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U-Haul trucks are convenient for anyone needing to move or haul furniture or other large items that don’t fit into smaller vehicles. It is a cost-effective way to use a truck without needing to purchase one.

Unfortunately, many people who drive U-Haul trucks are not experienced in driving large vehicles and may cause a truck accident that injures other drivers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. Sometimes, the companies that rent out U-Haul trucks do not properly maintain the trucks. This can lead to crashes that may injure others and the driver and passengers in the UHaul truck.

If you or a loved one were injured in an U-Haul truck accident, or if a family member was killed, contact an experienced truck accident lawyer at Munley Law at (570) 399-0406 or via our online form for a free, no-obligation consultation as soon as possible.

We are happy to discuss the circumstances of the accident, help you understand your legal options, and provide a free case review.

Types of U-Haul Truck Accidents

There are many different kinds of U-Haul vehicles, including vans, moving trucks, and trailers. Most U-Haul rental drivers have little to no experience driving large trucks, moving vans, or towing trailers. Driver inexperience is one of the major factors in U-Haul crashes. The most common types of accidents involving a U-Haul truck are:

  • Blindspot collisions. Every truck has blind spots that prevent the driver from seeing other vehicles as they are passing on the driver’s side. A large U-Haul truck has a larger blind spot than a typical truck. Inexperienced drivers may cause rental truck accidents when they change lanes and cause a U-Haul collision with a vehicle in the other land.
  • Trailer sway and runaway trailer accidents. Many U-Haul drivers have no experience towing a trailer. Because of their inexperience, they do not know how to prevent a U-Haul trailer from swaying into the lanes of other drivers. This driver negligence can result in a runaway U-Haul trailer that detaches and crashes into other vehicles.
  • Cargo shiftExperienced drivers of large trucks know that the cargo must be balanced and distributed evenly to prevent cargo shift. Commercial truck drivers and truck companies inspect the cargo and ensure it is balanced and not overloaded. U-Haul drivers are not required to check the cargo. They also are not experienced in loading cargo evenly. When cargo shifts in rental trucks, it can cause a U-Haul truck accident.
  • Rollovers. The center of gravity of a moving truck is higher than most drivers are used to. This means that a truck may roll over more easily, especially if the U-Haul driver takes a curve too fast or slams on the brakes, causing cargo to shift drastically.

Causes of a U-Haul Truck Accident

UHaul Truck

UHaul truck accident lawyer

U-Haul can make the moving process easier and less expensive for the person renting the U-Haul truck. Unfortunately, most drivers are not experienced with driving a large truck or towing a trailer. This lack of experience can lead to driver negligence and recklessness that causes a U-Haul accident. Negligent driving includes things like distracted driving, speeding, and not obeying traffic laws.

In addition to driver error, a U-Haul crash can be caused by trucks and trailers that are not safe. U-Haul may be negligent when a rental truck is unsafe for any of the following reasons:

  • Improper or inadequate maintenance leading to mechanical failure
  • Improper loading of cargo causing cargo shift
  • Equipment failure, such as worn brakes
  • Defective equipment
  • Inadequate inspection of truck or trailer

Negligence for Not Screening Rental Truck Drivers

U-Haul has very few procedures in place for protecting renters or informing them about how to avoid an accident involving a U-Haul vehicle.

It is well-known that the company does not adequately inform renters of safe loading practices or cargo weights. They also do not screen drivers to assess their ability to safely maneuver a moving truck or trailer. The lack of information and guidance given to a U-Haul driver makes it common for a U-Haul accident to occur.

How Do I Know If the U-Haul Trucks Driver Was At-Fault?

In order to be at fault, the truck driver must have caused the accident by acting negligently or recklessly. There are many actions that are deemed negligent or reckless, such as:

Proving negligence or recklessness is critical to obtaining the maximum compensation for your serious injuries, both in court and as part of settlement negotiations.

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Prove Who Was At-Fault in a U-Haul Accident

personal injury lawyers munley lawIn accidents involving  U-Haul drivers, it can be difficult to prove who caused the accident. It can also be complicated to know which insurance company to seek compensation from for your financial losses, severe injuries, lost wages, medical bills, and property damage.

Even when it is clear who is at fault – for example, if it is clear the rental truck driver caused the accident – it can still be challenging to show who is responsible for the financial recovery owed to accident victims.

When you file your personal injury claim against a rental company like U-Haul, their insurer may deny your claim, arguing that you are not entitled to receive compensation from their insurance coverage.

A U-Haul truck accident lawyer at Munley Law can provide you with legal services to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve to cover the huge financial burden the truck accident has caused you. In the personal injury lawsuits our law firm handles for our clients, we investigate the accident, attack any questionable insurance coverage, build a case to prove who is at fault, and show who should be held financially responsible for your injuries.

Contact a Munley Law U-Haul truck accident lawyer for a free consultation to learn how we can help.

The  U-Haul Truck Accidents Lawyers at Munley Law Have the Right Experience to Help You

Our experienced truck accident attorneys are skilled at negotiating settlements with insurance companies to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries. While a settlement without courtroom litigation can be the best outcome in some circumstances, it is not always in the victim’s best interest. In those cases, our board-certified trial lawyers are prepared to go to trial to seek the compensation you deserve. The personal injury lawyers at Munley Law have extensive experience in the courtroom and have built a national reputation on our trial victories.

Some lawyers who are not as confident in the courtroom may pressure their clients to settle outside of court. Not the personal injury lawyers of Munley Law.

Our law firm focuses on what is best for our clients as we provide legal advice. Our lawyers have consistently been named among the top trial lawyers in Pennsylvania and have been named to Pennsylvania Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers in America.

We have over 60 years of experience obtaining the maximum compensation possible for victims of U-Haul accidents. Our experience means we advocate aggressively and effectively for you, both in settlement and in litigation.

FAQs About  U-Haul Accidents and Lawsuits

1. What should I do if I was injured in a U-Haul truck accident?

If you were involved in moving truck accident, as a passenger, pedestrian, or driver of another vehicle, report the accident as soon as possible to the company. Then contact a U-Haul truck accident lawyer. You can report the accident to your own insurance company too.

You do not have to speak to the moving truck company, the driver, or their insurance companies about the accident or your injuries. In fact, you are better off not speaking to them before contacting a lawyer. Insurance companies often try to obtain information from victims of truck accidents to reduce any amount they might be required to pay. This is why it is best to speak with an experienced truck accident lawyer first. Your lawyer will speak for you to the company and their insurance company.

2. Who can file a claim for injuries suffered in U-Haul truck accidents?

Injured parties are eligible to file a claim against rental truck companies, the driver, or their insurance companies. If you or your loved one is any of the following, you may be able to file a claim:

  • driver or passengers in the rental vehicle,
  • drivers in other cars,
  • motorcyclists, and
  • pedestrians.

3. How long do accident victims have to file a lawsuit?

The statute of limitations for filing a U-Haul accident lawsuit in Pennsylvania is two years. This means you have only two years from the time of the accident to file a lawsuit. If you do not start your lawsuit in court within this timeframe, you will no longer have a right to pursue the at-fault parties and they will have no obligation to compensate you for your losses. Because of this short timeframe, it is important for you to contact a truck accident lawyer of Munley Law as soon as possible after your accident.

4. What compensation can I get in a truck accident lawsuit?

You may be entitled to receive compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Damage to your vehicle and replacement costs
  • Medical rehabilitation costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Current and future lost wages
  • Other expenses and costs incurred as a result of the accident

The amount of compensation is different for every accident. A  truck accident lawyer can provide you with an estimate of the compensation you deserve after an investigation and financial analysis. Answers to these questions will affect the compensation you receive include:

  • How severe are your injuries?
  • How long-lasting are your injuries?
  • What was the cause of the accident?
  • How much insurance coverage is available from the at-fault party’s insurance company?

5. How much does it cost to establish an attorney client relationship and pursue a truck accident lawsuit?

At Munley Law, we will provide a free case evaluation, review your case, determine fault, negotiate with insurance companies, file a lawsuit, and represent you in court, without any upfront cost to you. Our law firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means that when we accept your case and establish an attorney client relationship, we don’t get paid until you receive compensation.

6. Do I need a lawyer?

Yes, almost always, especially if your medical bills are high and your injuries are serious or have lifelong consequences. Because of the two-year window for filing a rental vehicles lawsuit, it is crucial to discuss the accident with a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

In order to receive compensation from the financially responsible party, you must prove that the driver or company caused your injuries through negligence or recklessness. An experienced and skilled lawyer familiar with U-Haul truck accidents can help you do this.

You must also show that the at-fault party or the insurance company is required to pay for your losses under the circumstances of the accident. The experienced lawyers at Munley Law can help, starting with their free case evaluation.

The lawyers in our law firm work to collect evidence to show who caused your injuries. We also handle all discussions with witnesses, other attorneys, and insurance companies. Most importantly, we will negotiate and advocate to protect your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

The sooner you hire a skilled local law firm, the easier and more effectively your case can be resolved

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Entrance to Munley Law officeIf you or a loved one were injured in a  rental truck accident, call today for a free legal consultation. We can provide legal help and explain your legal rights.

After conducting a free case review, we can help you understand whether you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and how much you might receive. Obtaining the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses can be complicated. We are here to help.

Call (570) 399-0406 or contact Munley Law today for a free consultation, with no obligations, to discuss the circumstances of the accident and your legal options.

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