigating the responsible party’s driving record

Under product liability laws, bike riders injured as a result of defective equipment may be able to recover financially from the cycle manufacturer.


Who Has the Right of Way in a Philadelphia Bicycle Accident?

Bicycle accidents happen frequently at intersections. In most cases when two vehicles approach an intersection at the same time the driver, or rider, on the right has the right of way. A vehicle turning left yields to the vehicle going straight Some of the more dangerous intersections in Philadelphia are:

  • The corner of Broad and Race
  • The corner of Broad and Girard
  • The corner of Broad and Olney
  • The corner of Broad and Lehigh
  • Cottman Avenue & Roosevelt Boulevard 
  •  Market Street & 40th Street. 
  • Market Street & 11th Street. 
  • Fifth Street & Olney Avenue. 

Traffic lights and stop signs are also indicators of the right of way.

So in Pennsylvania, the answer to who yields to who is: 

  • All vehicles should yield to pedestrians who are crossing at a light, in a marked crosswalk or walking with a guide dog or a white cane
  • Everyone yields to emergency vehicles and funeral processions


Philadelphia Bike Injury Lawyer Reveals Surprising Facts and News You Can Use


Philadelphia Bike Injury Attorney Reminds Us Both Bikers And Motorists Have Rights and Responsibilities

The Pennsylvania Drivers Manual details the rights and responsibilities of those who use our roadways. The right of a bicycle rider to use a city street has case law that dates back well over 100 years (1890 Swift v. City of Topeka decision}

“There can be no question, then, but what a citizen riding on a bicycle in that part of the street devoted to the passage of vehicles is but exercising his legal right to its use.”

Staying safe on the streets of Philadelphia is a right that belongs to all of us, and it is up to every one of us to keep each other safe.


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The team of board-certified Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at Munley Law are among the highest-rated and most respected legal advocates in the country. Other lawyers regularly look to us as industry experts in complex areas of the law. All of our credentials (including Best Lawyers in America, Best Law Firms, Pennsylvania Super Lawyers, Million Dollar Advocates Forum) reflect the fact that we are an exceptional law firm. We are a family firm. We value and respect each other’s strengths and areas of expertise, and we are proud of our ability to achieve the best possible outcome for all of our clients.

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