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When a motorcycle is involved in an accident with a car, SUV, or commercial vehicle, the impact to the motorcycle rider may be catastrophic.  With no more to protect them than their clothing and perhaps a helmet, a motorcyclist is totally exposed to the surrounding environment and will suffer from the full impact of the motorcycle accident.

Insurance laws are different for motorcyclists than they are for drivers of other passenger vehicles.  In addition, laws vary from state to state. Without an experienced and well qualified motorcycle accident lawyer on your side, insurance companies will try to take advantage of you, hoping to get you to settle for far less than you deserve. You need a Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer on your side to make sure insurance companies don’t low ball you.

The motorcycle accident attorneys at Munley Law get results. Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer We know the ins and outs of the Pennsylvania traffic laws as well as insurance company practices.  We have been fighting for our clients for over 60 years, consistently winning large settlements and awards from motorcycle accidents. We are included in The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Pennsylvania, are consistently selected by our peers as Best Lawyers in America, and have had the distinction of being named among the top 5% of attorneys – Pennsylvania Magazine’s Super Lawyers.

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What you can expect when you hire Munley Law motorcycle accident attorneys

Munley Law has a long history of winning motorcycle accident cases.  We know how insurance companies operate and the strategies they use to pay out the lowest possible award.  We know insurers want to settle motorcycle accident lawsuits to avoid giving accident victims access to awards from sympathetic juries.

When you hire a Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer at Munley Law we will thoroughly investigate your case by reviewing:

  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Traffic and security camera footage, when available
  • Witness statements
  • Police reports
  • History, and perhaps medical records, of the other driver in your accident
  • Maintenance reports on the other vehicle
  • Your medical records
  • Hire consultants and expert witnesses
  • Contact the insurance company and negotiate the best possible outcome for you, our client.

When you hire our experienced team of motorcycle accident lawyers to work for you there will be no out-of-pocket or upfront costs to you.  Munley Law works on retainer.  We only get paid when we win and you receive a settlement or a jury award.  Contact us now to see how we will fight for you if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

What do I do if I am involved in a motorcycle accident?

Immediately get medical treatment and take care of your health needs. Once this is taken care of there are a few things you can do to strengthen your motorcycle accident case.  Document the scene of the accident with photos. Take photos of your vehicle. Take photos of your injuries.  Make sure you or the police get statements and contact information for any eyewitnesses.

Your next priority should be to consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer.  Insurance coverage for motorcycles is different from passenger vehicles. You need a Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney to advise you.  When you call a motorcycle accident attorney at Munley Law, our Philadelphia motorcycle crash specialists will provide a free consultation. We will advise you on how to proceed, and because we work on retainer, when you hire us, you will have no upfront or out-of-pocket costs. We do this for all motorcycle accidents. We cover all costs of building and defending your case and we don’t get paid until we win you compensation.

Our experienced accident lawyers will advise you on how to proceed, and because we work on retainer, when you hire us, you will have not upfront or out-of-pocket costs. We do this for all motorcycle accidents. We cover all costs of building and defending your case and we don’t get paid until your motorcycle accidents case is settled or a court award is made.

Why motorcycle accidents in Philadelphia are so dangerous

There are a variety of reasons Pennsylvania motorcycle drivers face greater risks for injury and wrongful death than other drivers on the road:

  • Lack of proper training. According to the NHTSA, 29% of motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes were riding without valid licenses.
  • By design, motorcycles lack certain safety features. Unlike cars, trucks, and SUVs, motorcycles do not have safety features that prevent injuries, like airbags, seatbelts, or doors to protect riders.
  • Motorcyclists often ride without the proper gear. In many accidents, even just wearing proper safety gear or clothing could have prevented motorcyclists injuries and deaths. If you are riding on a motorcycle, you should always wear a helmet, gloves, jacket, and long pants while riding.
  • Motorcycles are harder to spot on the road than cars, trucks, buses, or SUVs. Motorcyclists are smaller and lower to the ground, so they are harder for other drivers to see on the road.

Accident Prevention Tips for Motorcyclists

It’s imperative that motorcyclists take precautions when on the road. Without safety features and the size of a car to protect them, motorcycle riders are more susceptible to serious injuries.

  • Wear protective clothing. This includes long pants and sleeves made of thick, protective material, as well as gloves, eye protection, and durable boots that cover your ankles.
  • Be seen. Bright colors and reflective elements on your clothing and bike helps motorcycle riders stay visible on the road. Use your headlights both day and night, and ride in the section of the lane that is most visible to other drivers. If you’re not sure you can be seen, honk.
  • Always wear a full-face helmet. Helmets have proven to be 37% effective in preventing deaths and 67% effective in preventing brain injuries. However, even considering those statistics, Pennsylvania (and 18 other states) does not require riders by law to wear a helmet.
  • Be alert. Prepare for sudden lane changes and swerves from distracted drivers on the road that can cause a motorcycle accident injury.. Also watch out for debris like patches of sand, potholes, railroad tracks, and other road hazards.
  • Beware of intersections. Half of all motorcycle accidents occur at intersections, with motorists turning left in front of you being the most common cause. This can cause catastrophic injuries.
  • Never drink or speed. More than 40% of motorcycle riders who die in single-vehicle accidents are under the influence of alcohol, and speed is at play in over 1/3 of fatal crashes.
  • Avoid bad weather. Study safe ways to ride in the rain, wind, or whatever type of weather Mother Nature tends to throw at you.

Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Philadelphia

The impact of motorcycle accidents may range from minor injuries like cuts and scrapes all the way to death.  Some of the more common Injuries include any, or all, of the following:

  • Head trauma including concussion and severe brain injury
  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Major burns
  • Spinal cord/neck injuries which could result in full or partial paralysis
  • Disfiguring injuries including loss of limbs and scarring

10 Leading Causes of Philadelphia Motorcycle Accidents

At Munley Law, we are experienced personal injury lawyers who represent clients in cases involving all types of serious motorcycle accidents. If you are in need of an injury lawyer, or need to file a wrongful death case on behalf of a loved one, we can use our experience to help you seek maximum compensation for your family’s accident-related losses. Contact us today for a free consultation about any accident you experience while riding a motorcycle involving:

  • Dangerous road or weather conditions
  • Distracted, drowsy, or drunk driving
  • Failure to stop or yield
  • Following too closely (tailgating)
  • Intersection collision
  • Merging without looking
  • Motorcycle or passenger vehicle defect
  • Sideswipe or T-bone
  • Speeding
  • A car or truck turning into the path of an approaching motorcycle

Motorcycle accident fatality rates are declining

The following information was presented in a 2017 preliminary report from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association. While motorcycle accident death rates declined from the previous year by almost 6% in 2017, the likelihood of death resulting from a motorcycle accident is 28 times greater than it is to of occupants of passenger vehicles (based on a measurement associated with vehicle miles traveled).

When compared to other states, Pennsylvania’s death rate for motorcycle accidents was 16.1%, 12th highest in the country in 2016.  In 2016, there were 181 deaths in Pennsylvania. Projections for 2017 are 184, a decrease of almost 4%. By far, the highest number of deaths is among those over 40 years of age and the lowest among those 30 to 39. Harsh weather, which shortens the motorcycle riding season, reduces the death rate of motorcyclists. Helmet use also increases the rate of survival of a motorcycle accident. Pennsylvania is one of 28 states that require only some motorcyclists to wear helmets.

States are undertaking a number of efforts to improve road safety for  motorcycles.

  • Publicizing training and education programs that address motorcycle safety
  • Partaking in advisory committees on motorcycle safety
  • Collecting and sharing data of motorcycle safety countermeasures

For instance, Pennsylvania participates in the “Share the Road” program.  This program uses a limited and seasonal media budget to encourage all drivers, including motorcyclists, to be on the lookout for on another to try and limit motorcycle accidents.

What can I expect to recover when involved in a motorcycle accident?

Each person’s situation and case is unique, so until we review the specifics of your motorcycle accident case, the Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorneys at Munley Law cannot provide details.  We can however help you understand the categories in which you may be eligible to collect.

  • Medical expenses, both past and ongoing.  You may be fully compensated for all medical care associated with the motorcycle accident including, but not limited to, ambulance and emergency care, hospitalization, surgery, doctor’s bills, medical equipment, therapy and prescription medication.
  • Lost wages.  If you injuries leave you unable to work for any period of time you may be able compensated wages lost while you recover.
  • Pain and suffering.  Depending on the extent of your injuries, motorcycle accident victims may be compensated for the pain and suffering the incur as a result of their accident.  Factors such as the severity of injury and whether or not you can fully recover factor into any reward you may receive.
  • Emotional suffering.  This is another area of possible compensation.  Emotional instability and mental anguish may be short, or even long term, effects of a motorcycle accident and may be cause for a monetary award.

Negligence in Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Cases

When another driver acts in a careless or reckless way that causes you to suffer injuries, this is known as negligence. Proving this negligence is what is required to recover fair compensation for your personal injury. The four elements of negligence are:

  1. Duty of care: The driver had a responsibility to behave in a reasonable way to prevent an accident and keep you safe.
  2. Breach of duty: The driver failed to do what she needed to do.
  3. Causation: This failure caused your accident and injuries.
  4. Damages: You suffered physical injuries as well as financial damages.

Negligence in these examples would allow a personal injury attorney to hold the driver liable for your economic and noneconomic damages. This is why it is imperative to talk to a Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney before deciding how to handle the accident.

Work with an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Who you choose to represent you makes a difference. To maximize your financial award, you want a Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer who:

  • Treats their clients like family. See what motorcycle accident victims say about us here.
  • Has a reputation for being the best in the business. Check out our award-winning car, truck, and Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyers here.
  • Wins BIG for motorcycle accident victims. Learn more about our major client victories here.

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