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Truck Accidents

What Percentage of Truck Accidents are Caused by Cars?

Not all truck crashes are caused by truck drivers

One minute you are driving your truck along the highway and contributing to Pennsylvania’s economy as you always do. Next minute you wake up in the ER, all battered and bruised, only for the nurse to tell you that you’re a victim of a vehicular accident. Luckily, you only sustained superficial non-life-threatening injuries, but you have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks for a full recovery.

But what about other truck drivers and occupants who aren’t lucky to survive such accidents? Or, those who sustain life-altering and life-threatening long-term injuries and can’t work or provide for their families anymore? Sadly, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that Pennsylvania hit the top 10 states with the highest average fatal truck accidents. Due to their sheer size, cargo capacity, and speed, these behemoths cause a lot more damage than the average vehicular accident. […]

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How to Choose the Best Allentown Truck Accident Lawyer

What qualifications should you look for in an Allentown truck accident lawyer?

Suffering injuries in an Allentown truck accident can turn your life upside down. Suddenly, you face medical expenses you never planned for, a shrinking income from missing work, and pain and anguish that make even the most ordinary day-to-day activities challenging. In the midst of that stress and strain, choosing the right lawyer to represent you can feel like an uncertain, unwelcome process.

To help you get started, let’s review some key qualifications to look for when selecting an attorney to represent you in seeking compensation for your Allentown truck accident injuries.

1. Truck Accident Case Experience

To start, you need a lawyer who has experience representing clients who have suffered injuries in commercial truck accidents, specifically. A lawyer who only has car accident case experience will not do. You need a truck accident attorney. […]

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Fatal tractor trailer crash on I-81 in Lackawanna County

A Dickson City man and a Philadelphia woman were killed in a crash with a tractor trailer on I-81 in Moosic, PA at around 11:20 PM Wednesday, October 7, 2020. The Scranton Times-Tribune reports that fire departments from Moosic, Avoca and Taylor responded to the crash scene, along with multiple EMS units. The highway was shut down for hours overnight before reopening around 7AM on Thursday morning. Initial reports say that the tractor-trailer struck the victims’ vehicle while attempting to change lanes; both vehicles then went over an embankment and the car was crushed under the truck. The truck driver was not seriously injured.

Additional investigation will determine the exact cause of the crash. The days following a tractor-trailer crash will be critical in collecting and preserving evidence in order to determine if negligence contributed to this tragedy. Most tractor-trailers are equipped with black box data recorders containing all kinds of information about the truck and driver in the moments leading up to the crash. […]

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Mobile apps for truckers

Technology and the modern truck driver

When Apple first introduced the iPhone in 2007, we could not have predicted how significantly smartphones would change our world. Of course as the technology has improved over the years, so has the number and quality of mobile applications (“apps”) on both iOS (AppStore) and Android (Google Play) operations systems. But did you know there exists a large subculture of apps for truckers? Below, we’ll outline some of the popular apps designed specifically for truckers.

Note: Munley Law does not encourage truck drivers to use their smartphones while they are driving – there is no room for error on the road and distractions already abound. It is a way to endanger your life and the lives of others.  If you do use one or more of the apps described here, please be sure to access them before you hit the road or at a rest stop – […]

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Self-driving trucks: what does the future look like?

The (latest) future of self-driving trucks

As autonomous vehicles are increasingly produced, a more daring venture on the horizon is the advent of self-driving trucks. News of these developments started several years ago – what progress has the industry made since then? And, what kind of impact could self-driving trucks have on road and driver safety, as well as potential legal ramifications?

Today, autonomous driving technology is one of the most discussed new developments on the horizon.  Over the past five years, many companies have been developing self-driving technology both for cars and for long-haul trucks. Let’s take a look at self-driving vehicles and what they could mean for the future of transit, road safety, traffic incidents and indeed the wider economy.

What is “autonomy”?

Before we go any further, it is important to demonstrate exactly what is meant by “autonomy.”

The industry has adopted the following levels of increasing technological complexity, […]

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