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Jessica Roe v. ABC Trucking Company and John Smith

Plaintiff, Jessica Roe, brought a claim against ABC Trucking Company and its driver, John Smith, which was recently settled for the sum of $9 Million.

Mrs. Roe claimed that ABC Trucking Company and its driver were negligent when they rearended her car which was stopped in traffic in a construction zone.

Mrs. Roe suffered the following injuries: thoracic aortic transection requiring emergent surgical repair; comminuted/displaced left tibia/fibula fracture requiring surgery with hardware; fracture of the right elbow; multiple rib fractures; right scapula fracture; right pleural effusion and lung contusions; abdominal wall abscess/fistulas with traumatic ulceration and abscess requiring 17 surgeries and wound vacuum; complicated surgery to remove right kidney due to abdominal trauma, multiple abdominal surgeries, multiple infections, and scar tissue; perforated bowel; perforated bladder; colon perforation; malnutrition; staph infections; sepsis; MRSA; hair loss due to long term intravenous antibiotics and medications, multiple procedures/operations and anesthesia; anemia requiring transfusion; left drop foot; change in vision, blurred vision, loss of depth perception; bilateral cataracts requiring surgeries; post-traumatic syndrome disorder, chronic pain.

At the time of the crash, she was 53 years old and worked in cosmetology.  Due to her injuries, she is totally disabled and unable to return to any employment.

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