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Drowsy Driving Myths and Misconceptions

drowsy driving truckerAfter decades of representing individuals and families who have been victims of tractor trailer crashes, our truck accident lawyers know that drowsy driving is one of the biggest threats to the traveling public today.

According to a recent report from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), approximately 5,000 people died in drowsy driving accidents last year in the United States. And, about 10-20% of truck accidents involved a tired driver.

Alertness, judgment, vision, and reaction time all decrease with fatigue. An alarming number of drivers report dozing off or falling asleep while driving.

Drowsy Driving: Myth vs. Fact

Myth: Fatigue is a sign of weakness.

Fact: Sleep is a basic human need, as essential as food and water. Without it, the body cannot function properly.  In a profession as physically demanding as trucking, resilience, and toughness are essential qualities. But, if a truck driver pushes him/herself beyond their physical limits, innocent people can get hurt or killed. Even the most experienced and professional trucker must know when to get off the road.

Myth: Young people don’t need as much sleep.

Fact: Half of drowsy driving accidents are caused by drivers less than 25 years old. While they may appear inexplicably energetic and inclined to stay up late, young people actually need more sleep than older age groups because their brains and bodies are still developing.

Myth: Tired driving is not as bad as drunk driving.drowsy driving alc

Fact: Going without sleep for 21 hours is as dangerous as being over the legal blood alcohol content limit, and causes the same level of impairment. However, driving while tired simply doesn’t carry the same stigma that drunk driving does.


The biggest drowsy driving myth? “I can keep going.”

Fact: If you feel foggy while behind the wheel, or begin to doze off, you should take a break.


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