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If you are the victim of an accident with a Flatbed Truck, you should contact an experienced truck accident attorney who has handled flatbed truck accident cases in the past. At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, we have extensive experience with truck accident and injury cases and have handled many flatbed truck accident cases. 

Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys has a unique expertise in trucking laws and we have won many, many trucking lawsuits over the last several decades. We have been chosen to lead national trucking organizations, such as the American Association for Justice’s Trucking Litigation Group, where Dan Munley and Marion Munley have both served as Chair. Daniel Munley and Marion Munley also both serve on the Board of Regents for the Academy of Truck Accident Lawyers. And, our attorneys were among the first lawyers in the United States to become board-certified in trucking law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. 

Our lawyers are frequently asked to teach other attorneys in the United States about trucking laws and we have lobbied before the United States Congress to try to increase commercial trucking insurance policy minimums to better protect injured victims. We are dedicated to helping the innocent victims of trucking accidents and we would love to use our expertise to help you.

Call the experienced Flatbed Truck lawyers at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys today at 844-563-9077, use our easy to use online form or use our Click to Chat button to chat with a representative now. Our consultation will be absolutely FREE, and we do not get paid unless we win your case for you.

Accidents Involving Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks have an open trailer without walls or a roof. They are used to transport cargo, especially large or oddly shaped items that cannot fit into closed trailers. They are frequently used to transport lumber and building materials as well as heavy machinery and construction equipment. This means that flatbed trucks can sometimes carry heavier loads than traditional tractor-trailers, making a crash with a flatbed truck potentially more destructive. Also, because the loads are not bound by the walls and roof of a trailer, it is extremely important that the cargo be properly secured. If the cargo on a flatbed truck is unbalanced or not properly tied down, the cargo itself could pose a deadly hazard to other drivers. 

Causes of flatbed truck accidents

An experienced flatbed truck accident lawyer will investigate the cause of your crash in order to prove your case. Some of the most common causes of truck wrecks include:

Speeding – Speed is a contributing factor in a majority of fatal accidents. Large, heavy trucks need more time to come to a stop than regular passenger vehicles. They cannot slow down or change direction as quickly and easily and smaller vehicles can. A speeding flatbed truck can become a deadly instrument if the driver is not paying careful attention to the speed limit, traffic patterns, and road conditions. An experienced truck accident lawyer at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys can obtain and analyze the truck’s black box electronic data recorder to discover the truck’s speed at the time of the crash. 

Distraction – Driver distraction is a major cause of all motor vehicle crashes, but it is especially dangerous for drivers of large trucks. Distraction can include any activity that takes attention away from the task of driving. The most common form of distraction is using a cell phone behind the wheel, but other distractions include watching a video, eating or drinking, searching for something in the cab, or conversing with passengers. Distracted truckers can lose control of their vehicles and veer into oncoming traffic, crash into slowed or stopped vehicles ahead, or jackknife on the highway. A Munley truck accident lawyer will obtain the driver’s cell phone records to determine whether the phone was in use at the time of the crash. 

Driver Fatigue – Truckers spend long hours behind the wheel, often late at night. Sleep apnea is a common condition among truck drivers, adding to the likelihood of falling asleep at the wheel. 

Falling Cargo – Improperly secured loads on flatbed trucks can cause a serious hazard to other drivers. Truckers and transportation companies can be held responsible if improperly secured cargo falls from the truck and injures another driver. 

Negligent hiring and training  – Trucking companies with negligent hiring and training practices can be held responsible for accidents caused by their drivers. As truck accident lawyers, we have encountered situations where transportation companies failed to conduct adequate safety training, or failed to verify appropriate licensure and certifications. An experienced lawyer will investigate company records to determine whether corporate negligence contributed to your accident. 

We Have Won Millions for Trucking Accident Victims 

When choosing a truck crash lawyer to protect you and your family, consider the following tractor trailer accident settlements and verdicts:

  • $26 million
  • $8 million
  • $8 million
  • $6.9 million
  • $6.5 million
  • $4.7 million
  • $4.1 million
  • $3.97 million
  • $3.8 million
  • $3.5 million
  • $2.8 million
  • $2.25 million
  • $1.9 million
  • $1.85 million
  • $1.8 million
  • $1.7 million

At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, we will help you get your medical bills paid, help you recover your lost wages and help you to recover for your pain and suffering. We will also help you to get the settlement that you deserve. Flatbed Truck accident cases can be difficult, but our decades of experience in working these cases for other truck accident victims will be able to help us win for you. Check out a list of our major client victories, which includes some of our large trucking accidents and verdicts. We have been ranked by our peers as among the Best Lawyers in America and Pennsylvania Super Lawyers. Let us put our experience and resources to work for you.

We Protect Victims of Flatbed Truck Accidents

We will never know how many motorists have been fortunate enough to escape a catastrophic encounter with a Flatbed Truck. How many cars are confronted daily by aggressive, fatigued Flatbed Truck drivers pulling 13 hour shifts in order to meet tight deadlines? How many Flatbed Trucks on the highway are operating despite failed roadside inspections? Which drivers have cheated on their hours of service logbooks? Even with these frightening scenarios and statistics, powerful trucking industry lobbyists continue to call for the weakening of truck safety rules and regulations to reap a higher profit.

Flatbed Truck companies are very aggressive when it comes to defending themselves against flatbed truck accident lawsuits. These trucking companies will already have accident investigators on the scene and will be gathering evidence to use to defend against your accident. Truck companies have lawyers ready to dispatch to the scene of your accident the same day. You need a law firm who will take the same kind of action for you. Even if you are unsure whether you have a case or the full extent of your injuries, a truck accident lawyer will listen to your story and advise you about how to proceed. Get started with a free consultation. 

Flatbed Truck Accident FAQs

How much is a flatbed truck accident lawsuit worth?

First, beware of any lawyer who promises a specific amount of money for your truck accident case before conducting a full investigation. Truck accidents are complex, and a lawyer who guarantees a certain settlement amount too early on is either being dishonest or is willing to settle for a lowball offer. The value of your case will depend on a variety of factors, including the extent of your injuries and the associated cost of treatment, the ways in which your injuries will affect your life in the future, the available insurance coverage, and more. An experienced truck accident lawyer will take care to consult with medical and economic experts to calculate the full value of your damages before making a demand. Damages can include both economic and noneconomic losses, such as medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages, diminished earning power, pain and suffering, and more. 

Who can I sue for a flatbed truck accident?

Truck accidents are different from car crashes in that there are often multiple defendants involved in these cases. If you were hit by a negligent truck driver, you can sue the driver as well as the transportation company that employs the driver, and any third party brokers and maintenance companies who contributed to the conditions leading to your crash. This is another reason why it is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side. A seasoned truck accident attorney will pursue all possible sources of recovery for you. 

What should I do after a flatbed truck accident?

After a crash with a flatbed truck, your first priority should be to get medical attention for you and any of your passengers who may have been injured. If possible, take photos at the scene of the crash of your vehicle, the truck that hit you, and the scene itself. Get contact information for any witnesses at the scene so you can follow up with them to get their statements. 

As early as possible, contact a truck accident lawyer. Even if you don’t yet know what kind of medical care you will need or what the police report says, a lawyer can give you sound advice to protect your rights during this critical time. There is no risk and no cost to call a lawyer for a consultation. 

In the days and weeks following the crash, keep careful record of all of your medical care and doctor visits, as well as any other costs like time missed from work because of your injuries. Do not provide a statement to the other party’s insurance company. If they contact you, you are not obligated to speak with them. In fact, it is recommended that you let your lawyer handle those communications for you. Anything you say to the other driver’s insurance company can later be used against you. Most importantly, do not accept any offer of settlement. If you accept an offer, even if it sounds generous, you waive your right to seek additional damages. 

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There are no easy answers to providing a productive and safe environment for everyone who shares the road; however making the safety of motorists a priority over profit is an important step in the right direction. The attorneys at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys have committed themselves to protecting the rights of all trucking accident victims including Flatbed truck accident victims. Call us today for a FREE consultation and let’s get to work—844-563-9077 or you can fill out our online form or use our Click to Chat button to chat with a representative immediately.

There is no fee unless we win. 

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