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DriveCam: A Trucker’s Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about a product called DriveCam. These little video cameras are starting to pop up in tractor-trailers and commercial vehicle across the country. The camera is mounted near the rear-view mirror and records video and audio 24/7. However, the DriveCam is similar to a black box in that, it only keeps a few seconds of footage before and after an occurrence of “exceptional force” (i.e. hard braking, swerving, collision, etc.).

The company claims that using their product can help other companies identify and improve risky driver behaviors, thus, reducing vehicle damages, workers’ compensation and personal injury costs by 30 to 90 percent. That’s quite a claim. Watch a CNN interview with the CEO of DriveCam here.

Some truckers are against DriveCam, feeling like “Big Brother” is invading the cab. However, some are excited about its possibilities. The camera will capture an adequate history of the event, which can be referred to afterward. For example, an innocent trucker would be vindicated by a video of Johnny Cellphone cutting into traffic and causing an accident, instead of being locked into a he said/she said battle of liability. The video will also identify drivers that engage in dangerous behavior, helping to make the roads safer for everyone.

With DriveCam’s recent success, many are looking to take it farther- into personal vehicles. Parents of teen drivers are especially interested in using the product to keep an eye on their young, inexperienced drivers. Because even if a teen tells their parent a different version of the accident, the camera never lies.

In today’s day and age, cameras are everywhere, capturing our daily lives. Although the DriveCam might catch you doing things you shouldn’t be doing, it may also help you prove your innocence after a car crash.

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