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Erb’s palsy is a devastating birth injury that can leave a child with lifelong physical disabilities. If you believe that your child’s suffering was caused by medical negligence, it’s critical to seek legal help immediately. Our Scranton birth injury lawyer is here to help. Contact a Scranton Erb’s palsy attorney at Munley Law today to schedule a free consultation.

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What is Erb’s Palsy?

Erb’s palsy, otherwise known as brachial plexus palsy, emerges during childbirth, resulting from an incident where the baby’s neck is excessively stretched to the side, leading to damage to the brachial plexus nerves. The aftermath can be severe, causing partial or complete loss of movement in the arm affected.

How severe the injury is dictates what kind of treatment is necessary, ranging from regular physical therapy to possible surgeries and in some cases, care that continues throughout the child’s life.

While these treatments are critical for the child’s health, they can also create a significant emotional and financial load for the family.

Grappling with the diagnosis, comprehending what it means, and figuring out the treatment journey can be a lot for any parent to handle. The focus at this stage is to provide the best care and support for your injured child. Still, it is equally important to investigate if this unfortunate event resulted from medical negligence.

How Does Medical Malpractice Cause Erb’s Palsy?

Scranton Erb's palsy attorney Marion MunleyInstances of medical malpractice during childbirth often emerge when healthcare providers do not adhere to the expected standard of care, leading to an unfortunate injury to the newborn. Erb’s palsy is such a condition that could arise due to medical negligence during the birthing process.

This could take several forms, such as failure to correctly identify or handle risk factors associated with shoulder dystocia – a situation during delivery when the baby’s shoulder gets stuck against the mother’s pelvis.

Additionally, inappropriate utilization of delivery instruments or exerting excessive force during the birth could also lead to Erb’s Palsy by causing severe damage to the baby’s brachial plexus nerves.

Thus, recognizing these indicators of possible medical malpractice is critical in the pursuit of justice for your child’s injury.

How Can an Erb’s Palsy Attorney in Scranton, PA Help?

Navigating a medical malpractice case can be a complex and confusing process. This is where the expertise of an Erb’s palsy lawyer becomes invaluable.

Their job is to break down the legal speak for you, gather substantial evidence, and work alongside medical experts to strengthen your case. By clearly showing how medical negligence led to your child’s condition, your birth injury lawyer can effectively argue in your favor.

Should negotiations with the opposing legal counsel come into play, or if your case proceeds to court due to the absence of a fair settlement, your attorney is there to represent your interests fiercely.

Throughout the process, they work diligently to ensure your voice is heard and your child’s rights are upheld.

Selecting the right attorney is a decision that can make a difference in how your case turns out. Therefore, it’s vital to choose a lawyer who’s not just well-versed in these cases’ medical and legal intricacies but also a law firm with a proven history of successfully managing Erb’s Palsy and medical malpractice claims.

In the quest for justice for your child, the right Scranton birth injury lawyer can make all the difference.

How Can I Find the Best Scranton Birth Injury Lawyer?

In pursuing justice for your child, securing the right legal representation is paramount. Locating the best Erb’s Palsy attorney in Scranton, PA, is not just about perusing online directories or picking a name from a hat.

Starting your search involves collecting recommendations from people you trust, reading online reviews, and setting up meetings with potential attorneys.

As you begin your search for an attorney, there are specific qualifications you’ll want to make sure they have. Among these is significant experience dealing with Erb’s palsy and medical malpractice cases.

A qualified grasp of these cases can prove invaluable as your case progresses. When chatting with potential attorneys, don’t hesitate to ask about their track record with cases like yours. Feel free to inquire about the tactics they’ve used in past cases and the outcomes they’ve achieved.

Knowing this can help you understand your expectations and how they would approach your case.

Lastly, remember that communication is vital. It’s important to feel comfortable discussing your case with your attorney, and there shouldn’t be any mystery in their communications with you. They should be able to explain legal terms and procedures in a way you can understand, ensuring you’re informed at every step. Understanding their fee structure and ensuring it aligns with your budget is equally important.

What is the Process of a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Embarking on a medical malpractice lawsuit can feel like entering uncharted territory, but knowing what to expect can help ease the journey. The first stage involves your Erb’s palsy attorney amassing vital evidence to fortify your case. This evidence could range from your child’s medical records and expert opinions to witness testimonies.

Upon filing the lawsuit, the discovery phase commences, where both parties delve into an extensive fact-finding mission related to the case.

Settlement discussions may commence at any juncture to resolve the issue without heading to court. However, if an equitable settlement isn’t achieved, be prepared for your case to proceed to trial.

Remember that your Erb’s Palsy attorney will steadfastly advocate for your child’s best interests through every twist and turn.

Their mission is to secure the rightful financial compensation your family needs to confront and conquer the challenges ahead.

Why Should I Hire an Erb’s Palsy Attorney at Munley Law?

At Munley Law, we bring a deep understanding of the unique challenges that come with Erb’s palsy claims. Our team is experienced in handling the detailed legal aspects of medical lawsuits, focusing on standing up for your rights with a personalized approach. We are committed to giving your case the attention and diligence it requires to help you achieve the compensation necessary for your child’s long-term care.

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