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The Uber app provides a vital service for those seeking transportation in busy cities across the country, including Philadelphia. The ability to call for one’s driver is appreciated by urban dwellers who prefer to avoid car maintenance costs and navigating rush hour traffic.

Uber’s service is often utilized for safety purposes – to avoid the risk of being behind the wheel following an evening of alcohol consumption. However, when you accept a ride with Uber, your fate rests in the hands of a driver who may be tired or distracted.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT) propose that the increase in Uber drivers contributed to a sharp rise in US traffic deaths. Uber’s use may be necessary for many of us – but a significant number of accidents involving Uber drivers do occur. If you are injured by the actions of an Uber driver, you deserve fair compensation. 

Unfortunately, when an Uber-related accident happens it can be difficult to navigate the issue of liability, determine the “at fault” party, and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our experienced attorneys are prepared to go to trial rather than settle for less than you deserve. Not every law firm offers board-certified trial lawyers like ours. We have extensive experience in the courtroom and have built a national reputation on our trial victories.

 If you or a friend or family member suffers injury in a Philadelphia Uber accident, contact a Munley Law Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer for a free consultation, as soon as possible. 

A Philadelphia Uber Accident Attorney can Help Determine the Responsible Party

Collisions involving Uber, which are becoming more frequent, can cause passengers in Philadelphia to incur extreme costs as well as tremendous pain and suffering due to serious injuries. But the party responsible for paying damages is not always clear in accidents involving Uber.

A Pennsylvania car accident attorney can help you understand how the law addresses legal charges against the Uber app and its drivers. 

What to do After an Accident in Philadelphia Involving Uber

uber accident lawyer near meNo matter how the accident happened, or whether you were a pedestrian or a passenger, report the incident to Uber through their app as soon as possible. Then, hire a Philadelphia Uber accident lawyer to help you navigate the process of building a case enabling you to collect the compensation you deserve. 

Determining Responsibility can be Challenging in an Accident Involving Uber

Uber’s drivers use their personal vehicles for commercial purposes. Thus, collisions involving Uber are addressed differently than accidents involving a traditional commercial vehicle or a regular passenger auto. Litigation can be tricky.

The liable party may vary, depending upon each accident’s unique circumstances. 

Uber services in Philadelphia, offer 1 million dollars in liability insurance for drivers. But some limitations apply to this coverage.

Uber’s drivers whose insurance policies prohibit payment for accidents involving the business use of a personal vehicle could create a difficult situation.

Car Accidents Involving Uber Drivers: On Duty vs. Off Duty

Uber’s accidents are evaluated differently than accidents involving exclusively business or personal vehicles.  

It should be noted that even if a Philadelphia Uber driver has no passenger in the vehicle, the driver is nevertheless considered “on duty” from the time a ride is accepted until the passenger is dropped off at their destination.

This means Uber’s drivers are covered when they are on the way to pick up a client. So, if you are a pedestrian hit by a driver en route to pick up a ride, Uber’s insurance should cover expenses relating to your injuries.

If, however, you were hit by an off-duty Uber driver, you may need to seek compensation through the driver’s personal insurance policy rather than pursuing an award through Uber.

Many types of confusing accidents may occur, involving Uber. Having a knowledgeable car accident lawyer on your side to navigate the process of determining who is at fault, is important.

If you are represented by an experienced Munley Law Uber car accident attorney, he or she will thoroughly investigate your accident involving an Uber driver. Then, this skilled legal professional will ensure you obtain the benefit you deserve.

Every possible way of addressing coverage will be followed, to make certain you are awarded the compensation you need, to cover:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • And other related losses.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer for Uber accidents in Philadelphia offers the best chance of determining who is responsible for paying your bills for injuries incurred in an accident involving an Uber driver. Determining who is at fault isn’t always easy, but our Philadelphia car accident attorneys are up to the task.

Making Certain you Receive Compensation

In most cases, your injuries will probably be covered by the Uber company’s insurance policy. But even if your Uber driver is at fault and was on duty at the time of your accident, Uber may fight the claim and attempt to deny liability.

That’s why it’s important to have an experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyer on your side, to stand up for your rights. Munley Law offers over 60 years of experience obtaining the maximum compensation possible for injured victims of all types of car accidents.

Potential Causes of Uber Driver Crashes

philadelphia uber accident attorneyUber verifies driver history by specific background checks, before sign-on. But Philadelphia Uber drivers are prone to the same types of accidents as any other driver. Certain factors that pose an accident risk for all of us may affect Uber drivers more than others.

Drivers often use Uber as a side gig, to make extra money after working another job. This can make them especially prone to fatigue, which may impair their driving abilities. 

Also, Uber by nature of being a phone app, requires drivers to interact with smartphones for directions, time tracking, and arranging their next pickups. Only a 15-second pass is provided, during which time drivers may respond to a “driver request”.

The combination of fatigue and the requirements of interacting with the app makes the danger of distracted driving difficult to avoid. 

Standards Required by Uber for Drivers and Vehicles 

Uber has put in place some requirements to help ensure safety for drivers and customers.

To prevent Uber accidents in Philadelphia and other cities, Uber drivers must:

  • Meet the age requirement to legally drive for Uber in the city where they work.
  • Present a valid driver’s license.
  • Have at least one year of licensed driving experience. (3 years if the driver is younger than 23 years old).
  • Provide proof of insurance, vehicle registration, valid inspection.
  • Pass safety screening and driving history background checks.

Vehicles used by Uber drivers:

  • Must be four-door.
  • Are required to be in good condition.
  • Must be less than 10-15 years old. 

If Uber drivers fail to obey these rules and all traffic laws, they could be considered negligent, thus at fault for an accident. However an Uber accident happens, no matter what injuries you suffer, it pays to have your accident case involving Uber in Philadelphia evaluated by a Pennsylvania Uber accident lawyer. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does it cost to file an Uber accident lawsuit?

A Munley Law car accident attorney can review your case, determine fault, file a lawsuit, and represent you in court. All without requiring money upfront. We work on contingency when it comes to car accidents and personal injury. 

If we accept your case, you don’t pay us until you receive the compensation you deserve. It doesn’t get more risk-free than this. 

How long do I have to file a lawsuit for a Pennsylvania Uber-related accident?

The statute of limitations for a civil personal injury case in Pennsylvania is two years  – from the date an act of negligence triggered an injury-causing accident.

Failure to file within this window of time results in forfeiture of the right to sue the negligent party for damages. Contacting a Philadelphia car accident lawyer as soon as possible ensures your case will be fully investigated and suitable action taken before the deadline.

I just want to get back to normal. Should I complicate matters by filing a lawsuit?

You may believe you are not severely injured. It may seem that returning to work, replacing your vehicle, (if you were hit in your car by an Uber driver, rather than suffering injury as an Uber passenger), should be your priority.

While your goal should be to return to normal, if you are capable, you can’t be certain you won’t suffer over the long term from the effects of your injuries. Insurance companies often offer less than the actual amount you are entitled to, for medical bills, lost work hours, and any damage to your possessions or property.

Do not accept a settlement without consulting with a skilled and experienced car accident attorney.  A competent legal professional can help you determine whether the settlement is fair, or if it is in your best interest to file a lawsuit. 

Is an Uber Accident More Complex Than a Taxi or Bus Mishap?

It certainly can be, under various scenarios. When a taxi or bus is involved in an accident, a designated insurance company provides benefits.

An Uber driver is not required to have a policy specifically covering passengers. So you may not receive benefits from the driver’s insurance if the policy does not supply coverage for business use of the vehicle. Even the driver’s claim may not be paid, in such a case. 

The liability insurance Uber provides for drivers covers liability for passengers, pedestrians, and other types of potential victims, but it may not be sufficient to cover your entire total of damages. 

A skilled car accident lawyer can sort through this labyrinth of rules and offer you the best chance of receiving payment for damages.

What types of driver behaviors are classified as negligent? Why are they important?

Common actions that cause accidents and are considered negligent include:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Distracted driving.
  • Aggressive driving.
  • Drowsy driving.
  • Traffic law violations.

Distracted driving and drowsy driving are often mentioned in association with Uber drivers. If one of these traits causes an accident, the Uber driver would be considered negligent. Proving driver negligence is key to winning an Uber accident lawsuit. 

How much compensation can I expect from an Uber accident lawsuit? 

Every accident is different. A car accident lawyer cannot give you an estimate until after the conducting of an investigation. Some circumstances that affect the number of damages are:

  • The severity of injuries.
  • Whether the accident resulted in a death.
  • The age and health condition of the victim at the time of the accident.
  • The accident’s cause and who was at fault.
  • The difficulty of proving the case.
  • Availability of insurance coverage.

What should I tell insurance companies about my Uber accident?

You should report the accident to your own insurance company. But you are not obligated to speak with the other party’s insurance carrier. Your car accident lawyer can handle that type of communication for you.

It is advised that you avoid speaking with an insurance adjuster without a lawyer present. The adjuster may try to get you on record to find the cracks in your statement. Cracks that would allow the insurance company to take advantage of you – to deny your claim. 

Some tactics insurance adjusters may use in attempting to save money by denying your claim might be:

  • Asking you to sign a liability waiver in exchange for a quick (usually insufficient) settlement.
  • Questioning the severity of your injuries.
  • Finding you, the victim at fault in some way for the accident.

Don’t fall for these attempts to reduce settlement amounts. Let a Philadelphia Uber accident lawyer handle your case.

Ridesharing programs like Uber offer convenience but come with some risks. While drivers are vetted, they may be distracted by the need to schedule their next client, suffer fatigue and stress from working Uber as a side hustle in addition to a full-time position. The convenience of Uber makes it a necessity for many. The opportunity helps those willing to drive others to earn a significant income. 

But Uber can create a unique situation regarding insurance payments if an accident happens. If you experience any type of injury as a result of actions by an Uber driver, call a Munley Law, Philadelphia Uber accident attorney at 844-263-8849 for a free, no-obligation consultation. If the total of your damages is greater than you are offered in a settlement, and the Uber driver was obviously negligent, we will represent you without charge, until your case is successful and you are awarded benefits.

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