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Have you suffered a serious injury as a result of a dangerous product in Stroudsburg?

Manufacturers have a responsibility to design and produce safe and reliable products for their consumers. They should test and retest to ensure their products are safe from causing any harm to users; however, not all products are created equally, and sometimes users can fall victim to their faults. If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of a manufacturer, you will need a qualified and reliable product liability lawyer to fight on your behalf.

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Our experienced Stroudsburg product liability attorneys at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys are nationally-recognized for their experience and successful verdicts and settlements. We have over 60 years of experience working in personal injury law, and rest assured we work tirelessly for those who have been harmed by a defective product.

If you have suffered an injury due to a defective product in Pennsylvania, contact a Stroudsburg product liability lawyer today for a free consultation. We will fight to secure the justice you deserve so you can move forward with your life.

Do I Need a Product Liability Attorney in Stroudsburg?

If you have been injured by a dangerous or defective product, a product liability lawyer at [firm-name] can provide you with what legal options are available and let you know what the next steps are for filing your claim. Without the help of an experienced attorney, you may not be able to recover the compensation you need to pay your medical bills, support yourself and your family during recovery, and rebuild your life following the injury. You have a right to expect that the products that you purchase are designed and manufactured correctly and are free from hazards. If you are hurt by a defective consumer product, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team to get the justice you deserve.

Why Choose Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys as Your Stroudsburg Premises Liability Lawyer?

marion munley and dan munleyWe understand the legal system is complicated, and understanding local laws regarding product liability can be a confusing process. Our Stroudsburg attorneys have decades of experience finding the justice our clients deserve after being injured by a defective product.

As your attorneys, we will utilize every ounce of knowledge and our resources for your case. You will never pay a penny for our services unless we successfully recover financial compensation for your pain and suffering.

We’ve been recognized by our peers and legal publications alike as top attorneys in product liability. Marion Munley was voted “Product Liability Lawyer of the Year” by Best Lawyers in 2022, 2019, and 2017 after successfully representing our clients with their product liability claims. Dan Munley was named “Product Liability Lawyer of the Year” by Best Lawyers in 2020.

Each one of our partners has a minimum of 20 years of experience practicing personal injury law and together have earned our clients millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. We have the knowledge and resources available to take on big companies, which can be intimidating for less experienced firms and individuals. We’re not afraid to stick up for what’s right and get you the justice you deserve. Our strong network of professionals in the area will help with all aspects of the case to help build the strongest case possible for you.

We pride ourselves on providing only the best service to each of our clients. Our entire team will work to answer all of your questions and keep you up to speed throughout the legal process. If you have been hurt and cannot travel, we will come to you. Call us today at [phone-number] for a free consultation, and let us win you back the peace of mind you deserve.

What Product Liability Cases Does Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys Handle?

allentown workers comp lawyerAs a consumer nation, we are surrounded by products of all kinds every day. Despite the safety precautions we take, we are still at risk for injury when we interact with the various products that get us through the day. The numbers and statistics are alarming. We hope that with a broader understanding of how many lives are affected by these types of injuries, you will not feel alone in your case. Our team of experienced attorneys is here to utilize every last resource we have to win your case.

Our product liability attorneys work hard to protect those who have been injured by defective products in Stroudsburg. We have extensive experience with product liability cases including:

  • Design Defects – A design flaw or defect may cause serious harm to the user or operator, and we firmly believe in holding the designer and manufacturer accountable for these errors.
  • Manufacturing Defects – When a mistake occurs during the manufacturing process, the final product may be hazardous for use.
  • Failure to Warn Consumers – If a manufacturer is aware of potential hazards (for example, small pieces that may be a choking hazard to children) they must warn consumers of the dangers. If they fail to do so, a serious injury or death may occur.

Our team is fearless in the courtroom, and we will go head-to-head with big businesses and insurance companies to get you the justice you deserve. If you are in the Stroudsburg area and have been hurt by a defective product, contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation.

What is Pennsylvania’s Strict Liability Law?

Product liability claims fall under the legal theory of product liability. When a dangerous or unsafe product injures you, you have to prove that the product was defective and it caused your injury. Unlike other personal injury claims, you do not have to prove that negligence was the cause of the accident or injuries. Instead, all you need to show is there was a defect and that defect is what injured you.

A product defect can injure you in the following ways:

  • The product lacked a feature making it safe for use
  • The product had a feature that made it dangerous
  • The product did not have any warning labels or instructions about product’s risks

Although proving a product liability claim in Stroudsburg sounds simple in theory, it can still be difficult to prove your claim on your own. You need to show that the defect was present and you were using the product as intended. If the product had been destroyed following the accident, this can be hard to prove.

Frequently Asked Questions About Product Liability

bad drug lawsuitIf you, your child, or someone close to you suffered an injury due to a defective product, you might not know where to turn for answers or help. Fortunately, our Stroudsburg product liability lawyers have experience handling these cases, and we have successfully helped our clients recover the compensation they need. Contact us for help with your case, and read the answers to some commonly asked questions below.

What Do I Have to Prove to Win My Case?

Because the circumstances of each case are different, only an attorney can tell you for sure. Typically, to prove your claim, you must demonstrate that you were using the product for a reason and in the manner that it was intended to be used. You also need to show that the product was defective in some way (see the cases above) and that the defect caused you injury in some way. Your defective product attorney will work hard to build the most convincing argument on your behalf so that you can secure the compensation that you are owed by law.

What Type of Compensation Might I be Owed?

If you have been harmed by a defective product, you may be eligible to seek and secure financial compensation for your pain, suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. Only an experienced product liability lawyer can evaluate your case and help you pursue your claim, so make sure to contact a member of our team at [firm-name] to discuss your options.

Who Can Be Held Liable For a Dangerous Product?

When it comes to product liability claims, more than one party may be to blame for your injury. Not only can it be the manufacturer and designer of the product, but marketers and sellers could be held liable.

What If I Modified the Product Before I Was Injured?

If you had altered the product prior to the injury, it could affect your claim, depending on whether the alteration played a part in the injury. If it didn’t, then you may still have a case. It’s best to speak with an experienced product liability lawyer in Stroudsburg to see what legal options are available and whether you have a claim.

The Product was Destroyed in the Accident. Will That Hurt My Case?

It is best to have the product when filing a claim; however, it’s not always possible. You may have thrown the item away after you were injured, or it was destroyed in the accident. But even without the product, you may still have a claim.

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Our team of seasoned Stroudsburg personal injury attorneys has time and time again triumphantly represented those who have been injured from defective products. We understand the challenging and complex nature of product liability laws. Thorough research, examination, and skilled case development are always central to our successes in the courtroom.

At Munley Law, we utilize every resource we have in and out of our offices, including medical experts. Our attorneys work together to use our collective experience to build a compelling case. If a defective product has physically harmed you, you deserve to be compensated fairly for your pain and suffering. Fill out our quick online form to reach out with your initial questions, or call today. We offer a free consultation, and you won’t owe us anything unless we win your case.

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