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Whether you were going for a walk in your neighborhood or enjoying the day at Hollenback Park, if you suffered injuries in a dog attack, you may be able to recover injury compensation from the owner of the dog. Dog owners have a duty to control their pets, and they may be held responsible for harm caused by their animals, including dog bites.

At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, our team offers free case evaluations, and will not charge you anything unless we recover compensation on your behalf. We will review the facts of your Wilkes-Barre dog bite, and determine if you are eligible to hold the owner legally responsible for your injuries, emotional scarring, and financial losses. Call us today at [phone-number] to talk to a dog bite lawyer in Wilkes-Barre.

Recoverable Damages in a Successful Wilkes-Barre Dog Bite Case

dog bite lawyers in Wilkes-BarreEven relatively minor dog bites usually call for a trip to the emergency room and antibiotics to fight off infection. These costs can add up quickly. When the dog attack is more serious, the victim may suffer significant physical injuries as well as emotional scarring. Surgery may be necessary to reduce scarring and restore full movement to the hands, face, or other areas of the body.

While the value of your case will depend on various factors, we can help you understand the types of damages you might be able to recover from a Wilkes-Barre dog bite injuries claim. The most common damages we collect for our clients include:

  • Medical care costs
  • Rehabilitation or physical therapy
  • Plastic surgery, if needed
  • Counseling for emotional distress because of the attack
  • Pain and suffering damages

Understanding Pennsylvania’s Dog Bite Laws

To recover compensation for a dog bite in Pennsylvania, we must be able to prove the dog owner’s negligence caused or contributed to the bite. This usually requires us to prove:

  • There were laws in place that could have prevented your dog bite injuries;
  • The dog owners failed to follow these laws;
  • This allowed the dog attack to occur; and
  • You suffered physical injuries and financial losses

Dogs bite when their owners lose control

Most commonly, the dog attack stems from the owner’s violation of state and local leash laws. These laws require dog owners to have control of their dogs at all times, usually by:

  • Keeping them in a contained area in their yard
  • Using a leash in a public area
  • Ensuring dogs are under their “reasonable control” (e.g., verbal control) if they are neither contained nor on a leash

In many of the dog bites we see, an owner with adequate control of their dog could have prevented the dog bite injuries. Dogs who are allowed to roam free pose a much larger threat to other people than dogs on-leash or contained in a fence in their yard. Our dog bite lawyers in Wilkes-Barre will help determine who is at fault for your personal injury.

Recovering Compensation in a Wilkes-Barre Dog Bite Injuries Case

Our dog bite lawyers investigate every case we handle, learning exactly how and why the attack occurred, and the dog owner’s role in failing to prevent it. Only then can we begin to navigate the claims process, fighting to recover the damages you deserve based on the attack you suffered. Dog attacks can be tricky to handle, but an experienced dog bite lawyer, like the ones at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, will have no issues finding the liable party.

Proving Negligence and Liability in Dog Attacks

We need to collect evidence to prove you played no role in your dog bite injuries (i.e., you did not provoke the dog by teasing or hitting). Our dog bite lawyers in Wilkes-Barre will then prove the dog owner failed to uphold their obligations under state and local leash laws or acted negligently in another way. This may require us to:

  • Survey the scene of the attack
  • Interview witnesses
  • Collect and analyze reports filed by first responders
  • Call in experts to explain your medical condition and possible future needs

File an Insurance Claim 

In general, most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover dog bite injuries. This allows us to pursue compensation on behalf of our clients without having to litigate many cases.

Demand a Fair Payout

After we finish our investigation and have evidence to show the dog owner acted negligently, we can approach their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance company with a demand letter. This letter outlines our case against the insurer’s policyholder and demands a fair settlement based on your damages. A dog bite attorney from our law firm will make sure the letter is made accordingly.

This usually leads to settlement negotiation talks with an insurance company representative. We attempt to come to a fair settlement agreement, which is often possible after the insurer sees the strength of our case. In this way, we may be able to settle your Wilkes-Barre dog bite injuries case without filing a lawsuit.

Taking the Dog Owner to Court for the Dog Bite Injury

If the dog owner does not have an insurance policy that covers dog bites, or if the insurer refuses to offer a fair payout, we are not afraid to take your case to trial. We will file a lawsuit in a civil court and present the case to the judge and jury.

You Must Act Quickly or Risk Recovering Nothing

Our Wilkes-Barre dog bite attorney will need to act quickly. We only have two years from the date of the dog attack to file a lawsuit against the dog’s owner. If the victim was a minor, we may have additional time to take legal action.

There is a lot to do in those two years. Do not wait to get in touch with our personal injury team. Witnesses’ memories can fade and evidence can disappear, making it difficult to file a successful case even if you do so within the time limits. As such, you call us as soon as possible to preserve any available evidence and to begin building your Wilkes-Barre dog attack case.

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At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, we have protected the rights of residents of Northeast Pennsylvania for more than 55 years. We can help you understand your rights. After suffering a Wilkes-Barre dog bite injury and may be able to recover compensation for your injuries and other losses.

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