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The Wilkes-Barre workers compensation lawyers at Munley Law have protected the rights of injured workers throughout Wilkes-Barre for almost 65 years. Our attorneys have been recognized by some of the most prestigious legal organizations for their work in workers’ compensation, including Best Lawyers in America, LawDragon, SuperLawyers, and Best Law Firms. We hold board certifications and have the knowledge and resources to fight the insurance company. We do not collect a fee until you receive the compensation you deserve.

Don’t wait too long after a workplace accident to contact an experienced workers comp attorney in Wilkes-Barre. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation.

When Do I Need to Consult a Wilkes-Barre Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

Wilkes-Barre workers' compensation lawyer Caroline Munley working at her deskWhen work-related accidents happen, workers’ compensation is meant to cover the medical expenses and compensate for your lost wages while you’re out of work. You may collect workers’ compensation benefits if your work results in an injury or illness. However, the claims process can prove more complicated than that. The insurance company may reject your claim and deny that your injury was work-related. Or, you may stop receiving your benefits before returning to work. If this happens, it’s time to consult an experienced Wilkes-Barre workers compensation attorney at Munley Law.

The most important part of your workers compensation claim is that you have medical documentation of your injuries. After you are injured at work, you must visit a doctor to understand how severe the injury is. You will also need to speak to your employer about the accident and fill out an incident report explaining how the accident happened, the severity of the injury, and any treatments you will need.

If your employer fails to submit your workers compensation claim or your workers comp claim has been denied, your best bet is to contact our workers’ comp attorney to see your next steps.

What Comp Benefits Are Available to Workers Following a Workplace Accident?

Depending on the severity of your injury, there are several types of benefits injured workers could be eligible for after a workplace accident:

  • Medical Bills – Workers’ compensation will be responsible for paying any medical expenses related to your accident. This includes but is not limited to doctor’s visits, surgery, physical therapy, lab tests, medication, medical equipment, and ongoing care.
  • Lost Wages – If the accident causes you to lose time from work, workers’ comp will pay a percentage of your wages.
  • Specific Loss Payments – If the work injury results in a permanent loss, such as disfigurement or loss of limb, you may be eligible for “specific loss” payments.
  • Disability Payments — If you are temporarily or permanently disabled because of the accident, you will receive benefits.
  • Death Benefits – If you lost a loved one in a workplace accident, you could receive workers’ compensation death benefits on their behalf. This includes funeral expenses.

You should begin receiving benefits approximately 21 days after you report your injury to your employer.

Your compensation will depend on whether you have a total or partial disability. If you are totally disabled by your work injury and cannot work at all, you are entitled to weekly benefits equal to about two-thirds of your weekly pay.

It’s important to note that you cannot sue your employer for pain and suffering if you are injured. This is because workers’ compensation is considered a no-fault benefit.

What Is An Independent Medical Exam For Wilkes-Barre Injured Workers?

If there is a dispute with the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, you may be asked to have an independent medical exam. Also known as an IME, it is a medical examination done by an “independent” medical professional as chosen by the insurance company.

While these doctors are qualified to treat and diagnose you, you must be prepared before your exam. Before an IME, you wish to speak to an experienced workers’ comp lawyer. A Wilkes-Barre workers’ compensation attorney at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys can help you understand the process before and after the exam and provide legal advice. They can also advise you on what to do or not do during your exam. For example:

  • Be honest. You may be nervous or assume they will deny your claim if you divulge too much info, but you must be real. If these doctors think you’re telling a lie, even a small one, they can deny your workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Don’t speak poorly of your employer. You may have warranted negative feelings about your workplace or employment conditions that led to your injury. However, your doctor’s appointment is not the time to discuss these things. Leave out personal feelings about work; just stick to the details and facts of this specific injury.
  • Don’t exaggerate. Along with telling the truth, don’t embellish your injuries. An experienced workers’ compensation doctor can tell when you’re not being truthful. Even the tiniest of exaggeration can impact your workers’ comp claim.

Many workers’ compensation cases were lost because workers did not talk to workers’ compensation lawyers beforehand, so contact us immediately if you’re facing an IME.

What Are Common Workplace Injuries in Wilkes-Barre, PA?

In Wilkes-Barre, some of the most common types of workplace injuries include but are not limited to:

  • Exposure to harmful substances or environments. This can include electricity, toxic chemicals, poisonous substances, or diseases.
  • Overexertion. With so many warehouses in Luzerne County, it’s no surprise that many workplace injuries result from excessive physical effort.
  • Repetitive motion injuries. Small tasks such as typing on a computer keyboard can cause strain or stress on your body.
  • Slip and falls. Even a simple slip on a spilled drink could cause a severe injury.
  • Injuries involving objects or equipment. Defective equipment or not being trained properly can cause an injury.

When you are injured at work, you could face not only extra expenses because of the medical costs but

Why Was Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied?

Wilkes-Barre workers' compensation lawyerWorkers’ compensation may reject your claim and deny that your injury was work-related. Or, you may stop receiving your workers’ compensation benefits before you can return to work. If this happens, don’t panic. Consult a workers’ compensation lawyer at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys.

When injured on the job, you must be as thorough as possible in reporting the injury and seeking medical attention. Your employer, mainly if you work for a big corporation and your insurance company, will have lawyers looking for every loophole to prevent them from paying you anything.

Your insurance company has various reasons they are allowed to deny your claims. This makes it even more critical to ensure you have an excellent Wilkes-Barre workers’ comp lawyer to guide you through the appeals process.

The top reasons workers’ compensation claims are denied:

  • Employer contests the validity of the claim or the severity of the work-related injury
  • Inaccurate information in the incident report
  • Application filed after the 120-day window
  • The injury isn’t covered by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance coverage
  • Employer insists your injury happened outside of work
  • Employer accuses you of using illegal substances while at work

What Can My Wilkes-Barre Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Do If My Claim is Denied?

It is not uncommon for an insurance company to deny a workers’ compensation claim. Once rejected, you have three years from your injury to file a claim with the state’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. In this case, having an experienced, knowledgeable workman’s compensation attorney on your side is best. The right Wilkes-Barre workers’ comp lawyer will be instrumental in ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve.

What Should I Do After A Work Accident In Wilkes-Barre?

Under Pennsylvania law, you must notify your supervisor at your place of employment within 120 days of the date of injury. Even if your injury seems minor you should tell your employer about the accident and your injury — failure to do so may cause complications later on if the injury worsens.  After you report your injury, workers’ compensation representatives may contact you for details. Do not feel pressured to sign away your workers’ compensation rights. Never sign any insurance document until a Wilkes-Barre workers’ compensation law firm has reviewed it.

For the first 90 days, you must be treated by a doctor from your employer’s list. Your employer must give you at least six doctors to choose from, and your employer cannot decide for you. If your employer does not offer a list of options, you may select your own. You may also choose another doctor from the list if the first doctor selected is unsatisfactory.

After 90 days of treatment, you then have the option to choose your doctor. If you do decide to choose a doctor who is not on your employer’s list, you must notify your employer within five days after your first visit, or you risk not receiving your workers’ compensation benefits or lump-sum settlement.

What is a Third Party Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit?

If the negligence of another party caused your injury, you may have cause to bring a suit against a third party. For example, if you are a delivery driver who got into a car accident with a drunk driver, you can not only file for workers’ compensation, but you can file a car accident claim against the at-fault driver. A personal injury lawyer in Wilkes-Barre can help you with your third party claim.

Our Wilkes-Barre Workers’ Compensation Attorney Will Fight For Your Rights

A Wilkes-Barre workers’ compensation attorney at Munley Law will assess each aspect of your accident to ensure that you are rightfully compensated.

You may be confused about the workers’ compensation process if you were injured while on the job. If you have questions, we have answers. Contact the Wilkes-Barre workers’ compensation attorneys at Munley Law Attorney today online to schedule a free consultation.

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