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Flatbed Truck Accident Attorneys PA, NY, NJ

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We Represent Flatbed Truck Accident Victims in PA, NJ & NY

If you are the victim of an accident with a Flatbed Truck, you should contact an experienced truck accident attorney who has handled flatbed truck accident cases in the past. At Munley Law, we have extensive experience with truck accident and injury cases and have handled many flatbed truck accident cases. Flatbed trucks are very dangerous to others on the roads and highways of Pennsylvania, Ne York and New Jersey. A flatbed truck is a type of truck that has an entirely flat, level body with absolutely no sides or roof. This allows for quick and easy loading of goods. Flatbed Trucks are used to transport heavy loads such as construction equipment, and for unusually sized loads that need more room than is available on a closed-body truck.

Munley Law has a unique expertise in trucking laws and we have won many, many trucking lawsuits over the last several decades. We have been chosen to lead national trucking organizations, such as the American Association for Justice’s Trucking Litigation Group, where Dan Munley has served as its Chairman and Marion Munley sits on its Executive Board. Our lawyers are frequently asked to teach other attorneys in the United States about the trucking laws and we have lobbied before the United States Congress to try to bring the international trucking companies’ insurance policy limits into conformity with the limits set for US trucking companies. We are dedicated to helping the innocent victims of trucking accidents and we would love to use our expertise to help you.
Call the experience Flatbed Truck lawyers at Munley Law today at 844-686-5397, use or easy to use online form or use our Click to Chat button to chat with a representative now. Our consultation will be absolutely FREE and we do not get paid unless we win your case for you.

We Have Won Millions for Our trucking Accident Victims In PA, NY and NJ

At Munley Law, we will help you get your medical bills paid, help you recover your lost wages and help you to recover for your pain and suffering. We will also help you to get the settlement that you deserve. Flatbed Truck accident cases can be difficult, but our decades of experience in working these cases for other truck accident victims will be able to help us win for you. Check out a list of our major client victories, which includes some of our large trucking accidents and verdicts. We have been ranked by our peers as among the Best Lawyers in America so let us put all of this to work for you.

We Protect Victims of Flatbed Truck Accidents

We will never know how many motorists have been fortunate enough to escape a catastrophic encounter with a Flatbed Truck. How many cars are confronted daily by aggressive, fatigued Flatbed Truck drivers pulling a 13 hour shifts in order to make ends meet and meet tight deadlines? How many Flatbed Trucks on the highway are operating despite failed roadside inspections? Which drivers have cheated on their hours of service logbooks? Even with these frightening scenarios and statistics, powerful trucking industry lobbyists continue to call for the weakening of truck safety rules and regulations to reap a higher profit.

Flatbed Truck companies are very aggressive when it comes to defending themselves against flatbed truck accident lawsuits. These trucking companies will already have accident investigators on the scene and will be gathering evidence, and sometimes destroying evidence—to use to defend against your accident. Truck companies have lawyers at the ready and willing to get to the scene of your accident today. You should contact an experienced trucking accident attorney immediately after your accident for you. Please see our list of frequently asked questions for trucking accident cases.

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There are no easy answers to providing a productive and safe environment for everyone who shares the road; however making the safety of motorists a priority over profit is an important step in the right direction. The attorneys at Munley Law have committed themselves to protecting the rights of all trucking accident victims including Flatbed truck accident victims. Call us today for a FREE consultation and let’s get to work—844-686-5397 or you can fill out our online form or use our Click to Chat button to chat with a representative immediately.

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First, I want to tell you I hired another firm for my case before Marion, I did not choose carefully the first time is all I will say. Secondly, I would like to say that I do not give the highest rating to many people or companies without earning it. I can say Marion earned it!! She and everyone I came into contact with in her firm handled my case with the utmost professionalism, as well as true empathy for my situation, while not missing a detail about the facts of the case. I can not leave out her paralegal Janice, she was totally on the ball at all times. My case was a personal injury case ( I was hit by a tractor trailer) which was settled for a very fair settlement! I am sure whatever your case involves, she will handle it in the same manner. She is a great person and an awesome attorney!! She will fight for you!! Jeffrey, a Personal Injury Client

I got into a serious accident with a tractor trailer two years ago, one that took me out of commission for months. The trucking company was fighting my case, saying I was the one who caused the accident. Luckily, I had Dan Munley at my side. He got me the money to help pay the medical bills and much more. He really pulled through for me and my family and I am eternally grateful to him. Trucking Accident Client

Bob Munley helped me at the worst time of my life. After my accident, I thought I would never recover. But Bob Munley was with me every step of the way. Not only did he get me what I needed, but he made sure I understood what was happening with my case. Trucking Accident Client

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