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Our Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyers Demand Justice For Victims Of Rollover Truck Accidents 

Commercial trucks are the largest and most dangerous vehicles on Pennsylvania’s roadways today. Weighing in at close to 80,000 pounds, a fully-loaded 18-wheeler traveling at 65 miles per hour is a force to be reckoned with for motorists traveling throughout the Commonwealth. Despite the dangers of speeding, on May 3, 2016, the Pennsylvania Turnpike changed the maximum speed limit to 70 MPH on all sections of the Turnpike that were previously at 65. A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) showed between 1993 and 2017, a 5 mph increase in the speed limit resulted in an 8 percent increase in fatality rates on interstates and freeways nationwide.

Speed kills, Those surviving a rollover truck accident are frequently left with life-changing injuries and lifelong financial burdens. Negligent drivers and trucking companies should be held accountable for damages to those hurt in an accident. Passenger vehicle drivers have no choice in sharing the road with large trucks. An injured truck driver becomes collateral damage if the rig he or she is driving malfunctions due to a defective part or poor maintenance.

Munley Law has a long-established history in the area of truck accident law. We represent drivers or passengers harmed in a trucking accident as well as those truckers who find themselves victims of their profession. If you need a truck accident attorney contact us for a free case review.

In the aftermath of a truck accident, you will need legal counsel to: 

  • Review the incident to determine who may be liable
  • Curate and review evidence 
  • Determine and document the full extent of your losses
  • Deal with insurance carriers 
  • Fight for your rights in court

Pennsylvania Rollover Truck Accidents 

Pennsylvania truck accident law firmRollover accidents are complicated and chaotic events, and they are all about balance, roll, pitch, shift, and yaw. Maintaining vehicle balance is at the core of rollover truck accidents. When truckers driving through a curve or a bend in the road apply their brakes suddenly, the truck’s weight shifts forward, the rear wheels can lift off the road’s surface. This forward pitch is just one of several causes of this type of truck accident in Pennsylvania. The massive size of a big rig, in combination with the weight distribution, makes it highly susceptible to rollovers, even at low speed. These large vehicles have a wide turning radius, multiple blind spots, and require 4 times the amount of space that a car does to stop.

Attorney Marion Munley is triple board certified by the National Board Of Trial Advocacy in civil trial, civil practice, and truck law. She has won many multimillion-dollar recoveries for her clients, including one of the largest trucking accident settlements in history.


Common Causes Of Rollover Truck Accidents in Pennsylvania

A rollover truck accident can happen for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

Truck Driver Error

  • Turning too fast
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Steering control
  • Impaired or fatigued driving
  • Road rage
  • Medical emergency
  • Following too closely

Additionally, rollovers can occur after hitting an object in the road, following a tire blowout, during high winds, or when trying to correct a drifting trailer. If truck driver negligence caused a rollover crash, the truck accident attorneys at Munley Law will help hold the negligent driver accountable. 

Improperly Balanced Loads

 Balance is key to safety and the prevention of rollover accidents. When the cargo an 18-wheeler is carrying is not properly loaded or secured, it increases the chances of the vehicle becoming top-heavy. If the weight shifts to one side, there is a significant probability of the vehicle overturning while making a turn, or during high winds.

Environmental Causes

  • Hazardous roadway conditions
  • Fog
  • Heavy rain
  • Snow or icy roads
  • Lack of sufficient or appropriate signage
  • Obstructed views
  • Glare

Poor Maintenance and Truck Defects

  • Problems with tires or wheels
  • Powertrain failure
  • Steering system failure
  • Brake defects
  • Problems with suspension
  • Lack of regular mandated inspections

Injury victims and families need to have a legal team on their side who can successfully guide them through the process of holding negligent truckers and truck companies accountable for their actions. Negligence is never acceptable, and always preventable. 

Munley Law’s managing partner, Caroline Munley has won millions of dollars for commercial truck crash victims. She is widely recognized as an impassioned advocate and tenacious courtroom lawyer.


Pennsylvania roll-over truck accident attorneyInjuries Associated With Rollover Accidents

Secondary complications are possible with all the above injuries. For example, a concussion can leave a person with nausea, vomiting, persistent headaches, light sensitivity, and blurred vision. Spinal cord injury patients are prone to bladder infections, bowel impaction, and recurrent pneumonia. Fractures often lead to bone infection and nerve damage. Paralysis causes muscles to atrophy. Additionally, the joints contract and the absence of weight-bearing activity can lead to osteoporosis, premature arthritis, and possible sexual dysfunction. Accident victims with severe burns, more often than not, must endure long and painful treatment at specialized burn centers. Additionally, there is a very real probability of lifelong disfigurement as a result.

Among the most devastating injuries associated with rollover truck accidents in Pennsylvania is a traumatic brain injury(TBI). This particular type of injury results in profound and often permanent changes in the victim’s thought process, speech patterns, tactile sensations, and emotional stability. This type of injury is found particularly in rollover accidents where the roof of the vehicle or truck collapses and crushes the victim’s skull. In addition to impaired cognition and memory loss, some of the more serious symptoms associated with a TBI include mood changes, depression, amnesia, intractable headaches, emotional outbursts, and decreased libido. The Brain Injury Association Of Pennsylvania provides a listing of local county resources for families dealing with this type of tragedy. This organization reports that currently, 529,200 Pennsylvanians are living with acquired brain injury.


Attorney Daniel Munley strategically negotiated a record-setting $26 million settlement for a truck accident victim.


The Rights Of Pennsylvania Injured Victims

When someone acts recklessly causing harm to another, the law considers it negligence, When physical, emotional, and financial damage is the result of negligence, there are grounds for civil action. The trucking industry is highly regulated, and commercial truck drivers are held to a stricter standard of compliance than drivers of a passenger car. The commercial trucking industry is a multi-layered endeavor encompassing a wide range of potentially involved parties. Who may be found culpable in a truck rollover claim?

  • The Truck Driver. If it is determined the truck driver’s negligence was the direct cause of the accident, 
  • The Driver’s Employer. In some instances, the owner of the truck can be held liable.
  • Those responsible for the truck’s maintenance and upkeep.
  • The Cargo Supplier
  • Another Driver. There may be other motor vehicles whose drivers contributed to the rollover. 
  • Agencies or entities who are responsible for roadway conditions.

Unless the trucker owns his or her rig, there is a company responsible for hiring and training the drivers, In-depth investigation often uncovers certain facts pointing to the company itself being complicit in the damages caused by the accident. For example:

  • Documented incomplete inspections
  • Lack of established safety protocols
  • Unrealistic expectations imposed on drivers


James Christopher Munley is a board-certified civil trial advocate widely regarded across the United States as a leading personal injury attorney. He has zealously represented thousands of truck collisions, car crashes, medical malpractice, and other catastrophic accident victims.

Those injured in a rollover truck accident have a right to recover financially for:

  • Lost wages
  • Projected future wages
  • Cost of medical care
  • Prescription medications
  • The projected cost of future medical care
  • Property damage
  • Physical and occupational therapy costs
  • Required adaptive equipment


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recognizes the value of the non-economic losses endured by the entire family structure following a rollover truck accident. Victims may seek compensation for those intangible losses having no definitive monetary value. Although pain and suffering is an elusive concept, compensation may be possible for :

  • Past and future physical pain
  • Mental anguish
  • Stress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium

Generally speaking, there are no definite benchmarks or standards for deciding monetary awards concerning pain and suffering. It is not uncommon for an award to be based on emotion and the consistency of the plaintiff’s statements and testimony.

Entire family units are subject to both physical and emotional problems while caring for victims recovering from injuries sustained in a big-rig rollover truck accident. Family members, such as older children may find themselves dealing with increased financial responsibilities, spouses experience unexpected role reversals, and young children become confused and fearful. 

 The burden of the care can cause a disruption within the family resulting in:

  • Problems in marital relationships
  • Undue stress and anxiety
  • Poor physical health of the family caregivers
  • A lack of financial independence
  • Loss of health care coverage
  • The inability of caregiver to maintain employment

Robert W. Munley III represented the family of a decorated Marine who was killed in an accident involving two large trucks. Staff Sergeant Andrew Stevens was 27 years old and left behind a wife and two young sons. Munley Law obtained an $8,000,000 settlement for his family. Bob Munley notes, “Representing the Stevens family was one of the great honors of my career.”


How A Munley Law Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

Pennsylvania truck accident lawyersUnless a client’s case is found to be against the Commonwealth or a local government entity, there is no monetary cap on the amount of possible financial recovery, With 60 years of experience, our firm has delivered more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts. Rollover accidents are complicated and extremely difficult for investigators to reproduce in attempting accident reconstruction. Collectively, our team strongly believes each client deserves the funds necessary to recoup lost income, satisfy all incurred and future medical costs, and get their life, and that of their family members, going in the right direction again. We are experienced litigators and understand the value of telling your story in a way that demonstrates your experience is life-changing.

 When it comes to rollover truck accidents, our main focus is to prove negligence and unequivocally show, either to the insurance company or to a judge and jury, why they should award generous damages for our client’s losses. Our reputation speaks for itself. Our lawyers are experienced and ready to take your case to trial. 

We have the resources and experience to gather and preserve evidence to support each claim. Every detail is important. Among the items we curate are:

  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Photos of the injuries
  • Printouts of emails, voicemails, and conversation with insurance representatives
  • All medical-related expenses 
  • Medical records about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment plans
  • Medical imaging reports
  • Documents from rehabilitation and therapy sessions
  • A complete list of prescription medications

Also, we arrange for testimony from expert medical professionals to illustrate:

  • How our client’s daily routine is now limited or changed because of the rollover truck accident
  • How the injury impacts both professional and personal relationships
  • The expectation of long-term lifestyle changes and challenges


Several things may help a jury in deciding on the value of non-economic damages.  

  • An impact statement from the victim that explains the toll the injury has taken on both personal and professional life
  • Documents from the victim’s employer detailing his or her pre-accident accomplishments and capabilities
  • Economic data predicting the future value of income loss in the victim’s profession

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