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Workers’ Compensation For Allentown Warehouse Workers

Warehouse workers provide a valuable link in the world of commerce. They ensure the efficient distribution of goods from manufacturers to consumers. Working amid conveyor belts and motorized vehicles for moving pallets and transporting orders for shipment is especially dangerous after long work hours. If you or a loved one has experienced an injury in a warehouse accident in Allentown, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Legal advice or action is sometimes needed to secure payment. Don’t hesitate to contact an Allentown workers’ comp lawyer for a free consultation.

What Type of Workers’ Comp Benefits Are Available For Allentown Warehouse Workers?

Allentown, PA warehouse worker calling in ambulance for an injured workerWorkers’ compensation, with certain restrictions, covers medical expenses, lost wages, and disability benefits if the injury prevents a return to work. Regarding the replacement of lost wages for the time a worker is unable to return to work, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation states:

“. . . two-thirds of the worker’s salary for total disability (up to a maximum dollar amount provided by law) is paid for the time lost from work as a result of the work-related disability if the disability lasts longer than seven calendar days. There is no maximum payment period. Payments are made for the duration of the disability. These payments are tax-free.”

What Injuries Do Warehouse Workers Face While On the Job?

Warehouse worker injury in AllentownIn addition to the dangers of slips and falls, forklift accidents, chemical burns, and other hazardous spills, there is always the danger of serious injury or fatality if large stacks of heavy objects become unbalanced and fall from above, landing on top of workers. However, there are some common work injuries that warehouse workers may face.

Warehouse workers often suffer acute injuries like fractures, sprains, and strains. However, the taxing work that this type of job entails causes many warehouse workers to suffer from chronic symptoms like back pain and repetitive injuries.

General working conditions can trigger ongoing symptoms of medical issues caused by overuse and repetitive motion injuries triggered by frequent lifting, twisting, bending, stacking, and reaching.

Working conditions have come a long way in recent years but are still far from optimal. OSHA offers a pocket guide on warehousing in its worker safety series to help warehouse employees recognize unsafe conditions in the workplace. But even if complete compliance with safety requirements could be accomplished in every workplace, the job of a warehouse worker will always hold a higher level of risk than many other professions.

So if you live and work in the Allentown region, you can count on an Allentown workers’ compensation lawyer to serve as a knowledgeable resource regarding claims for work-related injuries.

What Are the Hazards Warehouse Workers Face In the Workplace?

Overexertion is reported as a particular danger at specific distribution centers, which some believe to maintain an unreasonably high-level focus on speed and response. Overexertion reduces alertness, muscle weakness, and fatigue and makes workers more likely to suffer accidents.

Many warehouse work injuries come from the use of defective machinery. If a defective machine caused your injury, you may have a third party claim against the manufacturer of the machine.

No matter what type of injury you’ve suffered, you are entitled to seek workers’ comp benefits if it’s directly job-related. Even injuries incurred while driving or being transported in a vehicle while on the job qualify for workers’ comp benefits.

What Should I Do If I’m Injured While On the Job?

allentown workers comp lawyer warehouse distribution centerAs soon as possible after the injury-causing accident, report it to your supervisor. Fill out an incident report explaining what happened. It is required that you notify your supervisor within 120 days from the date of injury.

Failure to report your injury promptly risks denial of your claim. Even if an injury seems minor at the time, it is advisable to report it. Symptoms may intensify as time passes.

You may be contacted by a workers’ compensation insurance representative, asking for details following your report. Do not sign any insurance document or settlement offer without consulting a workers’ compensation lawyer first.

How Soon Will I Receive Benefits?

If your case is not delayed or denied, your benefits should be issued approximately 21 days after your injury was reported to your employer. However, insurance companies may delay the process or initially deny benefits.

Am I Covered By Workers’ Comp Even If I’m Not a Union Member?

Yes. Unions protect the health, safety, and working conditions of workers. But many workers don’t have access to union membership.

Without a union, it may be more difficult to obtain workers’ compensation benefits if you’re injured on the job, But even without a union, there is help. Workers’ compensation laws protect the safety and health of all employees of the many warehouse and distribution workers in Lehigh County and across the U.S.

I Am a Member of a Union. Is the Process the Same?

Not exactly. The filing process for workers’ comp benefits differs slightly from that of a non-union employee.

A work injury lawyer must review your union contract and inform you of how to report your injury and how to file for wage and medical benefits before you begin the process.

You may then hire a union lawyer or a private lawyer specializing in Pennsylvania workers’ compensation to help you obtain benefits.

What If My Workers’ Comp Claim Is Denied?

Workers’ comp claims are commonly denied. Skilled and caring legal representation, like that of our Allentown workers’ comp lawyers, can help ensure the best chance of receiving the benefits you deserve. They can help you navigate the workers’ comp appeal process and represent you if your case requires a court appearance.

How Can Our Allentown Work Injury Lawyer Help?

Allentown workers' compensation lawyer for warehouse workersAn Allentown work injury lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of workers’ compensation claims. Often, these claims are challenged by workers’ compensation insurance companies or by employers. Legal assistance can help you receive the benefits you deserve.

If you are qualified to receive compensation, our workers’ compensation attorney can:

  • Make certain your claim is submitted on time.
  • Gather evidence to support your case.
  • If necessary, discuss your injury details with medical experts to determine the potential impact on your future working abilities.
  • Negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies.
  • If the initial claim is denied, your lawyer can file an appeal and represent you in court if needed.

There is no need to worry about out-of-pocket, upfront expenses. If you are entitled to benefits, we will represent you at no cost until we successfully secure payment.

How Will I Know When to Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

It’s never too soon the schedule a free consultation. Don’t wait until the time limit to file a claim passes or the statute of limitations expires. Then, it will be too late to take legal action if your claim is denied.

There is no reason to wait since our Allentown workers’ comp attorneys work on contingency. That means we will discuss your case without a fee and determine the best action. If we represent you, no payment is due until you are awarded benefits.

Contact Our Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Allentown, PA Now

With the assistance of a skilled workers’ compensation attorney, workers’ comp for warehouse workers serves as a valuable backup plan for obtaining medical care and paying the bills when working conditions cause or contribute to an injury or other types of job-related, chronic, and painful conditions.

Our Allentown-based Lehigh County workers’ compensation attorneys offer the superior skill and dedication you need to obtain the compensation you deserve. If you or a friend or relative experienced an injury or health condition related to warehouse or distribution employment in the Allentown area, we would be happy to help.

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