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What’s between a close call and a crash? Your brakes

repair brakes brake pads3 ways to check the status of your brakes

What does that sound mean? An unusual noise is one of the most common signs that your brakes may need attention.

According to AAA, your brakes are the most important safety system on your vehicle. It’s true that a properly working brake system can mean the difference between a close call and a crash. Over time, brake systems become worn and brakes just don’t work like they did when they were new. Regular brake inspection and maintenance can help keep them in good working order and keep you safer.

How to tell if something’s wrong with your brakes

  1. Listen – Does your car make a grinding or scraping noise when you apply the brakes? If so, take it in for an inspection immediately. That sound can be a sign that your brake pads need replacing.
  2. Look – Your vehicle’s warning lights can also alert you to a potential brake problem.  Depending on your vehicle, you may see warnings that you have a brake light out, or that your brake pads are worn and need to be replaced. The handbrake or parking light will indicate that your parking brake is enabled and should be disabled before driving. Driving with the parking brake on can cause overheating and damage to your car. Whenever a warning light appears on your instrument panel, consult your owner’s manual if you’re unsure what it means.
  3. Notice – If your car is driving differently, it may mean there’s a problem with your brakes. If, when you apply the brakes, your steering wheel shakes or pulls to one side, or if it takes a great deal of pressure to the brake, you should take your car to be inspected as soon as possible.

Brake failure can typically be avoided with regular maintenance and inspection. When you get your oil changed, ask the mechanic to check your brake system, including fluid, pads, and/or shoes, as well.

As always, if you have been hurt in a car accident due to faulty brakes or another driver’s carelessness, our car accident lawyers are here to help. Contact us to arrange a free consultation.

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