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Hands-free tech safer than texting while driving?

car accident texting while drivingThink hands-free, voice-activated tech eliminates driver distraction? Not so much.

It is universally known that driving while texting, using a cell phone, a GPS, or any other activity that takes your hands from the wheel and your eyes from the road is dangerous and can be fatal. Hands-free technology has been pitched to consumers as a safer alternative, allowing the user to complete tasks via voice commands while still keeping his/her hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. These types of voice-activated systems are available on most iOS, Android, and Microsoft smartphones and in many new car models.

But, a recent study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a non profit safety research group, found that use of a hands free system could be just as distracting as the use of a handheld device. In fact, they found that a driver’s attention can be partially diverted for up to 27 seconds AFTER interacting with a hands-free system.

A variety of factors make this kind of technology distracting for drivers. Complicated or faulty systems can cause errors and require drivers to catch the error and make corrections while driving – for instance, when the device misinterprets a voice command and misses a digit while dialing a phone number, leaves words out of a talk-to-text, or enters the wrong address into a GPS. But even when the technology functions properly, the fact remains that the driver is still multi-tasking, and anything that  requires the driver to focus on something other than driving, or adds to a driver’s “cognitive workload” can lead to an accident. Even a task that diverts your attention for a few seconds can have lingering effects, as it can take 15-27 seconds to reorient yourself on the road in terms of speed, road signs, navigation, and where other vehicles are.

Naturally, the level of distraction varies between different systems, and better-functioning, more user-friendly systems can help lessen the  effects of multi-tasking when a driver feels that a certain task is necessary. On the whole, it is best to refrain from  adjusting a GPS system, making phone calls and texting while driving.  Set your GPS before you depart, and let texts wait until you arrive at your destination or find somewhere to stop.

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