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“Foul” Baseball: Unhealthy Conditions Found At Food Concession Stands

There’s nothing more American than spending hot summer days and long summer nights at the ballpark. It is something my family and I look forward to throughout the year.

This year, thousands of us will make pilgrimages to the home stadium of our favorite teams to (hopefully) watch the boys of summer win one for the home team. Oh, sports, summer and hot dogs- the good life.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of watching the morning news today, and, sadly, my blissful ignorance of what goes on inside baseball stadium concession stands has come to an end.

CondeNast’s famous Portfolio researched 11 Major League Baseball stadiums, and exposed the dirty, nasty and down-right unhealthy practices that go in to serving up those nachos, hot dogs and cotton candy at some of the most famous MLB parks across the nation.

Even though the food management companies are walking away with millions of dollars each season, it seems that that health and well-being of the fans comes second to profit.

Check out some of the worst offenders. But, be warned, you need a strong stomach to read these real-life kitchen nightmares!

Los Angeles Angels, Angel Stadium
Violations: 732
Annual Revenue: $200M
Notes- a major violation actually shut down a food stand in 2007, and a major cockroach infestation was found in the Stadium Club kitchen

Oakland A’s, McAfee Coliseum
Violations: 432
Annual Revenue: $154M
Notes- insects/rodents in food facilities, poor storage, overhead leakage & insect/rodent/chemical contamination

Houston Astros, Minute Maid Park
Violations: 107
Annual Revenue:$193M
Notes- hand-washing sinks were not available to all food service workers, they failed to minimize cockroach & other insect infestation

San Francisco Giants, AT&T Park
Violations: 88
Annual Revenue: $197M
Notes- found spoiled food, ready-to-eat food may have been containment by raw eggs, meat, poultry & fish

Seattle Mariners, Safeco Field
Violations: 67
Annual Revenue: $197M
Notes- Food service workers criticized in April 2007 for not washing hands, storing raw meats too close to ready-to-eat foods

Philadelphia Phillies, Citizens Bank Park
Violations: 58
Revenue: $192M
Notes- fly infestation at dessert station, dishwashers’ temp was set too low for proper washing and sanitization

New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium
Violations: 45
Annual Revenue: $327M
Notes- mice & rats in 2 food stations

Milwaukee Brewers, Miller Park
Violations: 36
Annual Revenue: $158M
Notes-found rodent droppings all over the floor at food prep area, mold in ice machines

Kansas City Royals, Kauffman Stadium
Violations: 32
Annual Revenue: $131M
Notes- mold build-up in ice machines, food service workers made sandwiches with bare hands

Colorado Rockies, Coors Field
Violations: 16
Annual Revenue: $169M
Notes- kitchen declared “unwholesome” after inspectors found spoiled food & unhygienic behaviors


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