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Spring Ramblings

I was driving home from work yesterday on a beautiful afternoon, and it got me to thinking. Now that the weather is warmer and spring is in full swing, I have noticed that all of the kids in my neighborhood are playing outside more, and taking advantaged of the extended daylight. For them, it is finally time to test out that new bike that Santa brought last winter.

I can remember these days as a kid, when school was drawing to a close, and I’d hit the streets atop my favorite bike just to feel the fresh breeze through my hair. Now in my mind’s eye, it is perfect, but as a grown, responsible adult, I notice that there was something wrong with that picture- no helmet! The fact is today we know that bike helmets work. They save lives and protect kids from some pretty serious injuries by as much as 88%. As much as my kids whine and complain about wearing them, it isn’t a fashion statement, it’s just the smart thing to do.

So, as your kids head outdoors to enjoy watching the spring slip into summer, do them a favor, make sure that when they grab their bike, they grab their helmet, too. Ask them to stay off the roads, avoid heavily trafficked areas and be aware of their surroundings.

And if your kids are evening thinking about going near an ATV this summer, the need for a helmet- and parental supervision- is even greater. I don’t mean to get heavy on you here, but in this business we see the devastating affects that ATV accidents have on kids everyday. I would give it all up tomorrow to prevent one more little one suffering serious injuries associated with these types of accidents. An ATV is a serious piece of machinery. Sure, they are a great way to unwind and have fun, but you wouldn’t let your 9-year-old drive your car, so don’t let them go unmonitored on a vehicle with top speeds between 45-80 mph.

Stay safe out there!

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