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What Do Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Do?

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A Workers Comp Attorney Can Help You Recover

workers' compensation lawyersIf you’re wondering “What do workers’ compensation attorneys do?” the answer is simple. When you suffer a serious injury at work, the Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys workers’ compensation lawyers are here to help. Getting injured at work can be extremely stressful. If your injury is severe and leaves you incapable of returning to work right away, it can throw you and your family into financial uncertainty. But that can also leave you stressed, wondering “how much does

Workers’ compensation, which is money paid to employees who are injured on the job, should be readily available to all injured employees. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. This is why you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side. They will help you navigate through the paperwork and claims process. If your case is denied, your attorney will guide you through the appeals process.

The workers’ compensation lawyers at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys offer a free consultation to prospective clients. They will assess your case and decide what the best strategy is to secure fair compensation for your workplace injuries. Contact us today for a no-free consultation and allow the workers’ compensation lawyers to carry the weight of the claims process so you can focus on a full recovery.

Get Help with Your PA Workers’ Comp Claim

Although you are not required to have representation when you file a workers’ compensation claim, an experienced PA workers’ comp lawyer will make the process easier for you. Munley’s workers’ compensation lawyers are experts in Pennsylvania workers’ comp laws. Their counsel will increase the likelihood of your claim being approved.

A skilled workers’ comp attorney will collect all the documentation you need in order to prove your claim. This includes medical records associated with the work injury, documentation related to the events that led to the injury, and records of witnesses to the injury. Your lawyer will then prepare and file all the paperwork you need to make the claim. According to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, the employee has 120 days to file for workers’ compensation claim after the workplace injury occurs. Although this may seem like a long time, if the proper paperwork is not filed in that window, the employee could forfeit all rights to receiving any benefits for their injuries.

While you focus on healing from your injury, your workers’ compensation lawyer will act as a liaison between you, your employer, your employer’s attorney, medical providers, or other parties involved in your case. If your case is taken to a workers’ compensation judge, your Munley workers’ compensation attorney will be by your side to represent you during the hearing.

Finally, if your case is denied, an expert workers’ comp lawyer will take you through the appeals process, all the way up to the Supreme Court, if necessary. Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys does not work on retainers, meaning your workers’ compensation lawyer will not get paid unless a settlement or verdict is reached in your favor. Every aspect of your case will be managed by the workers’ compensation lawyers at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys and they will work tirelessly to ensure you recover the maximum compensation for your work-related injuries.

What are my rights to workers’ compensation? 

Employees are guaranteed certain rights when they suffer a workplace injury. These rights include:

The Right to Benefits

wilkes-barre workers' comp lawyerWorkers’ comp will provide wage loss and medical benefits to employees who suffer a work injury, work-related illness, or have a condition worsen as a result of employment. In most cases, these benefits are guaranteed to each employee, regardless of previous medical or physical conditions of the employee and regardless if the employee had any fault in the accident. If you suffer a workplace injury, your employer’s workers compensation insurance must pay for reasonable and necessary medical bills associated with the injury.

Medical Coverage included in workers’ compensation benefits:

  1. Physicians, chiropractors, and other health care provider services.
  2. Reasonable surgical and medical services.
  3. Hospital treatment, including services and supplies. This includes semi-private rooms, or private rooms if semi-private rooms are not available.
  4. Prescription medications and supplies.
  5. Orthopedic appliances and supplies.

The Right to Negotiate a Lump Sum Settlement

A lump sum settlement is when the employee is paid their benefits in one big payment, rather than having ongoing weekly benefits. Your workers’ compensation attorney will be able to advise you about accepting a lump sum or negotiating for weekly benefits instead.

The Right to Control Your Treatment

The employee has the right to choose his or her own doctors to diagnose and treat the workplace injury.

The Right to a Hearing

If your claim is denied, you have the right to have your workers’ compensation case heard by a workers’ comp judge. Your case may be heard by a judge if your employer tries to reduce or terminate your benefits, as well.

The Right to Recover from Your Injury

You have the right to recover completely from your injury. Your employer cannot force you back to work. Your doctor is the only one who can clear you to return to work.

Which Pennsylvania industries and injuries will Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys represent? 

worker-compensationsThe workers’ compensation lawyers at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys can help Pennsylvania employees’ workers’ comp claims across all industries. Pennsylvania’s has a booming economy, with leading industries in natural gas, manufacturing, and agribusiness. Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys workers’ compensation lawyers will provide expert legal representation for the following workplace injuries:

Warehouse and Heavy Machinery Accidents

With manufacturing being a top industry in Pennsylvania, there are many opportunities for employees to be injured in factory, industrial, and warehouse settings. On the job injuries can occur from defective machinery, or from lack of proper training. Injuries involving heavy machinery include crushed limbs, amputation, broken bones and fractures, lacerations, burns, or wrongful death.

Construction Accidents

Construction sites are inherently dangerous. On a daily basis, employees must navigate extremely heavy machinery, large objects, and electrical grids. Workplace injuries construction workers can suffer include crushing injuries, falls, traumatic brain injuries, electrical injuries, head and neck injuries, hearing loss, burns, amputation, back injuries, and wrongful death.

Transportation Accidents

Pennsylvania truck drivers make their way across PA roadways every single day. The Munley law workers’ compensation attorneys represent long-haul truckers, delivery drivers, and other employees who need to travel for work.

Healthcare Injuries

Healthcare workers are exposed to extremely dangerous materials and environments at their place of work. They have a daily exposure to disease and have to deal with hazardous materials constantly, including needles and medical waste. Finally, healthcare workers also run the risk of injury by lifting patients and performing repetitive tasks for long hours everyday.

Work-related Illnesses

Contact a Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys workers’ compensation lawyer if you have been exposed to hazardous chemicals or dangerous toxins in your place of work. These can lead to serious respiratory conditions, chemical burns, renal disease, and cancer, like mesothelioma.

Workers’ Compensation FAQ

Can I receive benefits if my loved one died from a work related injury or illness?

A: Yes. If your family member lost their life due to a work injury, you may receive weekly benefits in their stead. Funeral costs may even be provided with most workers’ compensation policies. It is important to know that the death of your loved one did not have to occur immediately after the injury in order to receive workers’ comp benefits. If your loved one died within 300 weeks of the injury, you are entitled to death benefits.

Death benefits are based on Pennsylvania’s average salary and can help a family financially cope with the sudden loss of income after your loved one’s death. Contact a Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys workers’ compensation attorney to help you claim these benefits if you lost a loved one due to a workplace injury or illness.

What is the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act of 1915?

A: The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act is a statute that defines the compensation employees are entitled to as a result of a workplace injury. It specifies the benefits for the employees, how to collect the benefits, and the conditions under which the benefits are available.

When do I receive my benefits?

A: Your employer has 21 days after they receive notice of your injury to agree to pay workers’ compensation or deny coverage. If your claim is denied, your workers’ compensation lawyer will appeal the case.

Is there anything workers’ compensation does not cover?

A: Workers’ compensation does not compensate an injured employee for pain and suffering. It does not guarantee the employee job security and it does not guarantee contract benefits covered in a collective bargaining agreement.

When should I file a workers’ compensation claim?

A: You should file a claim immediately after the injury occurs. Pennsylvania law states that you have 120 days from the injury to file a claim. The claim must be filed with the Workers’ Compensation Bureau within 3 years of the injury. Although this may seem like a long time, medical expenses pile up quickly. If the injury leaves you incapable of working, you will not be able to collect the wages you were counting on. Call Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation with a workers’ compensation lawyer who will work to ensure you receive proper compensation in a timely manner.

Why should I hire Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys?

Entrance to Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys officeMunley Law Personal Injury Attorneys is a nationally recognized law firm boasting the leading workers’ compensation lawyers in the state of Pennsylvania. The workers’ compensation lawyers have secured millions for their clients in over 60 years of business.

Testimonials from clients include one woman, who worked with Caroline Munley, one of the firm’s partners, who cut off the tip of her finger on a construction job. Fearing she would lose her job, she was hesitant to file a workers’ comp claim. Caroline Munley assured the client that her job was secure and walked her through every step of the claims process. She is now back on the job after receiving the workers’ compensation benefits she deserved.

The Munley workers’ compensation lawyers make a promise to their clients – they will not get paid unless their client gets paid. The attorneys do not work on a retainer, so you don’t have to worry about paying a lawyer in the middle of your claims process. All you have to do is focus on healing from your work injury and allow the Munley lawyers do what they do best.

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