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Fraudulent Medical Certificates for Commercial Drivers Becoming More Common

As reported last week by the Associated Press, a recent U.S. safety study showed that hundreds of thousands of commercial drivers should not be behind the wheel due to medical conditions. The Government Accountability Office determined that approximately 563,000 commercial drivers were eligible for full disability based on health issues.

More disturbing information regarding the health and safety of U.S. highways has just been released regarding fraudulent medical certificates for commercial drivers. An article on Sci-Tech highlights the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s study which found that, due to a lack of regulations and enforcement, it is “relatively easy” to get around the required physical examination for commercial drivers.

The study was based on a sampling of 614 commercial drivers stopped at roadside inspections in California, Illinois, and Ohio. Only 407 of the 614 medical examiners listed on the certificates could be verified. These findings come despite suggestions made in 2001 by NTSB to regulate the Medical Certification process.

These recommendations include “that examiners who certify drivers as medically fit be qualified and know what to look for, that a system be set up to track medical certificate applications and prevent drivers from doctor shopping, and that a mechanism be provided for reporting drivers with potentially debilitating medical conditions.”

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s study is expected to be released at a hearing on Thursday.

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