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Your Chances of Hitting a Deer in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Drivers’ Chances of Hitting a Deer Increase This Year

hitting a deer in paFor the second year in a row, PA is the #3 state in the U.S. for deer collisions. Pennsylvania drivers’ chances of hitting a deer? 1 in 63. That’s up 6% from last year.

The annual report from State Farm looks at auto insurance claims data and Federal Highway Administration data to calculate drivers’ risk of a car accident involving a deer, elk, or moose in the road. It will come as no surprise to Pennsylvania drivers that PA has topped the list for years.

Additional risk factors

October marks the beginning of deer mating season, which continues through December. During this time, the risk of hitting a deer doubles.

The hours around dawn and dusk are the most dangerous times of day for deer collisions.

Rural roads in wooded areas with poor street lighting can be more dangerous as well.

Tips to avoid hitting a deer

As the days grow shorter, be aware that dusk comes ever earlier. Take extra care and remain alert, making sure to scan the roadsides as well as the road ahead.

Use high beams on especially dark and ill-lit rural roads to increase visibility.

Maintain a safe speed. If you do see a deer in the road, you’ll have an easier time avoiding a crash if you have time to slow down or stop.

Don’t drive distracted. As always, your chances of a crash increase dramatically when you attempt additional tasks like texting, using a GPS, or other distraction.

If you do encounter a deer or other animal in the road, brake if you can, but don’t swerve. Swerving into oncoming traffic or off the road altogether can lead to a much worse crash.

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