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Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer tells you the first thing you should do after a work accident

You have just been in an accident at work and now you have some questions for a Pennsylvania injury lawyer. Questions such as:

  • What’s the very first thing you should do the moment after the accident happens?
  • What can happen to you if you don’t tell your employer about the accident?
  • What if you get a disease or illness from work?
  • Can you get workers comp for that?
  • Do you have to talk to any insurance adjuster?
  • What does a Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer advise?
  • How long to you have to get a Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer to file a workers comp case for you?

Here are some answers straight from a Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer:

Right after the accident, you need to immediately tell your boss or a supervisor and make sure a written record is made of the incident. If you don’t tell your employer about your accident, your claim could be denied. If you don’t make sure there is a written record of what happened, it could affect your case when your Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer tries to gather evidence of your injury. If you or even a family member contracted a disease because of your job, you may be able to file a workers comp claim BUT according to a Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer, the disease must occur within 300 weeks from the date you were last employed at the job. If you get calls from insurance adjusters or get documents in the mail, do NOT sign anything or make any statements without first speaking to a Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer. If you do – you could sign away your settlement.

Statistics show that a Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer can possibly get you an average of 3X more settlement money than if you tried pursuing a claim yourself.

Let a Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys take a look at your case and answer your questions for free. We don’t change any fees for anything unless we win your case. If we win, a portion of your settlement is taken for our fee, but we NEVER take more money in fees than we can get for your settlement. Talk to a Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer anytime at 855.866.5529

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