Common Types of Car Accidents

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Common Types of Car Accidents

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The experienced car accident lawyers at Munley Law handle cases involving all types of car accidents. Whether it’s a rear-end collision, head-on crash, sideswipe, or other type of crash, we can help. We have decades of experience obtaining maximum compensation for drivers and passengers who have been seriously hurt in car accidents, and we are prepared to bring your case to trial if a satisfactory settlement offer cannot be reached. 

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you’re not alone. Just last year, almost 300,000 Pennsylvanians crashed, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation‘s (PennDOT) annual Crash Facts and Statistics Report.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are more than 35,000 fatalities and millions of injuries each year caused by motor vehicle accidents. 

When you or your loved one have been injured in a car accident, your choice of legal representation matters. The car accident attorneys at Munley Law have a long history of winning cases. Our lawyers have earned national recognition for their success, and have been  named among the Best Lawyers in America (via Best Lawyers), Pennsylvania Super Lawyers, and the nation’s Best Law Firms (U.S. News and World Report).

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Most Common Types of Cars Crashes

You will likely be involved in a car accident at least once in your lifetime. Car accidents can happen anywhere: on the highway, in a neighborhood, on the side of the road, or even in a parking lot. Here are some of the most common types of car crashes: 

Single-vehicle crashes

Single-vehicle accidents can occur when a car collides with something other than another vehicle, such as a tree, a guardrail, or a median. These types of car crashes are often caused by debris, animals, or other items that cause a vehicle to run off the road. They can also happen when a driver is drunk, driving recklessly, not paying attention, or taking a turn too fast. Drivers can lose control of their vehicle and crash. In most cases, there is no one to sue for a single-vehicle crash. However, there are some instances where someone else may be responsible for a single-vehicle crash, such as the manufacturer of a defective auto part, or a person or company who created a hazard in the roadway.

Head-on collisions

When two vehicles collide front end to front end, coming from opposite directions, it is a head-on collision. Or, if a single car has crashed head-on into an object (like a telephone pole or other stationary part of the road), that is also a head-on collision. In a head-on collision, front-seat drivers and passengers experience the greatest impact not only because of their position in the vehicle but also because both vehicles involved are moving toward each other. Due to the intense nature of these crashes, they often result in traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, serious internal damage, and even death. It’s imperative drivers remain alert to all traffic signs and conditions to avoid head-on car accidents.


When one vehicle hits another on its side, often at an intersection, it is called a T-Bone or side-impact crash. Side-impact collisions happen most often when one car has gone through a traffic light or a stop sign and collides with another vehicle at a perpendicular angle. Side-impact collisions can also result from lower impact crashes in parking lots. Side-impact or T-bone crashes often happen when a driver is distracted or impaired by drugs or alcohol. If you are hit by a drunk or distracted driver, the at-fault driver should be held legally accountable for the damage they have caused. 

Rear-end car accidents

Car AccidentWhen one car hits another from behind, it is known as a rear-end crash. The severity of injuries sustained in a rear-end car crash depends on the speed and force of impact. For example, a rear-end crash involving a large truck traveling at a low or moderate speed can still cause significant damage due to the size of the truck. Rear-end crashes often result in whiplash, head injuries, and neck and back injuries. 

Common causes of rear-end accidents include distracted and drowsy driving, following too close, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and weather conditions. According to PennDOT, almost 30% of car accidents in Pennsylvania last year were rear-end crashes.

Rollover car crashes

When a vehicle flips over on its side or roof while in motion, this is called a rollover crash. These can be particularly dangerous, and are more likely to occur if you’re driving in a top-heavy SUV or large truck. To avoid rollover accidents, the driver has to be especially alert when navigating curves or traveling during inclement weather. Rollover crashes can result in broken bones, brain injuries, internal bleeding, and more. 

Sideswipe car accidents

A sideswipe collision occurs when two vehicles parallel to one another collide along the driver or passenger side. These most commonly occur when one vehicle attempts to change lanes or merge without signaling, looking, or checking blind spots, and crashes into a vehicle in that lane. Sideswipes can also happen between vehicles traveling in opposite directions if one vehicle begins to drift over the center line. Sideswipe crashes can cause one or both vehicles to spin out of control, especially if they are traveling at a high rate of speed. 

Multi-vehicle crashes and pileups

Car accidents involving three or more vehicles, also known as pileups, can be some of the most complicated. These crashes often result in bad weather conditions with slippery roads and low visibility, but can also result from driver negligence. If a driver is driving too fast for the road conditions, or not paying attention to a change in traffic, a multi-vehicle crash can occur. These accidents are especially dangerous because they often involve multiple impacts; your vehicle may be hit more than once. Because they frequently take place on highways, they may involved large vehicles like tractor trailers and buses. The impact of multiple collisions can result in explosions or fire. And pedestrians who attempt to free themselves from the wreckage can be hit by oncoming traffic. Because so many vehicles are involved, it can be challenging to determine who is at fault for your injuries and to obtain fair compensation. This is where a car accident lawyer can help you. 

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car Damaged in AccidentJust as car accidents can happen anywhere, their reasons can vary as well. It’s important when operating any kind of motor vehicle that you remain alert. You should never drive drowsy, drunk, or distracted. Always maintain a safe speed and control, especially in severe weather conditions. The most common causes of car accidents include:

When car accidents happen, the injuries can be catastrophic, but even seemingly minor injuries can disrupt an injured victim’s life and turn their world upside down.  In addition to the physical pain and emotional distress you experience, you may also face unexpected costs or be unable to work. 

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Getting into a car accident can be a frightening and stressful experience, especially if you are injured. Several questions are probably running through your head at this time: How am I going to pay the medical bills? What if my car can’t be salvaged? Will the insurance company deny my claim?  We are here to answer your questions.

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