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How to Choose the Best Allentown Truck Accident Lawyer

What qualifications should you look for in an Allentown truck accident lawyer?

Suffering injuries in an Allentown truck accident can turn your life upside town. Suddenly, you
face medical expenses you never planned-for, a shrinking income from missing work, and pain
and anguish that make even the most ordinary day-to-day activities challenging.
In the midst of that stress and strain, choosing the right lawyer to represent you can feel like an
uncertain, unwelcome process.

To help you get started, let’s review some key qualifications to look for when selecting an
attorney to represent you in seeking compensation for your Allentown truck accident injuries.

1. Truck Accident Case Experience

To start, you need a lawyer who has experience representing clients who have suffered injuries
in commercial truck accidents, specifically. A lawyer who only has car accident case experience will not do. You need a truck accident attorney. Here’s why.
As a general rule, everything about a truck accident is more than a car accident. Trucks that
crash cause more damage, to more victims, over more road area, than passenger vehicles that
crash. Truck accident cases tend to involve more parties, with more complicated commercial
interests, more insurance coverages, and more money at stake, than car accident cases.
Getting to the bottom of the cause of truck accidents is more complicated, and the legal issues
that arise in truck accident cases are more complex.
For that reason, you need an attorney prepared to tackle the challenge of a truck accident case
on your behalf. That means finding someone who has done it before, successfully, for other
clients. Someone who has the base of knowledge and the firm resources to investigate the
accident thoroughly, to identify both the parties at-fault and any others answerable for their conduct, to calculate your full damages, to prepare the strongest possible case from the
evidence available, and to present your claims convincingly to defense lawyers, insurance
companies, judges, and juries.

truck accident lawyer allentown pennsylvania dan munleyTruck accident experience, in other words, constitutes the primary qualification you should look
for when selecting a truck accident attorney to represent you in seeking compensation for Allentown truck
crash injuries.

2. An Allentown Truck Accident Lawyer Experienced with Your Specific Type of Injury

Finding a lawyer who understands the particular injuries and health challenges confronting you
follows close behind experience with truck accident cases in terms of important qualifications for
the lawyer you select.
Allentown truck accidents have the tendency to inflict severe and catastrophic injuries – the
types that have long recovery times and that may leave you facing lifelong disabilities. To
ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for the injuries, you need a lawyer who
understands how to evaluate the costs and challenges you have already faced, and that you
can reasonably expect to face in the future.
As with experience in truck accident cases, having represented clients with similar injuries in the
past gives a lawyer valuable knowledge to put to work on your behalf. To find that lawyer, look
for a law firm that has years, and preferably generations, of collected experience fighting for
injured clients. Those firms tend to understand the ins-and-outs of obtaining payment for
common truck accident injuries like:

  • Spinal cord injuries, especially those that leave truck accident victims paralyzed;
  • Traumatic brain injuries that cause permanent losses of consciousness or long-term
    cognitive, motor, or emotional impairments;
  • Amputations and crush injuries, which have a likelihood of occurring when a truck
    collides with a smaller, lighter vehicle;
  • Severe fractures and orthopedic injuries, which, even when healed, can leave truck
    accident victims battling chronic pain and physical limitations; and
  • Internal injuries that cause severe and permanent health complications.

In the event your loved one tragically perished in an Allentown truck accident, also look for an
attorney who has represented families in wrongful death lawsuits arising out of similar situations
and the types of injuries above.

3. Deep Local Knowledge of the Lehigh Valley and a Strong Reputation in the Legal Community

To give yourself the most favorable chance of securing compensation for your Allentown truck
accident injuries, you also need an Allentown-area attorney with deep roots in the Lehigh Valley
legal community. A law firm with a long tradition of serving clients in Allentown and throughout
Eastern Pennsylvania brings to the table two “X” factors that often prove crucial in getting
results in a truck accident case: local knowledge and reputation.
An attorney who has local knowledge has an advantage over other lawyers in investigating a
truck accident case, in obtaining evidence, and in navigating the state and federal courts in and
around Allentown. That lawyer knows the history of the road where your accident happened and
its hazards. That lawyer has relationships in local law enforcement, government, and with
healthcare providers and forensic investigators, that can help in understanding the
circumstances and mechanics of an accident, and the toll of the injuries it caused. That lawyer
knows the reputations of the defense lawyers and insurance companies who get involved on the
other side of a case, and is a familiar face in the courthouse where the case may end up in front
of a judge and jury.
A lawyer’s reputation compliments his or her local knowledge. Hiring a law firm that can point to
a strong track record of success in Allentown-area truck accident cases and, more generally, in
complex personal injury matters, gives your claim credibility and a greater probability of
achieving a favorable financial outcome. A lawyer’s solid reputation puts your case on stronger
footing in settlement negotiations with defense lawyers and insurance companies, and adds
force to the arguments your lawyer makes in a courtroom.
To identify a firm with deep local knowledge and a strong reputation, read about its history and
roots in the community, and about the major client victories it has achieved in personal injury
matters, and in truck accident cases especially.

4. Happy Clients and Admiring Colleagues

One reliable sign that you have found the right truck accident injury law firm in Allentown to
handle your case is that it has earned the trust, confidence, and praise of its former clients and
fellow attorneys. Word-of-mouth plays a big role in locating the right lawyer for an Allentown truck accident case, and the internet has made it easier than ever to find out what other people think of an Allentown
commercial truck accident law firm. Reading what former clients of a law firm have to say about
it can give you valuable insight. Client testimonials that tout a firm’s personalized service, hard
work, deep resources, and professionalism, for example, can go a long way in giving you
confidence that you’ve found the team to pull you through this difficult time.
In addition to testimonials from happy clients posted on a firm’s own website, you can also
review those lawyers’ ratings at legal review websites like Avvo. Compare whether the reviews
you find there match with what you see on the firm’s site. If so, that can give you added
confidence in your selection.
Finally, take a look at what other lawyers have to say about the Allentown truck accident lawyer
and law firm you’re considering. Strong rankings and recognition by legal industry trade groups
like Super Lawyers, U.S. News’ Best Law Firms rankings, and Martindale-Hubbell reflect that other
lawyers think highly of a law firm and its team. You deserve nothing less for your truck accident
case than a law firm admired by its peers. Make that a necessary qualification and you won’t go

5. A Lawyer Who Only Gets Paid if You Get Paid

Truck accident victims in Allentown frequently worry about what it will cost them to hire a quality
lawyer. They may have heard stories about how much lawyers charge, or how lawyers send
their clients large bills when they lose a case. They wonder if hiring a lawyer means taking a
financial risk that they can hardly afford.
Those are valid concerns, and they’re why you need a law firm willing to promise that they will not
charge you a penny for its services unless it succeeds in securing financial compensation for
your Allentown truck accident injuries. The lawyer for you should be ready to put that
commitment in writing, in plain language, so that you can feel certain that hiring that lawyer will not
put your financial health at risk.
You should also expect that any attorney you consider for your case will never charge you for an
initial consultation, even if you end up hiring someone else. Experienced truck accident injury
lawyers in Allentown offer free, no-obligation consultations because they understand the
financial difficulty many people in your shoes face, and they want to make it as easy and
straightforward as possible for you to find the right lawyer.

6. A Working Style That Inspires Trust and Confidence

The aftermath of an Allentown truck accident throws victims and their families off-kilter. One
important job of a skilled truck accident injury attorney is to act as an anchor in their lives. A
truck accident lawyer’s working style should reflect that of a reliable, knowledgeable, solid
advocate who will always put your interests first, and who will engage in the hard work
necessary to get you the compensation you need and deserve.
Skilled attorneys for truck accident victims know that building trust and confidence with a client
begins with clear, regular, straightforward communication about a case. A law firm should also
demonstrate, through how its team listens, responds, and acts on your behalf, an understanding
that law is a service business, that you are the customer, and that your needs and priorities
must guide your Allentown truck accident case as much as the facts and law allow.
Finally, keep an eye out for how a lawyer and law firm make use of the latest technology and
innovation to push their clients’ cases forward. As in other industries, technology – when used
thoughtfully – holds the potential to benefit lawyers and their clients in numerous ways. A law
firm that shows an ability to deploy technology effectively in your truck accident case can
increase your odds of securing the compensation you need.

7. A Good “Gut Feeling”

One thing you rarely hear about working with a truck accident lawyer, or any personal injury
lawyer for that matter, but which holds true across-the-board, is that the work you do together
often feels surprisingly intense and personal. Lawyers get to know your finances, your medical
history, your family relationships, and your likes and dislikes. They (literally) stand by your side
throughout a process that, for many people in your situation, can feel stressful, upsetting, and
confusing. They counsel you on important decisions that may affect your and your family’s
For that reason, in selecting an attorney for your Allentown truck accident case, it’s important to
trust your gut instinct about whether a lawyer you meet in a free consultation feels like someone
you will be able to share personal information with, and who you can rely on to give you solid,
sensible advice that answers your questions and meets your needs.
Treating your gut instinct as a qualification for choosing a lawyer may seem unusual, but we
encourage you to treat it as the final piece of the puzzle in making your selection. A lawyer who
meets all other qualifications above can represent you effectively, without a doubt. However, at
the end of the day, it is equally important for you to feel as comfortable as possible with the
advocate you choose.

Start Looking For Your Truck Accident Injury Lawyer Today

Experienced Allentown truck accident injury lawyers work to serve you. They aim to provide you
with the highest-quality legal representation, and to achieve a favorable financial outcome that
addresses the physical, emotional, and financial harm you suffered in your Allentown truck
To start looking for that lawyer, scroll around the website of an award-winning law firm, then
contact them for a free consultation with an experienced attorney who can tell you more about
their level of experience, local roots, reputation, and track record of success in truck accident

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