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You Have Rights Following a Pedestrian Accident in Wilkes-Barre. We Can Help.

Although Wilkes-Barre has committed to repairing and enhancing infrastructure that promotes pedestrian safety, pedestrian accidents still occur, and they are often catastrophic for the victim. When a car, truck, bus, or other motor vehicle fails to operate with pedestrian safety in mind, you can hold the liable party accountable for your injuries and damages.

If you or your loved one have been injured in a pedestrian accident in Wilkes-Barre, PA, you are entitled to financial compensation. The Wilkes-Barre pedestrian accident lawyers at Munley Law can help you claim your legal rights and recover what you are owed. Schedule a free consultation with a Munley Law pedestrian accident lawyer in Wilkes-Barre by phone, chat, or fill out a contact form.

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How Often Do Pedestrian Accidents Occur in Wilkes-Barre?

A study released in 2022 ranked Pennsylvania ninth in the nation for pedestrian fatalities, with 1,426 deaths between 2012 and 2020. In 2020 alone, 2,831 pedestrian accidents occurred, according to an annual report by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Luzerne County ranked 27th in another study looking at traffic fatalities in Pennsylvania counties during 2020. During that year, Luzerne County had 35 fatal motor vehicle accidents and six pedestrian fatalities.

Many factors contribute to pedestrian accidents and fatalities. Often negligence is at the root of an accident, with drivers failing to consider pedestrians around them. However, sometimes poorly designed or maintained roads, walkways, crossings, and traffic signals can lead to pedestrian accidents. When this is the case, maintenance companies, local municipalities, or other government entities may be fully or partially liable for an accident.

Regardless of who is liable for your pedestrian accident, Munley Law’s Wilkes-Barre personal injury lawyer will take on your case and file claims with all negligent parties in order to recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to. You can schedule a free case evaluation with a Munley Law Wilkes-Barre pedestrian accident lawyer today.

Pedestrians crossing a road in Wilkes-Barre, PA

What Are the Most Common Causes and Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents?

While most pedestrian accidents are the result of motor vehicles colliding with people on foot, other kinds of accidents can occur. Bicycles and horses can also cause pedestrian accidents. In general, the person on foot usually has the right of way, and while he or she is responsible for being aware of the surroundings, drivers, cyclists, and riders are responsible for ensuring that their actions do not endanger or harm the pedestrian.

Common causes of pedestrian accidents involving vehicles include:

  • speeding
  • failure to yield
  • distracted driving
  • lack of caution in areas with lots of pedestrians, such as parking lots or school zones
  • driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Pedestrian accidents can range from mild to catastrophic in nature, depending on the type of collision and who or what was involved. Common injuries can include:

  • scrapes, cuts, bruises, and other superficial injuries
  • concussion or other traumatic brain injuries
  • fractures or broken bones
  • broken or missing teeth
  • neck and spine injuries
  • internal injuries and bleeding

If you are involved in a pedestrian accident, it is important that you seek medical attention right away, as your injuries may not be obvious right away.

What Compensation is Available for Your Wilkes-Barre Pedestrian Accident?

The amount of compensation you can claim for your pedestrian accident will depend on the facts of your case and the actual damages you can prove. The first step toward collecting damages is to hire an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer to investigate your claim and collect evidence.

You can collect damages for two kinds of losses:

  • economic losses: these represent tangible and quantifiable financial losses such as medical bills for current and future treatment related to your accident, lost wages and earning capacity, damage to your personal property, and any other out-of-pocket costs
  • non-economic losses: these are less tangible but still significant losses, including pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and loss of enjoyment

The lawyers at Munley Law will fight to recover as much compensation for your damages as possible. We will work to reach a satisfactory settlement with the insurance company first, but if necessary we will take your case to court to get you a fair recovery.

Although you are not legally required to have legal counsel in a personal injury case, it is rarely in your best interest to go at it alone. The insurance company is likely to do whatever it can to minimize the payout, even if it means a settlement that doesn’t cover your expenses.

pedestrians crossing the street

How Do You Prove Negligence in Your Pedestrian Accident Case?

In order to successfully claim compensation, you will need to prove that the liable party was negligent in his or her behavior. Legal negligence requires proof that:

  • the liable party had a duty of care to behave in a certain way
  • the duty of care was breached
  • the breach caused an accident or damages
  • you were the victim and suffered injuries and/or financial loss

For pedestrian accidents, this often means proving that a driver failed to obey traffic laws or was otherwise careless and negligent in their driving, resulting in a collision with you as a pedestrian.

Every state follows a standard of negligence that dictates how the parties involved in an accident can claim compensation. Pennsylvania follows a 51 percent comparative negligence standard, meaning you can claim compensation as long as your percent of fault is lower than 51. However, the compensation you can recover is proportionate to your percent of the liability.

It is important that you consult with an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident so they can help you maximize your compensation and not carry undue liability. Munley Law’s personal injury lawyers in Wilkes-Barre are ready to meet with you for a free consultation to discuss your next steps.

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A pedestrian accident can leave you with permanent injuries and overwhelm with the idea of a legal process to recover the money you are owed for your damages. But Munley Law’s Wilkes-Barre pedestrian accident lawyers are experienced in cases just like yours and are ready to take on your claim.

We will investigate your case, prove your innocence, and fight until we secure your compensation. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t collect any payments until we’ve made a recovery in your favor.

Our law office has been serving Wilkes-Barre since 1959, establishing ourselves as a trusted part of the community. When you trust your case to Munley Law, you put it in the best hands possible. Schedule a free case evaluation today by calling our Wilkes-Barre office, filling out a contact form, or starting an online chat.

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