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Doctor to Pay $3 Million for Birth Defects Suffered 18 Yrs Ago reports a Warren County state Supreme Court has found a doctor should pay $3 million to a now 18-year-old girl who continues to suffer from birth defects.

The jury found Dr. Stephen Serlin, an OB/GYN should pay the girl who suffers from cerebral palsy and other health issues she suffers because of a brain injury at birth.  Dr. Serlin was found to have “deviated from the acceptable standard of care” which was a large factor in the girl’s health issues.

He was called to the hospital at 5 a.m. to perform an emergency Cesarean section.  He arrived 2 hours later and did not start the surgery until 8:14 am – a delay where the brain injury occurred.  The baby suffered “fetal asphyxia” in the womb due to a compressed umbilical cord.

Birth traumas are injuries that happen to a newborn during labor and delivery.  If your baby has suffered a birth injury and you feel the provider failed to exercise reasonable care, contact the “The Family of Lawyers” at Munley, Munley, and Cartwright at 1-800-318-LAW1 or online for a free claim evaluation.

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