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9 cars and 9 trucks in deadly pileup during snow squall

snowsquallOn Wednesday, a sudden snow squall lead to an 18-vehicle pileup on Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania. This was the third in a series of similar accidents in one week. When it comes to winter driving concerns, “snow squall” seems to be the latest buzzword.

While driving this week, you may have noticed signs on the highways flashing “be alert for snow squalls.”  What makes a snow “squall” different from typical snowfall? Snow squalls tend to appear more suddenly, and therefore pose a different kind of danger. In a matter of a few moments, drivers can suddenly find themselves in white-out conditions and get caught off guard. Roads that are completely dry one minute can be covered and slippery just a few minutes later.  Drivers who do not adjust their speed and take extra care can end up in an accident.

On New Year’s Day, a snow squall was to blame for a series of pileups involving “dozens of vehicles” on a highway in Ontario, according to Time Magazine.

The next day, about 35 vehicles were involved in a massive crash caused by a snow squall in Ashland, NH. One vehicle caught fire and 12 people were taken to the hospital for injuries.

Then, on Wednesday, 18 vehicles including 9 trucks, several of them tractor trailers, collided in a deadly accident during a whiteout in Clarion Township, PA.   Two people were killed, several others were injured. A tractor trailer driver was hit by another vehicle and killed and when he got out of his truck to try to help others who had been hurt in the crash.

In the winter, driving conditions can change quickly and take you by surprise. But, keeping in mind a few safety tips can help you to avoid an accident. In winter weather, reducing your speed helps you to maintain control in slippery conditions, and improves your ability to brake in order to avoid hitting a car in front of you. When it snows, turn on your headlights. In the middle of the day, conditions can go from crystal clear to whiteout in a matter of minutes, and many drivers don’t immediately remember to turn their headlights on.  It’s important not only that you be able to see other vehicles but that other drivers can see you, too.

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