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Teen in jail, Snapchat speed filter blamed for 107 MPH crash

speed crashA 19-year-old girl is in jail after allegedly causing a 107 MPH car crash outside of Atlanta, GA, while using Snapchat to record her speed.

Snapchat has a filter that allows users to record how fast they’re traveling when they take photos or videos with the app.

As personal injury lawyers who handle car accidents on a daily basis, we can’t help but see the Snapchat speed filter as inherently dangerous, and as an accident waiting to happen. In a society already marred by distracted driving, this filter seems to contradict every effort to deter cell phone use behind the wheel. While representatives of the app claim that the speed filter includes a warning not to use it while driving, that seems contradictory to its very function and offers little comfort to the families of those who have been hurt in other accidents involving a speeding, distracted driver.

The girl in question, Christal McGee, denies the allegations that she was using the Snapchat speed filter at the time of the crash, though a passenger in her vehicle reportedly claimed that the driver had reached 113 MPH on the speed filter before they collided with the other car.

After the crash, McGee took a Snapchat photo of her bloodied face in the ambulance with the caption “lucky to be alive.” The driver of the other car suffered brain injuries and is suing McGee and Snapchat after spending five weeks in intensive care. The lawsuit is currently on hold pending further investigation.

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