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Defective Products Lawsuits in Allentown, PA

When product manufacturers put profit before safety, they need to be held accountable for injuries that occur when their products cause harm. If you suffered a serious injury from an unsafe product, dangerous drug,  or defective device, you will need a skilled Allentown product liability lawyer at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys to help ensure that you receive proper compensation.

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Do I Need a Product Liability Attorney For My Case?

product liability attorney Marion MunleyIf you suffer an injury from an unsafe product, you may be able to take legal action in order to get compensation for your suffering and related costs. Products cases are highly complex and can be difficult to navigate. The success of your case will depend heavily upon the skill and experience of the product liability lawyers handling the case.

The Allentown product liability attorneys at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys have handled defective product cases involving everything from defective auto parts to prescription drugs to heavy construction equipment. An Allentown product liability lawyer at our firm will:

  • Work with investigators to collect and preserve evidence of the defective product in question
  • Consult with medical personnel to collect and organize medical data
  • Prove injury and harm was the result of a defective product
  • Negotiate with the responsible party or their insurance companies for fair compensation for your injuries. This can include medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering among other losses.
  • Fight for you if your case goes to trial.

We have the experience and the success needed to handle your product liability claim. Partner Marion Munley was named the 2022 “Lawyer of the Year” for Product Liability Litigation – Plaintiffs in Northeastern Pennsylvania by the legal organization Best Lawyers. In 2021, she was recognized as Best Lawyers 2021 “Lawyer of the Year” for Personal Injury-Plaintiffs for the Allentown metro area.

How Do I Know If I Have a Product Liability Claim?

There are three ways in which a product defect can cause harm:

  • Defective Design  If a product has a design defect, it may lack a necessary safety feature, or function in such a way that it becomes dangerous to the user. An entire product line may be affected.
  • Manufacturing Defect – Manufacturing defects occur when a design is not properly implemented, or there is some flaw in the manufacturing process, rendering the product unsafe. This problem may not have occurred in every product manufactured, but rather in a certain batch or group.
  • Marketing Defects and Failure to Warn – A product without appropriate safety warnings or instructions can lead to an injury.  Oftentimes, a product does not come with adequate warnings about potential hazards or side effects. The product manufacturer has an obligation to notify consumers of any product dangers and to instruct them on the proper use of a product.

Under “strict liability” theory, injured victims in Allentown do not need to prove that the makers of a defective product knew about the dangerous flaw. Rather, victims must show that the defect existed and that it directly caused harm.

If you suffered an injury from a product with a poor design, malfunction, or lack of adequate warnings and instruction, you may have a product liability case. An experienced product liability lawyer at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys can review the details of your unique situation and help you determine the next steps.

What Compensation is Available for a Product Liability Case in Allentown?

personal injury compensation formsLet’s say your loved one received catastrophic injuries due to a malfunctioning machine. How will you pay for all the expenses that were caused by such a horrific accident?

If you are successful in your product liability lawsuit, you can recover compensation for the following expenses:

  • Economic damages: Economic damages refer to any type of financial losses you have received caused by the design defect. This includes but is not limited to medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation care, and loss of future earning potential.
  • Non-economic damages: Non-economic damages refer to any non-financial damages you have incurred because of the accident. These include pain and suffering, emotional anguish, loss of consortium, and loss of daily activities.
  • Punitive damages: In some cases, your claim may receive punitive damages. These damages are meant to punish the at-fault party for their behavior which led to your injuries and damages.

What Are the Common Types of Product Liability Claims?

Defective Auto Parts

It feels like every day, we see another automaker issuing a recall on an unsafe product. While recalls help keep unsafe vehicles off the roads, many vehicle defects aren’t discovered or reported until someone gets hurt. In the most unsettling cases, automakers and their employees may have been aware of a potential defect but failed to warn the public. A defect in the design or in the manufacturing process can cause serious injury and even death.

When you have been injured in a car accident in the Lehigh Valley area due to a dangerous or defective vehicle or vehicle part, our product liability lawyers can hold one or more of the following parties responsible: Automaker, auto parts maker, auto dealership, auto or auto parts shipper or an auto parts distributor.

Defective Medical Devices

Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys Attorneys Marion Munley and Dan Munley examining a caseWhen a physician implements a medical device as part of a patient’s care, you assume it will be safe. Unfortunately, unsafe or defective medical devices may cause serious harm to a patient. Thousands of devices are recalled every year due to serious flaws and product defects that cause harm to patients.

Defective or Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Pharmaceutical companies often release drugs before determining all of the side effects or long-term effects of a particular drug. Failure to identify or disclose potentially harmful effects can lead to serious illness or death.

At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, we believe large pharmaceutical companies should be held accountable for the injuries caused by unsafe prescription or over-the-counter medications. If you’ve been injured by a dangerous medicine in Allentown, we can help you recover damages for the suffering you have endured.

Defective Machines, Tools, and Equipment

Defective machines cause devastating workplace injuries. Allentown has many manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and construction sites that could house the possible hazards of defective machinery. Defective tools and machinery can include everything from small handheld tools to power tools, such as table saws, circular saws, nail guns, or drills, to large industrial equipment.

Defective machine injuries can be life-altering and include crushed body parts, amputation, spinal cord injuries, lacerations, burns, blindness, hearing loss, traumatic brain injury, and even death. Like in other defective products, the defects can be in design, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, or lack of adequate warning. If you suffered an injury from a malfunctioning piece of equipment at your place of work, you may bring a claim against the manufacturer or maintenance company.

Defective Consumer Products

Unsafe products can be found right in your own home. You need to be aware of consumer product recalls and be sure to follow all instructions on products used at home. Any product can be considered defective if a flaw in design or manufacturing caused it to injure someone. The risk of personal injury also exists from toxic chemicals released from some products.

Defective Toys and Children’s Products

Toys and other children’s products can cause serious harm to those you want to protect most, your children. Car seats, cribs, high chairs, flammable clothing, bicycles, and dangerous toys have seriously injured many children. A Dangerous toys can include those with small parts that are a choking hazard, those with magnets or sharp edges, those with flammable materials or toxic substances, those with strings that can strangle a child, and those with faulty electrical components.

Children’s product manufacturers and distributors need to be held accountable when a defective toy, infant car seat, or other children’s product injures a child in the Lehigh Valley. The product injury attorneys at Munley Law  are always available to answer your Allentown product liability questions. Call today.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for My Injuries?

It all depends on what type of defective product case you may have. For example, if you were injured because of a defective airbag in your car, you may have a case against the manufacturer of the airbag as well as the automaker for using the defective product in its vehicle. That’s why it’s important to speak with our Allentown product liability attorney after the accident to learn your legal options.

I Was Injured By a Defective Machine at Work. Who Can I Sue?

If you were using a defective machine during the course of your employment, you may be about to file a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer of the machine. Since it happened during the course of your job, you can also open up a workers’ compensation claim with your employer to pay for any medical expenses as well as any lost time at work.

Our Allentown Product Liability Lawyer is Here to Help

Product liability cases can be complicated and overwhelming. Let us handle the paperwork, investigation, and legal hurdles so that you can focus on recovering from your injury. With more than 55 years of experience, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to get you the justice you deserve and help keep dangerous products off the market. Not sure if you have a case? Call Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys for a free consultation. We do not charge a fee for our services unless we win your case. We cover all of the costs upfront, so you do not pay anything out of your own pocket. If we cannot get you the compensation you deserve, you owe us nothing.

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