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Panel Physicians and Workers Comp

So you got hurt at work and need to see a company doctor. Now what?

After you have given notice of your injury, your employer may require you to treat with one of their “panel physicians” through their insurance carrier. If your employer has a list of panel physicians or “company doctors,” you will be required to treat with one of the doctors on the list for the first 90 days of your injury.

Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, your employer is required to advise you of their list of panel physicians at the time of your hire and also at the time of your injury. They are also required to have you sign an acknowledgement that you are aware this policy and provide you with the list upon your injury.

If for some reason you do not like the doctor that you have chosen, you may switch doctors as long as you then chose another physician from the list. You are bound to treat with the doctor initially chosen but must treat with a doctor from the list provided by your employer.

If your employer does not have a list of panel physicians, then you may treat for your injury with any doctor of your choice. In this case, ask your doctor to recommend a physician that specializes in your type of injury. Doctors do know which doctors are good in their field, just like your mechanic often knows a good auto body technician.

Remember, your medical treatment is between you and your doctor. Do not let the insurance carrier dictate the type of treatment that you receive. We do not allow the insurance carrier to assign a “case nurse” or “case specialist” to dictate our clients treatment. The insurance carrier will be aware of your course of treatment. In order for the medical provider to be paid, they must submit their medical notes with their billing information to the insurance carrier. There is no reason for a case nurse to contact your physician.

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