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Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Are Targeting Aggressive Drivers

Pennsylvania law enforcement will be out in force until August 16 targeting aggressive drivers on PA highways.  In a partnership with PennDOT, the PA State Police, the Montgomery County Health Department and Buckle Up PA are taking on dangerous drivers on the highways through the statewide aggressive-driving campaign.

According to a press release issued last week by PennDOT, law enforcement will be focusing on motorists who exhibit key aggressive driving behaviors including tailgating, speeding and running red lights.  Last year, police issued 142,013 aggressive driving-related citations across the state. reports that inPennsylvania, aggressive drivers caused 6,300 crashes in 2011, killing 168 people.

PennDOT has been actively targeting aggressive driving through its Pennsylvania Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Project. The project is funded through $2.3 million in federal funds from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The NHTSA notes that aggressive driving has become a serious problem on our nation’s roadways. With a mission to keep families safe on America’s roadways, the NHTSA is out to raise awareness of the hazards of aggressive driving and to educate the public of the “symptoms” of aggressive driving.

In an aggressive driver brochure, the NHTSA notes that you may be an aggressive driver if you take out your frustrations on other motorists, drive while distracted, tailgate, whip in an out of lanes, run red lights and drive too fast for road conditions.  The NHTSA suggests when drivers notice they are becoming aggressive they should concentrate, relax and slow down.  If you have a habit of driving aggressively, consider taking alternate routes that may be less congested, or taking public transportation to give yourself a break from the stressors of driving.

AAA reports that while most times aggressive drivers are triggered by “cumulative stressors,” offensive driving habits of other drivers, such as being cut off, can cause another driver to become aggressive.  AAA also reports that as many as 56 percent of deadly vehicle crashes can be attributed to one or more aggressive driving behaviors.

Our Pennsylvania truck accident lawyers ask all drivers to drive safely on PA highways.  We have seen the devastating impact aggressive driving can have on a family, and we urge motorists to stay calm and relaxed when driving – and to simply let aggressive drivers pass by without turning aggressive yourself.  Focus on arriving at your destination safely.

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