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Workers’ Compensation

What to Do If You Suffer Heat Stroke in the Workplace

heat stroke in the workplace

As the temperatures continue to arise throughout the United States, so does the increase in heat related illnesses among workers that work outside for a living. Heat stroke is a severe heat-related illness that can occur when the body’s temperature regulation fails and body temperature rises to critical levels. It’s a condition that can strike swiftly, leading to devastating health consequences. Workers, particularly those in high-heat environments, need to be aware of the risks and symptoms of heat stroke to protect their health and well-being.

Understanding workers’ compensation after suffering a heat stroke while on the job is important, especially for those in Pennsylvania. If you suffer from a heat illness while on the job, you may be entitled to benefits under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. This law provides medical expenses and wage loss compensation to employees who become injured or ill as a result of their work. […]

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Can I File for Unemployment While Receiving Workers’ Compensation in Wilkes-Barre?

Can I collect both unemployment and workers’ compensation?

If you get injured at work, workers’ compensation may be an option for you. Often referred to as workers’ comp, this is a state-mandated insurance program that offers payment to those who have been hurt or experienced an occupational disease while at work. It’s an extremely common way for workers who have been injured on the job to cover medical expenses and make up for lost wages. But some workers may wonder: Can I collect both unemployment and workers’ comp benefits?

In Pennsylvania, workers’ comp payment areas include wage replacement benefits, death benefits, the coverage of medical expenses, specific loss benefits, and more. Workers’ compensation can be paid out by private insurance companies, the State Workers’ Insurance Fund, or self-insured employers, and most Wilkes-Barre, PA workers (with some exceptions) are guaranteed coverage by the  Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. […]

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How to Report Unsafe Working Conditions in Wilkes-Barre

What is Considered an “Unsafe Working Condition?”

When most people hear the phrase “unsafe working conditions,” factories and operating large machinery come to mind. While it’s true that some industries are more high-risk than others, the reality is any workplace can be unsafe. For your own safety, you should know how to identify unsafe working conditions and how to report them to the appropriate authorities.

An unsafe working environment is an environment with hazards present that make it dangerous for you to carry out any of your job duties. The environment poses a threat to your health and safety and may interfere with you being able to do your job correctly.  While some jobs are dangerous by nature, “unsafe working conditions” refer to circumstances outside of what is reasonable, normal, or acceptable by regulatory standards.

Examples of Unsafe Working Conditions

While this list is not exhaustive, […]

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Is Workers’ Compensation for Independent Contractors Available?

When you are an independent contractor you have more flexibility and the potential to earn more than workers who make a straight salary working for a single employer. And while there are obvious benefits, you know from experience that with the flexibility and extra earning capacity that comes with working for yourself, there are added anxieties and responsibilities.

When you work for yourself, you have a lot of freedom but also a lot to think about, prepare for and worry about.

When you work for yourself and you sustain a work-related injury or illness, you may wonder how you can afford your medical bills or how you’ll get paid for missed time from work. Fortunately, if you have Pennsylvania workers’ compensation insurance, those benefits can provide necessary financial support while you recover.

A workers' compensation lawyer working at her computer

Independent contractors work in every US business sector

According to an article by Business New Daily, […]

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What Should I Do After Getting Injured While on the Job?

Pennsylvania Workplace Injury Lawyers

If you’ve been injured on the job, you’re likely wondering what to do next. If you are considering filing a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania, call the workers’ compensation lawyers at Munley Law today to schedule a free consultation. Our experienced team of professionals can help guide you through the workers’ compensation process. With Munley Law, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

Pennsylvania workers' compensation lawyers discussing a case

What Should I Do After Being Injured on the Job?

If you’ve been injured in the workplace and don’t know what to do next, you should take the following five steps in recovering from your injury, recovering compensation, and protecting your rights:

Step 1: Report Your Injury and Seek Medical Care

Reporting your injury to your employer is the first step in a successful workers’ compensation claim. […]

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