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7 Ways to Fast-Track Your Sandy Insurance Claim

Claim your insurance protection for damage done by Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, thousands of Pennsylvanians are filing insurance claims under homeowners, auto, health and even life insurance policies.

Many will face long waits and daunting paperwork.

Some insurance slowdowns are inevitable following a disaster of Sandy’s proportions. Damage estimates range from $7 billion to $50 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal.

But by taking a few simple steps Pennsylvania residents can improve the odds of their claims getting fast-tracked for approval:

  • Do your homework. Take pictures or video of the damage. Before-and-after photographs, purchase records and contractor estimates for repairs are especially valuable.
  • Hurry up and file your claim. “Experts say that many homeowners hesitate because they aren’t really sure if they have enough damage to merit a claim—or at least a claim that is more than the value of the policy’s deductible,” the Wall Street Journal reported. “But that is for the insurer—or an outside adjuster—to determine. Waiting simply puts the homeowner further down a list that grows with each passing day or even hour.”
  • Review your policy. If the document was lost in the storm, contact your carrier and request a duplicate copy.
  • Obtain local estimates. In large-scale losses like Sandy, insurance companies bring in outside adjusters who might not be familiar with local pricing and construction standards.
  • Identify the cause of loss. Was your car destroyed in a crash or because a tree fell on it? Was your home damaged by wind or water? These distinctions can make a difference for coverage purposes.
  • Document any unusual circumstance. “For example, if a family with a special-needs child is forced to live in temporary housing while awaiting repairs on a storm-damaged home, it could have a negative effect on the child’s care,” the WSJ reported.
  • Get a lawyer to help. Make sure the attorney you choose understands insurance law. In many cases, you will not have to pay a fee unless you obtain a recovery.

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