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Uber is considered a safe and reliable mode of transportation in Scranton. Yet the company considers itself a technology provider, not a transportation company. Therefore, though the company maintains minimal insurance on its drivers (up to 1 million dollars in liability), Uber limits its responsibility for accident coverage. So, if you are in an Uber accident or car crash involving an Uber driver, you may face challenges getting the compensation you deserve.

Uber expects drivers to be liable for damages, in many cases. But many Uber drivers don’t carry extra insurance to cover their car’s use for the business of transporting passengers. Many personal auto insurance policies don’t even permit drivers to use their vehicles for Uber or other rideshare services.

If you are involved in an Uber accident, and the insurance policy held by your driver doesn’t provide business liability for personal vehicles, you may not be paid for damages – at least without legal representation. Uber or the company’s insurer may try to deny your claim also. But a Scranton Uber accident lawyer can step in to determine the “at fault” party and help you collect damages in these situations.

Your case may be settled without courtroom litigation. But if a sufficient agreement is not forthcoming, a Munley Law Scranton Uber Accident Lawyer can competently take your case to court. Our attorneys have been consistently named among the top 100 trial lawyers in PA. They have also been included on the listings of Pennsylvania Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers in America.

Some lawyers may pressure clients to settle their cases because they are not confident in the courtroom. Our decades of experience -(we have been taking cases to trial successfully since 1959) – provide the assurance that we won’t settle for an offer that’s less than the amount you deserve.  

If you were involved in an Uber accident in Scranton, it’s in your best interest to contact a Munley Law, Scranton personal injury attorney for a free, no-obligation consultation, as soon as possible.

A Scranton PA Uber Accident Lawyer can Help Determine Who is at Fault

SCRANTON uber accident lawyerAccidents involving Uber drivers create some confusing scenarios. It often takes a talented Pennsylvania lawyer to define the details. Unlike an accident involving a taxi or bus, the financially responsible party and the applicable insurer may not always be obvious.

Often, neither party will step up and take responsibility. In some cases, neither Uber nor the driver’s insurance willingly offers payment, even if the Uber driver is clearly at fault.

Uber Accident Coverage in Scranton Pennsylvania 

On Duty or Off Duty – Does it Matter?

Yes, it’s vital. Whether an Uber driver is on duty or off duty determines whose insurance company is responsible.  If an Uber driver causes an accident:

While on Duty, (meaning):

  • While a passenger is riding in the Uber driver’s vehicle.
  • Or when the Uber driver is on the way to pick up a passenger.

Uber’s liability insurance should cover damages. In some circumstances, you might be eligible to receive compensation from both insurance companies. In other cases, you may find it difficult to collect benefits from either party’s insurance plan.

(Even if a Scranton Uber driver has no passenger in the vehicle, the driver is still considered “on duty” from the time a ride is accepted until the passenger has been picked up and then dropped off at the requested destination.)

If an Uber driver causes an accident:

While off Duty, (meaning):

  • The driver has dropped off a previous passenger and has not yet accepted a new ride request from the Uber app.

You must seek compensation through the driver’s personal auto insurance policy rather than filing a claim through Uber. 

Many types of confusing accident scenarios can occur, involving Uber. Each is evaluated differently. Having a knowledgeable Scranton Uber accident lawyer on your side to determine who is at fault and make certain you receive payment, is important.

Insurance Coverage for Passengers, Pedestrians or Drivers of Vehicles Impacted by Uber

You are eligible to file an insurance claim to Uber or file a lawsuit against the company if you are injured by an Uber driver’s negligent actions. This rule applies no matter whether you were injured while you are in the position of:

  • An official Uber passenger in an Uber driver’s vehicle which is involved in an accident.
  • A pedestrian hit by an on-duty Uber driver. (Remember, if the driver is off-duty, only the driver’s personal auto insurance policy would apply.)
  • A fellow motorist whose vehicle is hit by an on-duty Uber driver. (The above reminder applies if the driver is off-duty.)

Do Uber Drivers Contribute to an Increasing Number of Accidents?

What are the chances of being in an accident involving an Uber driver? Pretty high it seems.

Uber’s drivers are involved in a significant number of crashes. The level of risk is greater for an Uber contractor than that of the average driver, due to the nature of the service. This Forbes post explores study results that suggest Ubers and Lyfts may increase road deaths. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT) researchers hypothesize that the increase in Uber drivers contributed to a sharp rise in US traffic deaths. Why are Uber’s drivers at greater risk of being involved in an accident than the rest of us? 

Uber’s drivers often suffer from fatigue and distracted driving – prime causes of today’s traffic accidents – at a higher rate than other commuters. The nature of the job makes these hazards difficult to avoid.

Since driving for Uber is often a side-gig, an activity undertaken to earn extra cash, drivers coming on duty after a day in a factory, retail shop, fast food restaurant, office, may suffer from extreme fatigue. 

Additionally, Uber operates through a phone app that must be visually monitored. Drivers must take their eyes off the road to manage the app and their itineraries. Uber’s contractors must consider whether they can handle newly posted pickup options and if so, accept them, within just 15 seconds. Uber drivers also frequently check their phones for directions, use them for time tracking. 

The combination of fatigue and the requirements of interacting with an app that creates driver distraction creates situations conducive to accidents. It’s no wonder traffic deaths seem to have increased since Uber was launched. 

Pennsylvania Uber Drivers Must Meet Basic Requirements 

To help prevent accidents in Scranton and other cities, Uber has put in place some minimal requirements for drivers applying to become independent contractors.

Prospective Uber drivers:

  • Must present a valid driver’s license.
  • Must have been driving at least a year after obtaining their license. (Three years are required if the driver is less than 23 years old.)
  • Must meet the age requirement required to drive for Uber in the city where they offer services.
  • Must provide proof of insurance, vehicle registration, proof of valid vehicle inspection.
  • Must complete safety screening and a driving history background check.

Vehicles operated by Uber drivers:

  • Are required to be four-door models.
  • Must be in good condition.
  • Cannot be more than 10-15 years old.

A Commercial Liability Insurance Policy Requirement is Noticeably Missing

As mentioned earlier, many drivers lack insurance that covers liability for accidents that happen when using their vehicle as an independent contractor for Uber.

That type of insurance might be too pricey for drivers who only offer Uber services occasionally. And, as mentioned, some insurance companies refuse to provide liability coverage for personal vehicles used for business purposes. These facts and the reality that Uber liability insurance doesn’t always come through for Uber accident victims are cause for concern.

Uber Offers a Valued Convenience – But be Aware of Risks

Uber’s drivers could be considered negligent if they fail to obey the company’s rules and all traffic laws. Negligence can be used to establish that a driver was at fault for an accident in which negligence served as a contributing factor.

Uber services provide an option for commuters who want to avoid the responsibility of owning a car, or who prefer to avoid driving themselves in rush hour traffic. Uber’s drivers can be lifesavers for those who summon them after enjoying a few drinks while dining out. 

But Uber drivers do seem to be involved in more accidents than the average driver, due to the fact the job holds inherent risks that contribute to fatigue and distracted driving, two leading accident triggers.

The risk of summoning an Uber driver is worth the convenience for many. Just remember to contact a Scranton Uber accident lawyer to protect your rights if you are involved in an Uber-related accident

Frequently Asked Questions for Scranton Uber Accident Lawyers

What Should I do Following an Accident in Pennsylvania Involving Uber?

Obtain a medical assessment, if you are even slightly injured. Then, as soon as possible, report the accident to Uber through their app. Always report what happened, whether you were a passenger, pedestrian, or driving a vehicle hit by an Uber driver’s vehicle.

If it seems like a good idea, contact your insurance company. But do not speak with a representative of Uber’s or the driver’s insurance carrier without a Scranton Uber accident attorney present.

Don’t hesitate to hire a Scranton Uber accident lawyer to assess your case free of charge. If your case is accepted, a Munley Law Pennsylvania Uber car accident lawyer will represent you at no cost, until your case is successful and you receive benefits. 

What Expenses May be Included in a Scranton Uber Accident Lawsuit?

Damages for personal injury lawsuits commonly include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • And other related losses.

How can I Prove an Accident Was Caused by an Uber Driver in Scranton?

Uber’s drivers could be considered negligent if they have failed to meet and maintain the requirements for signing on as a driver – or failed to obey all traffic laws. Negligence can be used to prove the driver was at fault for an accident in which negligence served as a contributing factor.

It pays to have the potential for filing a Scranton Uber accident lawsuit evaluated by a Pennsylvania Uber accident lawyer. A skilled and experienced Munley Law attorney can determine whether there is proof the Uber driver caused the accident in question.

There is no cost for the initial consultation, no charge of any kind until we win your case, and you receive benefits.

What if my Driver Admits Fault but the Insurance Company Refuses to Pay?

It’s time for a legal professional to step in.

In most cases, your injuries will probably be covered by the Uber company’s insurance policy. But even if your Uber driver is at fault and was on duty at the time of the accident, Uber or the company’s insurer may fight the claim.

That’s why it’s important to have an experienced Scranton Uber accident lawyer on your side, to stand up for your rights. Munley Law offers more than 60 years of experience obtaining the maximum compensation possible for injured victims in all types of car accident and personal injury claims. 

What is the Statute of Limitations for Filing a Scranton, PA Uber Accident Lawsuit? 

The statute of limitations for a civil personal injury case in Pennsylvania is two years.

That means you have two years from the date your Uber accident occurred to file an Uber accident lawsuit. You will give up your right to sue the negligent party for damages if you postpone filing past the two-year deadline. Contacting a Scranton Uber accident lawyer as soon as possible following the accident ensures the details will be thoroughly investigated, a lawsuit filed, if needed, before the statute of limitations passes. 

Consult an Uber Accident Attorney Before Signing any Document

We at Munley Law, suggest you proceed with caution if you are injured or suffer loss in a Scranton Uber accident. Some insurance adjusters may use specially planned tactics in an attempt to save money by finding a way to deny your claim.

These tactics might include asking you to sign a liability waiver while offering you a quick but insufficient settlement. They might question the severity of your injuries, accuse you of malingering. Many adjusters try to find a way to blame the victim in some way, for causing the accident.  

Don’t fall for these attempts to reduce settlement amounts. Let a Scranton Uber accident lawyer determine the status of your case as soon as possible. It’s easy to reach us for a free consultation by phone, email, online chat.  Don’t hesitate. We will be happy to help.

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