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New Red Light Law Takes Effect in Pennsylvania

red light lawYesterday, a new red light law went into effect in Pennsylvania.  Our Philadelphia car accident lawyers have done a breakdown of what the new law means and how it applies to you.

Under the new law, drivers may go through a red light under certain circumstances. For instance, if the light appears to be broken, or if the sensor appears to be malfunctioning, drivers may legally pass through the light.

The law was originally created with motorcyclists in mind. In many cases, traffic lights are activated by sensors under the pavement that detect when a car approaches an intersection and trigger the light to turn green. Unfortunately, the sensors don’t always pick up on motorcycles, and so the light does not change. The new law aims to offer a practical solution to this problem.

Red light law and safety

Some people have expressed safety concerns regarding the new red light law. Lawmakers maintained that the new rule does not give drivers a “free pass” to ignore red lights. Rather, they expect drivers to act in accordance with “established standards already in place for other types of signal malfunctions.”

Drivers and riders must come to a complete stop. And then, after identifying the light as unresponsive and exercising due care, they may proceed with caution.

The new law, House Bill 590, does not specify how long motorists must wait before deeming the light “unresponsive.”

In most cases, this law will come into play in low-traffic, rural areas of Pennsylvania, and not on city streets or densely populated neighborhoods.

At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, we know how devastating the aftermath can be when someone runs a red light. So, it is our hope that all drivers will be safe and responsible when keeping the new rule in mind.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a car accident at a red light or intersection, contact our car accident lawyer for a free consultation. We will answer your questions, and we never collect a fee unless we win on your behalf.

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