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If you work in the healthcare or medical profession, you spend your time helping sick and injured patients get better. However, you are not immune from injuries and illnesses yourself. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that out of every industry, healthcare workers face the greatest risk of injury. In other words, medical professionals are more likely to get hurt than construction, manufacturing, or production jobs.  When healthcare employees suffer on-the-job injuries, they need to cover their medical and personal costs with workers’ comp. To do so, they need experienced workers’ compensation lawyers who will fight for them. They need Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys. Call today for a free consultation with one of our award-winning workers’ compensation lawyers.

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When our father founded Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1959, he promised to always fight for workers and their families. More than 60 years later, we still honor his commitment today. Our philosophy is simple. We treat our clients as family and we fight for them the way we’d fight for our own. At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, our workers’ comp lawyers never fear taking on major industry and insurance players. While you focus on your recovery, we will handle the rest. To see how much compensation a Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys workers’ comp lawyer can win for you, schedule your free consultation today.

Healthcare and medical workers’ comp FAQ

Q: Why do I need a lawyer to get workers’ comp?

If you work in the healthcare or medical industry and suffered an injury, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. If you already applied, got approved, and started receiving your benefits, you do not need a lawyer.

However, if you apply for workers’ comp and your claim is denied, a workers’ comp attorney can fight for your benefits on your behalf. In particular, workers’ comp lawyers help when:

  • Insurance companies deny claims
  • Healthcare employees have pre-existing conditions
  • Your employer or insurer disputes your disability rating
  • A medical professional’s injuries impact his or her ability to work
  • The healthcare company that employs you claims your injury was not work-related
  • You and your employer dispute the settlement amount
  • You’re struggling to get the treatment you need

In addition, workers’ comp lawyers can answer questions about eligibility, how to apply, and how employers may and may not treat injured employees. If you have a question about getting workers’ comp, we are happy to answer it. Call us today at no charge.

Q: Can I still get workers’ comp if I was not injured at work?

Under Pennsylvania law, medical workers seeking workers’ comp must have suffered their injuries while acting in furtherance of their employers’ business. In essence, this means that you don’t necessarily need to have been injured while at your job site in order to be eligible for worker’s comp. However, your injury must have occurred while performing your official work duties. For example, consider an Emergency Medical Technician that suffers a back injury while carrying a patient down the stairs of his home in a stretcher. The EMT’s injuries did not occur at the hospital or in the ambulance, it occurred in a stranger’s home. However, because the EMT was injured while performing his job duties–responding to calls for medical help–he would likely qualify for workers’ comp. To discuss whether your injury qualifies, call us today.

Q: When will my workers’ compensation benefits start?

Pennsylvania law dictates the time lime for workers’ comp benefits. After telling your employer about your work-related injury, your boss and its insurer must respond within 21 days. However, they have several different options for responding. Firstly, your employer could agree that you suffered a work injury. In that case, they will issue a Notice of Compensation Payable or Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable. Conversely, your employer could choose to dispute or deny your claim. In such an instance, your job would issue a Notice of Compensation Denial. Regardless, you must have medical proof of your injuries, ability to return to work, and medical restrictions in order to get your benefits.

Q: How long will my healthcare workers’ compensation benefits last?

The period during which you receive workers’ comp payments depends on the severity of your injuries and your disability status (temporary vs. permanent). In many instances, employers may attempt to stop your benefits before you are ready to return to work full-time without restrictions. As, it is important to hire an experienced workers’ comp lawyer to fight for your continued payments.

Q: What is the schedule for getting workers’ compensation benefits and how will I receive my payments?

Workers compensation payments will be issued as a check. Almost always, insurance companies will send those payments through the mail every other week. In some rare instances, some insurance companies pay injured workers every week.

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