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Who Can Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers Sue After a Bus Crash? The Answer May Surprise You

After a Pennsylvania Bus Accident, there are more possible parties that could be sued than you may think. Personal injury lawyer explains:

  • What parties could be responsible?
  • How does the number of parties involved in a lawsuit affect how much settlement money your Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers could get for you?
  • Do Personal Injury Lawyers in Pennsylvania charge you any initial fees? 

Who can Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers sue after your bus crash?

After you or a loved one gets into an accident with a bus, or while riding in one, there are a number of possible parties that could be held responsible in your lawsuit.

Here’s a list of possible parties that Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers could sue:

  • The Owner of the Bus: Potential owners of the bus that Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers could pursue in your lawsuit include; an individual, a church, camp or other organization, a metro transit bus company, a school district or a tour or charter bus company.
  • The Bus Driver: The bus driver could have made a mistake that led to the accident. Good Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers will examine the bus drivers past driving record and see if they’ve been involved in any other accidents or have gotten a significant amount of traffic violations.
  • The Manufacturer of the Bus or Any Part of the Bus: The accident could have been caused by a defective bus part, in which case you could have a claim against whomever made that part.
  • The Company that Maintained the Bus: Your Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers could also pursue a claim against the company that was responsible for maintaining the bus.
  • A Construction Company: Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers could file a claim against a construction company that was doing road work in the area and was responsible for creating unsafe road conditions that led to the accident.
  • A County or Municipality: Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers know that a county or municipality could also be responsible for creating the road hazards that led to your bus accident.
  • The Driver/Owner of Another Vehicle: Good Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers are also aware that it’s possible the bus was not at-fault at all, but rather the driver of another car involved in the accident who actually caused the wreck.

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